Show me Heaven

What would be your ideal last day on earth? Well mine would me to finally get the chance to go to the mall of it didn't turn out like that. I don't live in America , I live in London. I love shopping and i'm a rigth girly girl.I have blonde hair and green eyes.I'm fifhteen years old. My name is Marlee Addison. Well I was fifteen. Until the day I went to the funfair in the summer with the was a bright cloudless day and the sun was beaming Mcdonell, Shirley Nixon and Amber Wilson all came with me. I didn't really know them but I had fallen out with my real friends , Vicki Patterson ,Bella Gordon and Shona Trixie Doherty. It was over a boy and Vicki said she never wanted to be friends with me again and she hoped a died and the other two sided with her.I guess Vicki got her wish. Anyway that day Danna phoned me and she did I want to the fair with her and shirley and I asked the new girl Amber did she want to come so of we went. We went on all the scary rides and left out the baby ones. I didn't get killed on one of the rides funny enough it was much more strange than any other way of dying. It was death by rat posion! In my burger if you would believe it. I dont know who did it because my befriender in heaven wouldn't tell me she said I will find out in time.I can't blame Vicki because she was away to Spain with her family. Right about that day. Danna was and still is a very pretty girl with Black hair and green eyes which were in no way like mine. They were like a cat's eyes round and full of mystery just like Danna was wearing a blue tutu and a white top with a pink and blue tie . She had a tiara on her head and wore pink was wearing a pink track suit and pink sandles which looked strange had coffee coloured eyes and dark skin. She was wearing jeans and a purple tank top. She was from America and she was only new to Bray Hall School. I liked her and she and I got on very well. I was wearing a green top with white jeans and green pumps. We had went on about twenty different rides and when getting fed up when Shaun Colber , Finton Daly,Conal Smith and Wade Gormley came up to talk to us. Shirely and I look quite alike and Shaun must of got us mixed up.'Hey sexy whats up you were really flirting on Msn last night he said to me. 'Um yeahhhhhhhhhhh, I said slowly waiting for Shirley to say it was her. But she said nothing. 'Heres my mobile number 0896542156, he said and I put it o n my phone. Finton smirked and Conal's eyes wided. Wade just looked bored. Amber was staring at something far of in the distances and Danna looking confused. 'Conal aren't you the boy who likes Danna , Shirley asked. 'Danna who? 'Conal said. 'I'm Danna ,Danna said . 'I don't know her,Conal said. 'Yes I sure you do wernt you at Beth Newings party last month. 'Yes I was but I don't know Danna . 'I think you do, Shirley insisted.'Uh see you later boys were going home now ,Amber said. 'Finton looked dreamly at Amber and Conal said,'Amber your really pretty you know ,and Wade said. 'Yeah she is,and Shaun tugged at his long black Emo styled hiar.'Well buy Danna said and started walking away. I followed and Amber and and Shirley