Zap! (Sterek)


-Part 2-

Ninety-six, ninety-seven, ninety-eight, ninety-nine. With one final pull, I lifted my body up, ticking off one hundred in my head. I'd been at it all day. My body needed to stay fit, stay at top notch if I wanted to defeat the alpha, whoever he may be. Scott didn't seem to understand that brute strength, even with its cons, had several pros. If one was weak, how could he survive? With a weakness one could easily be conquered.

I, Derek Hale, had no weaknesses and never planned to.

The crisp air of an early fall breeze broke through a shattered window to the south. It shifted through the house, setting a scent of someone vaguely familiar through the Hale residence. I sniffed cautiously, the hairs on my arm lifting in anticipation. I'd been itching to fight someone all day. With my drills finished, my body pumped with adrenaline, prepared for any type of physical contact. My breaths quicken, wanting the wolf to surface, rage through the town and savagely kill all there was.

A knock on the door ceased my murderous thoughts in their tracks.

I heave off of the door, landing with a soundless thud. The stereo blared the beginning of another bass filled song that I didn't know, but had bought purely on whim. I left it on, turning it down only a single notch before again heading towards the doorway. Another knock on the door causes my left eye to twitch in annoyance. This boy really should learn to leave well alone. Rolling my shoulders, I attempt a normal pose. With a bare chest, sweat dripping chillingly down my skin, and slacking khaki shorts, I wasn't exactly prepared for a guest. But with Stiles, it wasn't like it mattered, right?

'Crap, shit, monster shit, Godzilla monster shit,' I thought to myself while knocking for a second time. I knew he would be annoyed by that fact, but I was nervous. As my hand comes back to my side, I glare openly at it. Before coming over, I had washed away all the evidence of Derek's name on my hand. To no avail, I scrubbed and scrubbed the hideous pink pen. And yet it was still there. Still looking down, I scoff quietly at the name.

Derek Hale

Derek Hale

Derek Hale

The beats from the stereo inside slammed with each syllable, etching the name further into my subconscious. I had never pegged Derek as a Blood on the Dance Floor fan. It irked me that we had something in common even if it was just a music choice.

The latch from the front door sounded, unlocking the beast inside. It swung open, leaving me face to face with him. For a second my brain couldn't register anything except the irritated glint in his greenish-grey eyes. They glowed into mine, tempting me to disturb him. The next, all I could see was the toned chest of the first Beta. Its toned creases shouldn't have surprised me as much as they did. Wearing only a long pair of shorts and with sweat dripping teasingly down his pecs, I couldn't help some rather unjust thoughts from floating through my mind. Since when has Derek been this muscular? I had seen only glimpses from the back but this was too much at once. A blush raises its gates on my face, bright red, I'm sure. His half nakedness only made this Zap! game harder.

"What do you want, Sti—mff," Derek started. As he had begun to say my name, I snapped back into my mission. Surging forward, I shove my lips bruisingly against his. It was almost instantly that he reacted. Sure that he was going to tackle me to the floor, I whimper for him to just go along with it. Derek's body tenses at the noise before giving in. The returning pressure of his lips left my knees weak and goosebumps to rise. Unsteadily, I grip the side of the doorway, shaking continuously. Derek didn't seem to notice.

Hesitantly, I reach upward, placing a hand in the air near his chest, curious as to what his reaction would be. When my fingers finally dance along the surface, a rumble goes through Derek's chest, a groan sounding from his chest. The sound tingles on my lips, spreading through my body and ending in my lower regions. Without my consent, a moan travels from my throat, sounding much like the mewl of a new born kitten. Two arms grip my waist painfully and two sets of claws dig into my flesh, beading blood onto my white tee. Sparks of heat flood into me, my eyesight momentarily turning red. Who knew pain could be so arousing? A flash of primal hungry need flash through me, sending my body haywire. Curving my hips up into his, I attempt to shorten the distance between our bodies.

After feeling my sudden desire, Derek deepens his tasting. His hot tongue delves into my mouth, smothering me with his taste. A burst of mint and male hit my tongue, a flavor I wasn't sure I would like. The strength of his arms tightens my breath and leaves me panting. I couldn't breathe, my eyes were squeezed shut against the world, and my whole being was aflame in urgency. This wasn't like me. I was the sensible one, I didn't crave attention or physical doings. I shouldn't find pleasure in Derek's nails raking against my skin, I shouldn't enjoy the feeling of his tongue teasing my own, or the way he occasionally nibbled my bottom lip.

I shouldn't.

But I did.

And that small fact scared me senseless.

My fear of attachment and lust snapped me out of my daze. Derek's thick body is shoved backwards and I step out of the doorway onto the porch. My eyes are half-lidded, saliva dribbling down my chin, lust flows through my veins. Moving my lips unsurely, I rasp out, "Zap."

And fled from the scene.

Author's Note: I think ... I'm getting the hang of it? Perhaps *pity the newb* ... I've found the chapter-place-thingie-area so that's a good sign. Little side-note mabober: This was written before the alpha was revealed, as to why it claims they don't know who the alpha is *nods* Uh, after rereading, I find ... that I like more than I had when I wrote it and am angry with ending it right there ... cuz I'm an idiot like that. Still, a two-shot is a two-shot and three is a crowd, ya know. Thanks for the "Alerts" (whatever they are ... they seem like a good thing ...) and Comments, they kinda made my day a little ... whether they were on this or another story ^-^ Thanks again!