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CHapter one baby me this

Yin,Yang and Yo were back at the dojo but the didn't tell Yin and Yang go from the leashes.

"Since you two want to be babies you have to stay right here with me." He said and tied them to his chair

"You two stay right here I'll be back." and he walked out of the room to the back.

"Man this stinks. We did nothing wrong we kicked evil butt and this is how he treats us." Yang mumbed

"Well we did try to get out of our chores." Yin said

"who cares we fight and save lives and we get sqwate."

Yo walked back into the room

"All right my little babies its time for your bath."

"Bath what bath." Yin and Yang asked

"Yes a bath all little babies get a bath before bed." Yo said smiling evily

"Oh no I'm not taking a bath." Yang arrgued

"Oh yes you are fooportate."

With a burst of green the flashed into the bathroom.

"Now who should go first eni mini miny yang." Yo said and picked yang up

"Hey put me down you old panda."

"Master yo we get it we'll stop being babies." Yin bleaded

"Oh no your both gona be babies till I say so." Yo said and used his power of yang to get him undresses and in the tub.


Still holding yins leash Yo woofood the brushes and soap and got Yang clean.

"Now that your clean you can wait for your sister is done with her bath."

"Oh come on"

Yo did the same thing with Yin and got them both clean.

"Waaahh isn't that cute two clean little babies."

"Ok panda your goig down." Yang said and attacked

"Yang no don't." Yin yelled but it was to late.

"Fist of furrryyyyy." Yang yelled

"Foo Band." Yo yelled and two bands snaped on to Yangs wrist.

Yangs fist of furry dissaoered and he fell into Master Yos awaiting arms.

"What the foo." Yang said

"Thoes are foo bands they stop all things woo foo unless youhave the ok from the one who put them on you to us them."

"Ah pelets."

"But just incase Foo Band."

Two bands snapped on Yins wrists. Yo picked them up and went to there room.

"Ok little babie tme for bed."

Yo opened the door and they gaped. THere beds were replaced but large cribs.

"You can't do this to use." Yin yelled

"Oh yes I can. And you want to know why because I'm the master."

Yo placed them in there cribs and covered them up.

"Oh I almost forgot." He snaped his fingers and they were dressed in diapers.

"aahhh" Yin and Yang yelled

"Good night babies and don't think you can get out of the cribes ethier the foo shield I put up will keep you two in. I'll be back in a hour if you two aren't asleep by then. Well lets say you'll be very sleepy with sore little butts good night babies." Yo said and turned off the lights.

"Oh pelets." they said

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