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The girl with white hair ran through the woods, breathing hard as she glanced over her shoulder. It was the dead of night, yet she wasn't alone. If she closed her eyes, she'd be dead. If she looked away, turned her back, or even blinked…it would be over. She'd never get to be home; never get to see them again. With a gasp, she stumbled over a fallen stone, sending her flying to the ground. The last thing she saw was the glint of moonlight, the smell of blood, and finally, the sound of canon fire.

Around this time of day, I'd usually be at school, bored to death. Here in District 3, we focus on science in just about every aspect of our lessons; with the exception of P.E., of course. But this was no ordinary day. Today was Reaping day, and I was most certainly not bored. More like somewhere in between remorseful or scared out of my wits. Not only might I be taken away today, but about six years ago, my sister was taken from me. And she, she had volunteered for it.

"Caitlyn…," Dad said softly, coming over with some warm milk.

See, we weren't exactly poor. But since we lived in a District, and not the Capitol, money was pretty scarce. Some people couldn't even have enough to eat each week, and they died from it. When I was younger, I used to wonder why the Capitol would do this to us. Then I realized why; it still didn't make me feel any better.

"Thanks," I said meekly, glad that my voice didn't crack as I sipped at the milk.

"Listen, I know you're scared…We all were. But…," he paused, thinking of what to say next, "You'll be safe, I promise. Trust me?"

We both knew he couldn't really promise it, still, I smiled a bit and nodded. I loved Dad, just like I did Jenny, but even more so now that we're all alone. Sure, there was Sarah-Jane and her kids, Luke and Maria, but it wasn't exactly the same. My family always seemed to be a little ahead of the curve, maybe, just maybe that will be in my favor. So far though, it just seems to make us cling to each other even tighter.

Dad forced a smile, "We need to be…there soon. I put out your favorite dress- the blue one."

"Thanks…Love you," I said, giving him a quick embrace before slipping out from underneath my quilt blanket.

"Love you too, Lynnie," Dad replied, walking outside to give me some privacy while I changed.

The dress had been my mother's, the main reason I loved it so much. It felt like its fading blue fabric was an everlasting hug from her, something I really needed on reaping day. Though it wasn't fancy or anything, I still wore it each year since I was twelve years old. I was still wearing it when…when Jenny…

Slipping on the dress, I felt myself crying again. I had thought that eventually, I'd be all dried up like a prune and not be able to. Yet time had proven otherwise so far, forcing me to wipe my eyes dry on my arm. My fingers braided a small bit of my hair off to the side, while the rest of my hair remained down. Reaping day or not, I still wanted to look a bit like me. After all, if I was chosen, I shouldn't look like a completely different person…Right?

Dad and I walked in silence, him holding me close to him. It was the best comfort he could give, and I wouldn't have wanted anything else. Sadly, I was forced to whisper a goodbye to him, and join the other fifteen year old girls in the roped off area. I didn't really know a lot of them, as I'd been pegged as a major nerd on day one and exiled to the front of the room. For the technology district, we had a surprising amount of, well, idiots. We all grasped hands, gave a quick squeeze, and then let go to look for our loved ones in the crowd. It was a tradition that we ourselves had started, but it helped a lot when Suzette Crawlyn's name was reaped a few years back.

Up on the stage, were a total of about eight or nine people. I only recognized a few of them, most of them being Victors. Our escort, Reiyla Kwerie stood proudly, her electric blue hair seeming to buzz with energy. I'd seen footage of the other escorts, and Reiyla seemed pretty decent compared to others. Then there was our Mayor, whose name I could never seem to remember. All I knew was that he had the same birthday as me, and that his son was a Victor. Speaking of Victors, there was about seven of them, something I was grateful for. In some districts, they only had one still living.

After the video on how the Hunger Games came to be, as a reminder to never rebel to the Capitol, Reiyla stepped forward with a simple smile.

"Well, with no further ado, let's see who our lovely lady will be!" Reiyla said, walking over to one of the glass bowls.

It wouldn't be me, I told myself calmly. Someone else will be chosen. Someone who took out tesserae, someone older, just…just someone else. I won't be picked, I'll go home with Dad and feel sorry for whoever was picked. I'll…

"CAITLYN SMITH!" Reiyla announced, my name ringing through the air.

Instantly, I locked eyes with Dad as my body slowly walked up to the stage. I had his eyes, beautiful brown eyes he told me, well, everybody said that. His floppy brown hair seemed to be limper by the second, as he shouted out and ran towards the stage. I felt myself let out a whimper as Sarah-Jane grabbed his arm, holding him back.

Reiyla put a hand gently on my shoulder, steering me towards where I would stand. But it didn't really matter what I saw, or what I heard. All I could see was Dad, and all I could hear was my sister, screaming as she volunteered for Maria…

Though what I did hear, was the announcement of the boy I would have to kill to come home. The boy who stood between me and my freedom. And the boy who was just like me, scared out of his wits, knowing he was going to die.


I was going to die…