The Confrontation

Antares stood on the sandy beach as the waves crashed on shore. He threw pebbles and rocks into the water while Mele did her morning rituals to the Gods, always saying that he should honor them. He began to see it the other way. Why should he honor the Gods if they could care less about him. He scowled at this, throwing a stone as hard as he could into the water.

"You have a good arm, boy. You would make a fine warrior one day." Antares didnt turn around as the man spoke to him, not caring if it was a stranger, he had never listened to his mother about that anyway.

"What good is being a warrior when you cant fight? I want more than anything to go back to Argos and fight the Kraken, only because I want to fight." The man smiled as the boy threw another stone as hard as he could and then turned to him. The first thing Antares noticed was the mans attire, fine armor that only a God would wear, a dark silver armor with a red cape. This didnt startle Antares as much as the mans face. Dark hazel eyes and brown hair, the very look of this man screamed familiarity to Antares, though he could not place the time. "You're a God. Just like Hades."

"I wouldn't say just like Hades, he and I dont really see eye to eye, but we do have something in common." Antares gave the God a quizzical look as he stepped closer. "Your mother. We both care for her, though he is more father to her as I am intimate with her. Which I hear resulted in you, which is not unfounded. As I stand here in the presence of my son, who has yet to tell me his name, he stands still in fear of a God. His own father." Antares knew exactly who he was speaking with, the God of War and Violence, Ares. The God that seemed to encourage the wrath of Hades by impregnating his daughter with a son that would hate his father. Antares had no love for his father, it was clear in the hate he felt, something that Hades might have instilled in him as a newborn.

"It isnt fear, Father." Ares sensed that he had struck a very deep chord inside the boy, something planted there by Hades, something to use against him. It unsettled the God, knowing that his son could possibly take his place one day and it scared him. Ares had never been afraid of his children, not when he had several with mortal women, but Eurydite was not mortal. Antares had a lot of power inside of him and Hades would use it to his advantage.

"You would be dead right now if it were not for your mother." In a bit of rage, Ares disappeared from the presence of Antares. Antares was angry still, feeling these strange emotions towards his father, not so much his mother or his grandfather.

"Ares has always had the fear that one day he would have a child that would be strong enough to go against him. You do not need to hate him just yet Young one." Antares heard a the familiar voice of Melinoe, who had often visited him when he was alone. She had never told him that she was family, only that she was a Goddess. He looked up at her as she grabbed a shell from the sand, her reddish hair moving with the breeze and her eyes sparkling. "Do you remember when you were five and I brought you that shell necklace for your mother because you wanted to give her a gift?"

"Yes, but it got lost when she took me riding one day. You said it was very special because it was made out of love." The Goddess smiled as she put her hands on his shoulders, seeing how tall he had become, looking very much like his mother. "You have grown and one day you will be able to fight when the world depends on it. The Kraken has always been Perseus' fight, you will fight much bigger foes that will threaten both man and God." She placed a hand on his cheek, smiling at him with assurance. Antares smiled back, now knowing his destiny.

"Melinoe, did your parents ever love each other?" She did not know how to answer that question, at least at one point she didnt. Antares was curious as to how she viewed her parents, as opposed to how he felt about his. He wanted her advice in an indirect way. Sighing she sat down in the sand and patted the spot next to her.

"I believe before I was born, my father cared for my mother, otherwise he wouldn't have given her the pomegranate seeds. I could be wrong, because those seeds are in me. He is not a bad father, but I think my mother became mad because of the Underworld and my father was slowly weakening from her madness. Yes, I suppose they did care for each other when I was very young, but when Hera fed my brother to the Titans, my mother became obsessed with getting her revenge." Melinoe said sadly, feeling as though she had lost both parents along the way, but still caring for both of them. Hades was no doubt still upset with her over her decision to switch sides and go against him, which was painful to do.

"Where is she now, your mother?" Antares asked her, curious about his family. She had known when the boy was born that he would be inquisitive just as she had known her sister was going to test her father in every way.

"She is on an island far away where she has no power and nothing but her memories to keep her company. It is punishment for going against Hera. One day, I mean to take a vial filled with the waters of the Lethe to her so she can start over. Even if doing so will strip me of my own power." Melinoe said with a melancholic tone in her voice as Antares scooted closer to her and leaned against the Goddess.

"Melinoe, can you teach me about the Underworld?" The boy asked, basking in the warmth of the Goddess and the sun. She nodded, kissing her beloved nephew on the head.

Eurydite watched as the scorpiox surrounded Perseus and the others while standing next to the Sheikh. She had returned to them with the sun after being with Ares for a night. She wasnt tired, but she also wasnt refreshed either, feeling more drowsy than anything after Ares had taken all her energy. It was hard to be intimate with a God and still have energy afterwards. No one had questioned her and so she stood watching as the Sheikh called off the Scorpiox, the men below having a small debate amongst themselves as Perseus stepped forward, only to collapse on the ground in pain.

"Something isnt right." She said before running down to the group where Io kneeled next to her cousin. "Move!" She pushed aside the men, coming to kneel beside Perseus who looked up at her in pain.

"Venom from Hades. Is there something you can do Eurydite?" The Demi-Goddess went to touch the wounded mans arm, but was instantly push back by the power within the venom. It prevented her from extracting it, which was the purpose of this particular venom.

"It is too strong for me alone to handle it. We must ask the Djinn for help, if we dont he will die." Eurydite said before tearing off a strip of cloth from her outfit and wrapping it around the wound. She nodded to Draco and Ixas to get the wounded man to his feet. "Follow the Djinn, they will take him to the camp and I will do what I can." She told the men before walking away, Io stepping into stride beside her.

"Do you remember the night Perseus and Danea were cast into the sea?" Io asked Eurydite, recalling the storm that had flooded Argos with mud from the mountains. That night Eurydite had seen a man kill his wife because of his selfish ambitions and an innocent child cast adrift.

"I know it was Acrisius, I could smell his stench from miles away. My father has done something to him which means he is growing stronger and we are running out of time." It surprised Io that Eurydite would even go against Hades, when she cared about the God. Even so, her actions concerning the God of War was also an act against Hades. "I can take the power behind the venom away by absorbing it, but the venom itself is beyond my abilities. Once I do this, I must press on ahead."

It was dusk when Eurydite entered the tent in which Perseus laid, writhing in pain and clutching his arm. He was burning with fever and the power behind the venom was pressing deeper into his core. She had to act quickly or the deeper the power got, the more life would be sucked out of the Demi God. She took a river stone from her satchel and placed it in her mouth before kneeling down next to Perseus as Io came in. Eurydite took out her dagger and cut her palm before spitting the stone out into her bleeding hand. The stone was smooth and white, now covered in the Demi-Goddess' blood. She took the stone and looked at Io.

"Hold him down, I must put the stone in his mouth and he must swallow it. My blood will draw the power because my blood is also the blood of Hades. The stone will trap it and make it easier to expel." Io did as she was told, placing her hands on Perseus' shoulders as Eurydite opened his mouth and slid the stone in before shutting it and clamping her hand over his mouth. "Perseus, you must swallow it."

The Demi God started thrashing as he swallowed the stone, which was not too big, but it had to be. If anything the stone would help him heal but he felt nothing but pain. It was burning because of her blood, her blood which was laced with the power of the Underworld. He could feel it burning on the inside, absorbing the power that had inflicted him, but not taking the venom itself. Once he stopped thrashing, Eurydite placed her lips on his and began to kiss him, her eyes open and black as she pulled the stone to her. As she lifted her lips from his, Io could see a dark mist coming from his mouth and going into hers.

The daughter of Hades sat up strait as her eyes went back to grey and she closed her mouth before spitting out the stone. This time it was no longer white, but black like the stones in the river Styx. Eurydite handed the stone to Io, but the dark eyes woman was loathe to take anything with the power of the Underworld in it.

"Take it, you will need it to get out of the Underworld." Eurydite stood up and left the tent, but when she did Draco was outside waiting for her, it seemed he was tired of holding his questions.

"The daughter of Hades, I would have never guessed. Does he know you go against him?" The Royal guard asked, trying to rouse her anger, but failed when she calmly nodded her head.

"He has never become angry with me, just my actions and Ares. He was so angry because of my affair with Ares he named my son as an insult towards him. Right now, my father is only serving himself by invoking fear, which is what feeds his immortality." Draco didnt ask anymore as Eurydite walked past him as Ixion appeared from the wastes, calling out to his master. "I will see you at Stygian in three days time. The Djinn will help you." She said swinging into her saddle. "And Draco, dont be late." She smiled and rode off into the night.

Days had gone by since they had come to the temple and Antares felt restless. He didnt know whether to sit or stand, to sleep or do something productive. He just felt out of place. Mele had known he was restless for a reason, if not set off for a purpose. She had seen him try to bring down the temple with a wooden sword all because he was restless and she knew it had to be because he found out some great truth that had set his mind to anger. The woman felt pity for him, if only because he was suddenly growing up so fast upon learning this terrible truth.

The honest truth was that he was angry at the God he refused to call father. He had sat there on the beach that day long after his aunt had left him, thinking about how he felt. He wasnt angry at his mother, she had done nothing but love and protect him. He wasnt angry with Hades, the God cared for him just as he cared for his mother and with honor. He had decided that his anger was towards Ares and only because of the arrogance he displayed when he came to introduce himself. It was as though Ares had struck a deep cord within his son that caused the boy to rebel. Antares felt different and had more rage in him than before. His happiness had gone away the moment he heard his father's voice and it drove him mad.

Mele could do nothing to cure it, even praying to the Gods would do more harm than good and Eurydite could not stop this. Hades would no doubt be able to settle the boy down since he respected the God a great deal, but there was the matter of Eurydite's absence from them. She could not go against Eurydite. The boy would have to wait.

And wait he did. Antares threw rocks at seagulls as he sat on the beach once more, trying to make time go by quicker until he could go home again. Argos had been the only place he had ever known and even his mother loved the city, so why wasn't she fighting like she had done before? He didn't know the answer, but he had a feeling someone did know and to find out he prayed aimlessly to whatever god could hear him. Although he did not know his mistake until Hades appeared before him.

The dark God looked down upon his grandson with mild interest as the child blatantly ignored the shadow standing over him. This caused some irritation as to why he had been summoned here in the first place.

"Why is my mother gone?" The boy said with slight anger in his voice and Hades not knowing of his daughter's whereabouts, felt the same frustration. Was she not here? This only made the impeccably silent God even angrier.

"That insufferable child, why does she not listen?" Hades said plainly, his slightly hoarse voice rising in irritation. "You're mother has caused me some grief ever since she was born, disobeying me is one of those things." Although uncharacteristic for him, Hades felt the need to rant, but kept it at bay. This was not the time for him to get out of sorts because of his wayward daughter, who insisted upon doing what he told her not to do.

"You didn't know she was gone?" Antares said, realizing he had made a grave mistake in calling upon his grandfather for questioning. It was possibly the worst thing he could've done. "How could you not know she was gone? She said she was going to meet us here." The boy stood up, brushing the sand off of his legs and then felt like he did something else wrong when he saw Hades' eyes glow red. "Oh no."

"Stay here or I will make sure you never see her again." The threat was grave, but said in anger as Hades disappeared in a black cloud of ash and fire. Antares felt afraid that his grandfather was going to do something horrible to his mother, but then his fears were unfounded as Hades never did anything bad out of anger towards Eurydite. Still, the boy felt somewhat upset that he had in someway betrayed his mother, yet at the same time, stayed loyal to his grandfather. He didn't know which hurt more.

Antares plopped down on the sand and let out a sigh.

There was just no end to this anger inside of him or no end to the hurt that tore him apart. It was like he was suddenly a man trapped inside a boys body and it was taking its toll. He wondered if this was what it was like to have the blood of Gods running through his veins. Coursing and corroding its way through him, causing conflict with his inner self, making him doubt himself. He missed his mother because of this, but felt that she wouldn't understand what he was going though. She was only half god, not more like him.

He should be out there, fighting this war too.

Sorry it is short, just had to end it in a good place, but hey, two chapters in one day is good right? Also, again, sorry for the delay…you know…work and all.

Fact: Of the Five Rivers, the most famous one is the Styx and is often confused with the Acheron. The Acheron is the first river that one meets when they enter the Underworld and is found in the first layer of Limbo. Charon ferries the dead across the Acheron, but the river also flows into the Styx. In Greek traditions, if your loved ones didn't place a golden coin on your eyes or in your mouth, you were left to wonder on the shores of the Acheron after your death.