Hey everybody! *Dodges tomato* please don't kill me, I am so so so so so so so so SORRY! This is NOT a chapter; I just needed some help getting my priorities straight. So... I posted a poll on my page; it would help me so much if you voted! I wanted to tell you right now that 'Ninjago: a new enemy' almost has another chapter but the new 'Avengers' story has at least one chapter done so far, it's just up to you what I should focus on and what to update first. So PLEASE vote if you want more updates soon! If nobody votes I'm gonna be really sad and assume that you all hate me then stop writing. :-( Just kidding! I won't stop writing but I may not update for a long time without motivation.

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~BookNinja (Do ya like what I changed my name to?)

(For all those people who read this and don't vote... read my last sentence.)