Okay, this is a continuation of Unknown, only this part will cover the events of Clash and Wrath. At this point Eurydite is living in Argos without the Olympians knowing of her whereabouts thanks to Hades' clever device. The only Olympian that knows where she is, is Ares, which I am sure you already know. Okay so I was working on the first part of Unknown on my computer and I am impatient so I decided to work on both at once. Dont worry the plot and characters are already developed. This part starts out twelve years before Perseus defeats the Kraken.


Love of the Mother, Rage of the Father

Argos was bathed in moonlight as a tiny child wailed, his mother exhausted from expelling him from her womb. At first, Eurydite was glad to be rid of her pregnancy, then the urge to see her child overwhelmed her. She laid back, sweat covering her brow as Mele cleaned the child and glanced at the new mother with a smile on her face before handing the babe to his mother. Eurydite took her child in her arms, her nude form resting on top the bedwhile her servants cleaned her, making sure she was healthy before covering her with a satin sheet. The Daughter of Hades examined her son, looking at every inch across the Childs body, making sure he was perfect. He looked up at her with his father's eyes, the green eyes of the God of War stared back at her as she smiled, taking in every bit of her son.

It wouldn't be long before her father would catch wind of her latest accomplishment, even if he was against it and she doubted Ares would be willing to come down from on high to see his new son even if he could. She knew if Ares came, Zeus would know of her once more for siding with Acrisius against the Olympians. Ares had only come once since then, the result of that union was staring up at her with hunger in his eyes. Noticing this, she allowed her son to nurse on her right breast before Mele came to get him minutes later so Eurydite could dress.

Once she was dressed in her night attire, she placed her newborn son in his small crib. She kissed him goodnight before retiring herself, but in the shadows, Melinoe watched her sister and the newborn with interest. The ghoulish woman crept out of the shadow as her sister fell asleep, not making a sound as she looked into the cradle, seeing the tiny newborn sleeping soundly. The Goddess reached down to touch the baby on his forehead, giving him the sweet gift of good dreams so that he may have a good childhood without violence which was in his blood. She knew that when the sun sets the next day, Hades would be afoot and in rage of this latest development that had happened without him knowing. With that thought in mind, Melinoe left her sister and nephew to their rest until he would awake for another meal. She hoped that Eurydite would raise her son well and keep him close to heart.

It was before dusk the next day when Eurydite sat in her garden with her son in her arms, that she felt the familiar darkness creep up from the underworld. Surprisingly, her son had not felt it and continued to doze in his mothers arms as she walked into her home where her servants waited for orders. Mele stood to her right as the dark haired woman handed off her son the the brown haired woman.

"My father is coming, I can feel it." She could feel his rage from the underworld bubble up through her, a foreboding feeling of dread creeping up into her home as the torches grew dim with blue flame. Black mist formed in the center of the large room causing her servants to hold on to one another in fear of Hades as he stood in the room. His eyes were red, rage evident, but his face not showing it.

"Has it been so long since we last spoke, My Daughter?" Eurydite held her ground as her father spoke in his hoarse voice, indicating that there was some anger there, but not at her; he was never angry with her. He stepped closer to her, taking to his full height, a few inches taller than her. She never showed any sign of fear to him and she never will. She had no reason to fear him. She looked around at her servants who stood cowering, Hades noticed this as well, feeling somewhat joyous of their fear.

"Leave us." Eurydite said strongly to her servants. The men and women who served her cowering as Hades' gaze reached them. "Mele, if anyone speaks of this to anyone, tell me. I will take my son now, please see to this matter." The grey eyed woman said to her friend, taking her son into her arms as Hades got closer. Mele quickly left the three alone, minding her own business. As soon as everyone cleared the room Eurydite spoke. "It is good to see you, Father." Hades said nothing as he stood closer to her, placing his right hand on her cheek, not yet paying any attention to the child in her arms.

"You have become most precious to me, but I am enraged by Ares and his plights. He has made me desperate and now you have a son by him." He said removing his hand from her cheek and looking down at the child who had woken up from hearing Hades' voice. The boy looked up at the God, seeing someone he was supposed to know. The child had not cried, nor did he make a sound, just stared at the God of the Underworld. Hades found this slightly amusing and smirked, his eyes turning back to normal. A plan began to form in his mind, one that would turn the tides of war between himself and the Olympians. "What is his name?" Eurydite knew the moment her father put that smirk of his face, that he was planning something, she had seen it once before when he had set Acrisius on the path against the Gods by using her.

"No, you are not going to use my son as a way to get power, he is the only thing I have that isnt corrupted yet." The woman held her son close as Hades' eyes flashed red, but he had another plan. Perhaps he could bargain with her, like he had done once before and he always held up his end.

"Let me name him and I will let him choose to help me. Does this sound fair, Daughter?" His offer sounded reasonable, even though she didnt like the fact that he chose to make pawns out of his flesh and blood, like any god would. She debated this in her mind before answering. Weighing the options knowing that her father had never gone back on his word. It was a favor for him to name her son and he would return it by giving her son the option of helping him if he chose to. It wasnt much, but it was enough.

"He is more God than he is human, a son of Ares and your grandson, what more could you ask for. Despite the annoyance you feel for Ares, what is it that he did to incur your anger?" The question was valid and Hades knew what she had meant. She didnt want to be placed in the middle of another war between Gods and Men, even if she had no choice. All Hades could do was tell her what exactly happened between the two gods.

"He demanded your release from me so he could make you whole." The words were enough to explain what had happened. Eurydite knew that deep within the stoic God in front of her, he feared losing his children to the wastes of his realm or to other Gods as he had lost Melinoe to Apollo and the Olympians.

"I see. Time has changed and I know that things will change again, like they always do." She smiled and he saw the changes within his daughter, changes that Ares had brought about inside her. It almost disgusted him that she could love that arrogant God when he was undeserving of it. That was the real reason he had despised Ares.

"Antares." He said the name with bitterness, but it was against the father, not the child. Eurydite opened her mouth in shock, now knowing the true intent behind her fathers plans. The name he spoke meant 'Against Ares' and Eurydite could not speak out against Hades on this matter, a deal was a deal, there was no going back on it when it was struck. She closed her mouth, looking down at her son and then to Hades, who showed a little remorse if only for her sake. "I can not promise you will be spared from this feud, but I will try to keep you away from it."

"Try? You are a God, the God of the Underworld, you can do anything if you wished it. Why not stop this now?" She almost raised her voice towards him, but stopped. Years ago she would have if she had not been gifted by Persephone, but now her emotions were new with motherhood, now she felt more connected with her father. If it wasnt for him, Zeus would have killed her back on Mount Olympus in the siege.

"I do not feed on the prayers of mortals and their love, your love yes, but theirs no. I live off their fear and they no longer fear the Gods, they wish to become their own gods. Soon, the time will come when mortals will fear again and you must be ready for it, Eurydite." She looked down upon hearing how he had felt her love, a surprise that he even admitted it. Deep down inside Hades was compassionate and he was very passive, but when she was younger she saw him as cruel and careless. Seeing her discomfort he reached out placing a finger under her chin, making her gaze meet his. "I do cherish you above all else, but need you to be a guide for these mortals. They continue to fight against Zeus and you must show them the way." She nodded, understanding what he asked of her before her son began to cry.

"Hush little one." She cooed to her son, watching her father walk away from her, fading away in a cloud of dark smoke. "That was your Grandfather, Antares." She smiled at the whining child before nursing him. Looking out to the ocean, she watched as a ship entered the harbor.

12 Years later...

Eurydite sat across from her son who held a scroll open, reading its contents. She had taught him everything he needed to know, except what was natural to him. Antares seemed to know strategy instinctively and was quick witted in times of stress or chaos. Eurydite was proud of him.

"Mother, after I read this scroll, can I go to the harbor?" He looked up at her, his hazel eyes meeting her grey as she smiled. She saw much of his father in him, but also, much of her own father. His temper was that of Hades, while his mind was of Ares. Antares was passionate about games and was smart enough to know when he was beat, but still, he was quick to bid his time for a rematch.

"You may go now if you like, I feel that I will be summoned to the palace shortly." She smiled, standing up and walking around the table to smooth out the boy's messy brown hair. "Be home before dark and be careful." She kissed him on his head before he to got up and ran out through the courtyard. She watched him go off on his adventure, smiling to herself.

Twelve years had passed since she had last seen her father, who was no doubt biding his time to go against Zeus. It had been longer since she had seen Ares and if she knew any better, he was managing this upcoming war between man and God. She was invisible to the eyes of the Olympians and so was her son, her father had made sure of this by giving them both a shard from the Helm of Invisibility. She gently played with the cream colored fabric of her dress as she heard one of her servants call to her from behind.

"My Lady, Draco is here to see you." The dark haired woman turned to see the warrior standing next to the blond girl who took her leave. Eurydite walked to the chair where her blue shall laid draped across the back and wrapped it around herself.

"My Lady Eurydite, the King asks for your council on a particular matter." She nodded before following him. It had been a subject as of late as to how to get a message to the Gods that man needed them no more, but she had also told the King and his conceded wife that the Gods needed man. She knew that with their defiance towards the Olympians, Hades would most likely have his revenge.

Once she was in the palace she was greeted by many who knew her in the council. Most were old men who doubted her wisdom and knowledge of the Gods, but she was a Demi-Goddess, though the entire city had no idea of this. The people saw her as a cursed one, like that of Io.

When she stood before King Cepheus, Eurydite stood proud, but not as his subject. Cepheus knew that she had been in Argos long before his rule and right at the beginning of Acrisius' time on the throne. She was not his subject to rule over, nor did he see her that way. She was something other than human and he was always curious of her origins, but as much as he wanted to know, he feared the consequences of that road if he were to travel it. The other members of his council stood beside her, two on each side of her.

To her right stood Cavisus and Polymus, both brothers that dealt in trade and commerce. Cavisus was the elder with wise brown eyes and dark brown hair with grey streaks, showing off his dignity. Next to him Polymus stood strait with the same features as his brother, but he was at least ten years younger than his brother. Both were wearing wealthy attire made of silk and wool dyed in rich colors. Gold adorned their necks and arms, signifying that they were indeed rich. Eurydite had mused that her father had been kind to them, after all, he was also the God of Wealth.

To Eurydite's left stood Draco and Tiberanis, representing the men at arms. Draco had forever been head of the Royal Guard while Tiberanis was Commander of the legion. Eurydite had never liked Tiberanis, for he was the exact opposite of what a commander should be and had wished for Draco to take his position, but Tiberanis had denied that request saying she should leave the business of war to men and not women. War was her business, it had always been, though she had not said that aloud. Tiberanis did not know what she was capable of, at least Cepheus did and quietly said he would look into the matter at her request.

Eurydite noticed Cassiopeia was not in this council like she always was, but dismissed it when the Queen arrived with her daughter following her. The poor girl was red in the face and Eurydite knew that it was because Andromeda disliked the ideals of her parents. The Demi-Goddess was sympathetic towards the young princess, for she to disliked the ideals of her own father.

Both the queen and princess sat on their thrones as the council began, Cepheus rising to speak, his voice commanding.

"Now is the time to send a message to the Gods and our fellow men, but how do we do this? Can any of you give me an answer?" The king in all his wisdom could not find a solution to his problem so he calls upon other men, who did not know the Gods like Eurydite did. She stood, waiting for someone to answer.

"Destroy their temples, lay waste to their priests, and take their offerings. Is that not the right course of action?" Polymus said, clenching a ringed fist with excitement. Eurydite only sighed, that would not work. None of these ideas would work.

"That is an excellent idea, but I believe my Lady has another opinion." Cepheus said, noticing the sigh that came from the woman's lips. She stepped forward, ready to make her speech.

"Burning the temples of the other Gods will do nothing but make them angry, if you want to win, you must strike at Zeus himself. He cares not about buildings for the prayers of mortals is what sustains his power. Stop praying and he is weakened." The Demi-Goddess explained as she paced a little ways, as if teaching children of the gods. Polymus seemed a little put off that a woman knew more than he did and stepped forward to debate this but was held back by his brother.

"Leave it, Brother, she knows." Cavisus said to his sibling as he held on to the younger mans arm, but this did not stop him from saying more. Polymus snatched his arm away and strode to where Eurydite stood.

"How can a woman know more about the Gods than a man? Did you learn when one of them took you on the cold hard ground? Or was it when you bore that bastard?" Eurydite did not show any emotion when Polymus insulted her, only pittied the man. He had never liked that she was smarter and had the kings favor as his personal advisor. Above all, he hated that she had more freedom because she was unbound from the kings rule.

"I know a lot more about the Gods than they would want me to know, Polymus. I once fought alongside your father when he served Acrisius at the beginning of his reign, it was then that he wished to burn temples and make whores out of the virgin priestesses that served Athena and Artemis. Then they drunk so much that even Dionysus would have stopped. I was there, forty years ago, when they took your mother and pushed her into the dirt and made her scream. If it were not for me, you would not be here. So, if you wish to insult me further, you would be sure to keep your mouth shut." It wasnt the tone of her voice that caused Polymus to cower, but the way she expressed it without any emotion at all. He was terrified of her and he knew now that he should be. Everyone feared her and up until now, he had none. She should be old and grey, but she wasn't. She should be married and a mother to many children, but she wasnt; she had only one son. She should be on her hands and knees with a man behind her, showing her who was superior, but she would never be. Never before had he been more terrified of a woman until now, when her grey eyes glowed with a slight red hue to them. He cowered away to his brother's side before Cassiopeia interrupted.

"Eurydite, please tell us, how would you send a message to the Gods? What would you do to inspire others to do the same?" The queen asked the Demi-Goddess with envy and trust. Eurydite turned to face who addressed her and only offered a small smirk.

"Bring down the Colossus and you will send your message. I believe this will cause some debate between the Olympians of how to solve this problem of rebellion, but I warn you now of another. If you do intend to go this route, you will doom Argos. You will reduce it to ruin and there will be no stopping it. You will reap what you sow." Cepheus stood up at Eurydite's words, disbelief on his face and anger in his eyes. She could see the question in his eyes, what could possibly happen to destroy Argos? She gave no answer and stood her ground. "If you choose to do this, you are on your own, I will not be able to help." The words came out in sympathy, for she knew to go against her father would be to give them hope. She could not afford to go against Hades. Cepheus grew smug before her eyes, seeing her discomfort made him think he had finally won. She looked to Andromeda, who could only sigh and Eurydite felt the need to speak with the young woman soon.

"Ready the ships, leave at first light!" Cepheus commanded and Tiberanis left the room to prepare his soldiers. The king leaned in and whispered to Eurydite. "We will see if any terror comes from this." He said smugly.

"Father, please listen to her! She speaks the truth, you are only sending good men out there to die!" Andromeda yelled, standing up after not being able to hear anymore of it, but Cassiopeia laughed at her daughter.

"Andromeda, do you not see how the Gods oppress us? They use us as their play things and feed off of us like Eurydite said. We make them strong, but we also make them weak. It is time for man to rule over them." The queen turned to her daughter and continued to preach. "Think of it Andromeda, we will serve as an inspiration and be adored by many. What more could you ask for?" The young princess in all her wisdom could not stop her parents in their endeavors, but she knew she could do something to save Argos. The young woman didnt say anything as she left, Draco following her after Eurydite turned and nodded to him.

"I hope I am wrong, for the sake of your daughter, King Cepheus." The grey eyes of Eurydite held a red glow as she turned away from the king and queen, leaving them to their fate. She decided to never give council again. Once she was out of the palace, she opened her clenched fist to reveal the black stone her father gave her years ago. "It has been done, Father. You will have your revenge."

Deep in the Underworld, Hades sat on his throne, a black stone in his hand. He contemplated his next move after the game had begun, set in motion by both the stupidity of mortals and his very own flesh. Eurydite may have remained neutral, deciding to warn them of the outcome, but she also withdrew her part in this game. She refused to be a peice, which was understandable since she was protecting her son. Turning the stone in his palm, he thought of a way to somehow involve her in this game indirectly, that way it will take her and her son out of Argos. Hades smiled to himself, this would be the undoing of the Olympians.

So there you have it, the first chapter of the second part of Unknown. Now granted I was writing this while writing the first part. I like to jump ahead sometimes.

Anyway, please enjoy.

Fact: Cepheus and Cassiopeia were not the rulers of Argos, they were the rulers of Aethiopia, or Ethiopia. They also didnt war against the gods, just Cassiopeia insulted Athena by declaring how beautiful Andromeda was. The queen was very vain and for this she was placed in the stars next to her husband, but her throne was placed upside down for her vanity.