Not My Game

Chapter Five

Katniss kept her eyes tight shut and clutched onto Peeta's arm, as Melana raised her axe above her head for the second time; this time she was determined to kill the younger Everdeen sister. Peeta let out a sigh of relief and Katniss looked up at the screen; Melana was on the ground, with an arrow stuck in her neck, and it was an arrow that had come from the boy Katniss had known so well.

Gale's foot pressed the District Seven tribute down as he aimed a second arrow. "I told that if you ever tried to hurt Prim, I would kill you. No one, is allowed to hurt her, and by no one, I mean no one!"

Melana began to struggle. This was not how she planned on this going! She let out a strangled sob and tried to pull the arrow out of her neck, desperately trying to find a way out of this situation. Gale then released a second arrow, this time right into Melana's heart.

A cannon fired.

A sigh of relief came from the only female victor of District Twelve, as the rest of the alliance moved around the body.

Indo stared in shock as Melana's body went limp, "What the Hell was that for? You just killed our ally!"

Gale removed his foot from the now lifeless body, a scowl still etched across his face. "Yeah, the ally that was planning to kill us in our sleep, and I'm sure it would've been great to keep her around!" he replied, sarcasm dripping off of his words like acid.

There was silence between the allies for moment, until Prim decided to break it, "We should move so that the Hovercraft can come and pick her up." She started to grab the items that Melana had gotten from the Cornucopia. Everyone grabbed their own belongings and started to walk away from their former ally's body.

Prim and Gale walked behind Indo and Lyra, staying close to each other.

"Hey, Gale?" Prim spoke quietly and clutched on to Gale's arm.

"Yeah, Princess?" Gale replied, keeping his eyes ahead of them, instead of looking at Prim.

"Thanks for saving me back there. You know that you could win, and I hardly have a chance," Prim said, her eyes looking only at her feet as the moved over the grass and sticks.

Gale stopped walking and made Prim look at him, "Primrose Everdeen, you listen to me, I'm not going to win, even if I could, and instead I'm getting you home! I don't know how many times I've said that, but it's true, and nothing you do or say is going to change that. So, just get it through your head that you will be going home!" After he finished talking, he readjusted the strap of his backpack and continued to walk again, trying to catch up with the District Three Tributes. Prim followed closely behind.

Katniss turned to look at Peeta, as the camera turned to the careers. Peeta's hand brushed through his fiancé's hair. "She'll be alright Katniss, Gale is in there looking out for her," he said, with a smoothing tint to his voice. The young woman nodded and held onto the baker's arm.


The careers sat in circle, discussing the day's events, when suddenly they heard a cannon shot. Robyn moaned, "Great, just another tribute I don't get to kill! Who do you think it was?"

Honey laughed, "I'm hoping for one of the District Twelve Brats. Do they really think that even one of them has a chance at winning this Game?"

Mereau laughed along with Honey, "They don't just think one of them can win, they think a little girl can! It's ridiculous!"

The group continued to laugh, when suddenly a putrid smelling gas entered their noses. "Good God, what is that smell?" Rascan said as he plugged his nose shut.

Mereau's eyes went wide with realization, "Run!" Quickly she gathered her supplies and raced towards the beach, the other careers following closely behind.

A gas slowly began to fill the air around the careers as they ran through the forest. All five of them were choking and gasping for air, but none were safe enough to breathe. For a brief moment, the overly cocky, trained tributes thought as if they were about to die. In their minds, it became clear that it no longer mattered if they had trained their entire life for the Hunger Games; you can't breathe toxic gas, no matter how hard you train.

Finally, after what felt like hours to the tributes, they reached the beach, where they all collapsed. Slowly, their breathing evened out, and they sat on the ground, drinking in all of the fresh air. No one said it, but they were all having the same thought; they could actually die in this arena.


The District Seven Male woke with a start as a cannon fired late into the night. Who had it been? Was it Melana? A career, possibly? Or maybe one of the loners, like him? It was a wonder how the remaining District Seven Tribute had survived the Games thus far. During the Bloodbath his head had nearly been lopped off by one of the District Five tributes. Luckily for Seven, the female from District Eight had come to his aid, only to be killed minutes later.

Finding that he could not get back to sleep, Seven sat up pulled out his knife. He began to fiddle it onto a small piece of wood, which he had found beside him, carving it to have many curves and designs amongst the solid wood. The boy did that for at least a few hours, if not more.

Suddenly he heard a small growl from behind him. Seven whipped around, knife at the ready, only to be face to face with what appears to him to be a black lion with large wings on its mid back. As the mutt's pure black eyes stare at the tribute, almost as if hungry, Seven began to back away, knowing he can't fight this… this… Beast.

The mutt let out roar, one that seems to shake the whole arena, and it chilled Seven to his very core. Seven spun on his heel and started sprinting, faster than he had ever run before, but the Beast is faster, much, much faster. With one quick swipe of its paw, the Beast sent the tribute flying up against the tree.

Clutching his head Seven groaned in pain, he can feel steady breathing brushing over his face, making him smell as if he has been dead for weeks. Slowly he lifted his head, his eyes meeting the Beast's; they both know this is the end. Seven closed his eyes and prepared himself for what is to come; he prepared himself to never go home to his family. Claws then crashed into his skin, digging deep into his flesh, yet he only felt it for a moment. The newly carved piece of wood rolled onto the ground, now painted with flecks of its carver's blood. The cannon goes off, meaning District Seven is also going to be out of luck this year.

The Beast lifted its head, sniffing the air. Something had caught its attention, something like: the smell of four tributes. The Beast had found its next targets.


Damon growled as yet another cannon goes off. What was with everyone dying, before he could get his hands on them? His lungs had already amazingly recovered from the amount of gas he had sucked in, and Damon was ready to start hunting again! If District Two was going to have a victor this year, then he had to start the slaughter, and soon!

"Come on, let's start heading out! I want at least one tribute dead at our hands by the end of the hour!" Damon shouted.

Immediately the other careers shot up, and held their weapons at the ready. Finally, they would get what they had wanted for so long: blood on their hands! The group quickly set of in search of a lone tribute. They would not have to wait long, because in a mere few minutes the District Nine Female had the misfortune to stumble across the vicious, bloodthirsty pack.

Robyn and Honey couldn't help but let out a girlish giggle at the scared tribute's face. The young girl from Nine looked absolutely petrified of the group that stood before her, and she had the right to be.

"P-ple-please don't hur-hurt me!" she cried out, but the group merely snickered back.

Damon cocked his head to the side and said to his allies, "You know. Maybe we could put on a good show, before killing her."

Rascan's face paled and he gulped.

At that point Nine ran, and tried desperately to get away from the crazed maniacs behind her. Honey instantly threw two knives, and hit the poor girl in both legs. She fell to the ground, and was starting to cry. Damon went and crouched down next to the crying girl, "Oh come on now, don't cry. You knew this was coming! Honestly, you didn't think you could win… did you?"

Nine whimpered and tried to crawl away from the scene, but Honey, Mereau and Robyn held her down. Damon's lips curved into a smile as he twirled a large and jagged knife between his fingers. "Now, let's have some fun!" he snarled.

Slowly Damon dragged his knife over Nine's flesh, as if to tease her about her impending death. After causing long lines of scrapes, he starts to dig the knife in a little deeper, and this time small trickle of blood followed the knife down the long lines. Through all of it, Nine couldn't help but keep crying. She didn't want to die; she wasn't ready to die. What would happen to her family after her death? What will happen to everyone? Thoughts kept speeding in and out of the girl's head, to the point she could no longer find a complete thought.

The District Two boy suddenly jabbed the knife into Nine's left shoulder, causing her to scream. Rascan paled even more, while his allies laughed at the girl's pain. Damon pushed the knife into the girl's stomach, but made sure to hit nothing vital; he wanted her alive at least a little while longer. The boy wanted to savor the feeling.

"Oh hurry up with it already! She's going to pass out soon, and this is starting to get boring!" Robyn screeched at her brother.

Damon sighed and muttered, "Alright, alright."

As he raised his knife into the air, he looked his victim in the eyes, and smiled. Quickly he slashed the knife down onto the girl's neck, and watched as the light slowly left her eyes. It had been a nice rush, but he wanted more; he wanted to kill as many tributes as possible, even if that meant his own sister.


Caesar smiled as he got his cue. "Hello, Panem! Well, one more tribute has died since District Seven's chances ended. Now there are only ten tributes left! What a great start to the games. As the second day arrives there is only one tribute on their own, while the two alliances fight to survive."

The District Eleven Male was still wandering the woods alone, knowing that at this rate he had no chance of surviving. No one watched him on their screens; he was nowhere near as interesting as the two alliances. As the sun rose in the sky, Eleven decided it was time to rest. Slowly he hoisted himself up into a nearby tree and tried to block out his situation by closing his eyes.

"Already fourteen tributes have lost their young lives," Caesar ignored the boring footage of the only loner left as he continued, "I have a feeling that this game can only get better as the two alliances must soon come face to face!" Caesar was beyond ecstatic. This was his favorite time of the year and his favorite part of his career. So many other people would kill to be in his position.


The alliance of four was walking through the woods, looking for any place that they could consider semi-safe. Eventually they found themselves in between a group of trees and it looked as if even the animals had abandoned the sector. The only sign of life came from the alliance as leaves crunched under their feet.

"We should rest," Gale announced, "I think there is only one lone tribute and then the career pack left. If we want a chance against them we'll need all the rest that we can get."

Prim nodded and set her supplies down, the District Three tributes followed the suit. This time no one dared fall asleep, they didn't know if they should trust anyone who sat around them. The sun was rising behind them, signalling the new day. It wouldn't be long before this game would be over and only one person was left standing.

Prim sat down while Indo started a small fire, after deciding that the trees above were thick enough to cover the smoke, and Lyra organized the supplies. Gale had left in order to find food and scout out the area. Looking around the young girl noticed something sitting by the base of a tree. The girl picked up a small piece of carved wood up from the ground, she bit her lip in worry as she realized that it was covered in drying blood.

End of Chapter Five

Honey D1: Alive

Glisten D1: Dead

Robyn D2: Alive

Damon D2: Alive

Lyra D3: Alive

Indo D3: Alive

Mereau D4: Alive

Rascan D4: Alive

Female D5: Dead

Male D5: Dead

Female D6: Dead

Male D6: Dead

Melana D7: Dead

Male D7: Dead

Female D8: Dead

Male D8: Dead

Female D9: Dead

Male D9: Dead

Female D10: Dead

Male D10: Dead

Female D11: Dead

Male D11: Alive

Prim D12: Alive

Gale D12: Alive