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Chapter 1 - Graduation

Well I'm here, I Sarah Collins lived to finish High school a year early too. I sat in the black chairs surrounded by random students, the reason why is because I went to high school online, no I didn't get expelled or get bad grades, I'm just not a people person. Me and attention really don't blend, I don't hate people they just don't get me, only my 2 best friends, Lilly Reed and the annoying-in-the-best-way Ray Jacobson do. Lilly's not here because she goes to a different school and Ray is in the way back so I can't see him. I sigh, the C's should be rolling around soon, 'then I can go home to my cozy bed and sleep', I think. I never loved school I just did my best, which happens to get me all A's, the one class I loved was language arts. Not because of spelling, 'cuz I hated that, and not because I'm a human dictionary either, reading, that is why I LOVE IT, its just a get away from the real world to the world of fantasy, si-fi, and young adult fiction. Don't get me wrong I love my parents, my overprotective and go-to PTA mom, and my amazing dad that I tell everything to, but I get kind of lonely, mom's always gone and dad has his own small business that he always works at so I'm alone most of the time. I used to hang with Ray and Lilly but I got du... "Sarah Collins" the speaker says. I walk up to see my dad in the crowd clapping, as I walk down the stage I think 'Really mom, you couldn't miss work for your ONLY DAUGHTERS graduation?' the as I hit the bottom step I get enveloped in a large familiar hug "Robbie no." I say to my ex-boyfriend "Oh come on Sarah I said I was sorry, how was I suppose to know that you and your mom had a fight." I sighed, he had a point but he was the one who dumped me for football after two years of dating and being friends forever. I just happens that on the same day mom left for another "work trip" after we had a huge fight taking a lot of money claiming that the company was giving her scraps and she was going to be there for awhile. "Robbie I know your sorry and so am I, it was just bad timing, but you would have done it anyway we both know that you were going to Texas state not staying here in Arizona." he grimaced and sighed "I know it's just I still wanted us to talk not shut me out all the way." "I said I'm sorry but I was hurt and it would have been weird if we where still hanging out. Bye Robbie, I know you'll love it in Texas." I started going back to my seat, "Sarah, make sure to call, or text, or wright... I still miss you." I turned shrugged, smiled a halfhearted smile and sat down. They called the D's, E's, F's, and FINALY got to the J's "Raymond Jacobson" a whole mass of people stood up and clapped, some whooping and hollering, as Ray grabbed the paper and blew the principle a kiss, which made everyone laugh. Once the ceremony was done I was waking to my dad and the car when Ray came up to me, "Hey congrats Sarah! are you doing anything tonight? My family is throwing a lame party and I wanted to hang with my BFF." "Congrats to you too Ray and I really don't have anything planed so sure what time?" I laughed at his girly tone "Great! Um the party ends at 7 is it ok if I text you?" Ray sounded really excited for just hanging out, "Sure now go have fun at your 'lame' party" He yelled a thanks and can't wait before running to his large family. I sighed got in the car and headed home with my dad.

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