This is my first LOC fanfiction, so be nice as I attempt to capture the world of Avatar.

This is an AU FF in which Bolin did have his Earthbending stripped, and the dark journey which follows.

BolinXKorra "Borra"

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When Amon placed his fingers on Bolin's forehead, the world began to spin.

It was like being placed in a glass box. He could see the world, but could not touch the world. He could hear their voices, but they could not hear the screams of terror that plead to escape his chapped lips. And then there was darkness.

"Full of so much good," Amon whispered softly to him, almost regretfully. Bolin lifted his head, still on his knees, to the masked man that erased part of his soul. Amon spoke louder to the crowd, raising Bolin from his knees. "Now, this man is no longer corrupted by the curse of bending!" The crowd roared, lights blinding Bolin's eyes.

He felt weak, his knees buckling as he ripped his arm from Amon's grip.

He slid his foot across the wood paneling of the stage and waved his arm fluidly through the air.

His form summoned not even a hint of dirt from the ground.

What came next was horror. He dropped to his knees and placed his palms on the ground. Before, he could feel the vibrations of movement and sometimes heartbeats when he concentrated. Now there was nothing but the cheering of the crowd.

Suddenly, fog began to fill the auditorium, saturating the air with an obscure veil. He felt arms around him and a ragged whisper.

"It's me, brother," he heard, and ran hastily alongside Mako until they'd reached the outside of the building.

Korra followed suit, raising as much fog as she could behind them as they escaped. Her heart raced, longing to see Bolin. He had to be okay, right? Before she had made her way into the boiler room, he was third in line.

What if she was too late?

Korra dove into the alleyway, summoning a rock pillar from the Earth to cover the door she had escaped out of. The cursing from the other side made her smile smugly, pumping her fist and smiling as she searched for Mako and Bolin.

They stood at the end of the alley, deadpanned and silent. Korra fell quiet as well when she saw Bolin. He had taken off his shoes, his feet sinking into the mud and grime that was Republic City. His mouth hung open a little, his eyes closed as if he were trying to concentrate. He held a little dirt in his hands, rubbing it between his palms like putty. In the dim lit alleyway, Korra could see the glistening tears on his cheeks.

"Bolin," Korra whispered as she approached. His eyes snapped open, jaw clenching. He watched her for a moment and then stared to the ground. He held out his arm, and gently let the dirt in his hands fall through his fingers like a sieve.

Bolin realized he no longer held favor with the Earth.

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