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Chapter 1

It was halfway through the first week of summer when Harry Jackson Daniels, disowned twin brother of Chris Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived, walked out of a shadow in the meeting room of the Order of The Shadow Walkers. He immediately saw his friends Miku and Jammel, standing with the Shadows of Japan, India, China, U.S., Mexico, and most of the other countries that he had visited over the years. When he arrived, they all turned to look at him, stiffening as if sensing something foul in the air.

Harry took a small black book from a pocket in his leather jacket and tossed it on the table, "We have a problem. That was at Hogwarts and possessed two students and set a basilisk on the school."

At this, most of those gathered shifted uneasily. Japan picked up the seemingly innocuous book and flipped it over.

"It belonged to Voldemort. I found out his history and know almost everything there is to know about him, except how he is still around. I think that has something to do with it."

Japan nodded and said, "This is true. This is a Horcrux."

Harry's eyes narrowed, "He wouldn't be that stupid would he?"

Miku asked, "Could you elaborate for those of us that don't know almost everything there is to know about Defence Against, and the use of, the Dark Arts?"

Harry explained, "A Horcrux is one of the darkest types of magic that anyone can perform. It literally requires the person to rip a piece of their soul off of the whole and hide it in an item to tie them to this plane of existence. I've never seen one before, only read about them."

China shook his head, "No, that is not true. What we removed from you when you first came to us; that was a Horcrux as well, however, it was much weaker than this." He held the book up, "I would say this was his first and the one we removed from you was the last he made, possibly even an accident, due to an unstable soul."

Harry's eyes narrowed. "That bastard put one of those things in me?"

China nodded. "Yes. Never before have I heard of someone making more than two. He truly is insane. The more pieces you rip away, the less stable your soul becomes. The one that was found in you was probably a mistake, a rogue piece that came loose when you destroyed him. It would have latched onto you because it sensed that you were more powerful than your brother."

Harry thought for a few minutes while the rest continued talking about Horcruxes and Voldemort in general. When someone asked how many they thought he had made, Harry had an answer.

"Seven. If the soul could be split that many times, that is the amount that he made. From what I studied about him, he was mainly interested in two things: Founders' items and power. Seven is said to be the most powerful magical number, so it stands to reason that he would make that many. You already destroyed the one in me, now we have the diary, which means that there are only five left. Or six, if he never meant to make the one in me. If that's the case, he will most likely try and make another as soon as he gets a new body."

Jammel said, "Well, he gave that book to that Malfoy guy, so there may be a chance that he gave it to another of his followers for safe keeping."

Harry nodded, "Since most British Magicals are idiots, the most likely place they put it would be Gringotts, where they trust goblins to guard their valuables, yet treat them like crap. I'll ask Ragnok to look into Voldemort's top lieutenants' vaults."

"I believe that we can locate the rest from this diary," India suggested. "It is the most powerful so it has the strongest magic, which instinctively reaches out for the rest of the soul. If we had more, it would give us even more of a chance. And I believe you are right, it is most unwise to place a soul piece within another living being; the one in you was most likely a mistake."

Harry nodded, "Okay, while I go visit Master Jo and train for the summer, can some Walkers search for the fragments?"

Japan nodded. "Yes. Enjoy your summer. Another year at Hogwarts may be a bit much for you."

"Yeah, considering how much trouble you get caught up in there. Not to mention your pummelling of Malfoy," Jammel laughed.

Harry blushed, "I wasn't in the mood. I had a shattered shoulder and other broken bones. He was being an ass; you know what happens when you add the two together."

"Yes, we all know that," U.S. remarked drolly. "Some from experience and others from word of mouth. What we need to talk about next is the rather large amount of gold that has suddenly started appearing in our vaults."

Everyone turned to look at Harry. He squirmed in his seat a bit but didn't say anything.

"You know that you did not have to do that, and neither did Hermione," Japan sighed.

Harry shrugged. "No, we didn't. But we have enough money of our own. You gave me the training to kill it and through me, Hermione. We figured that the Order could use it better than we could."

"Exactly how much are you worth?" Mexico asked.

"Excluding the Shadow Vault, I have 750,000 Galleons in my two founders' vaults. I have 2,097,000 in my Daniels Vault, 809,000 in my Dracumis vault, 904,000 in my Peverell vault and 6,038,500 in my Emrys vault. So altogether, just over eleven million Galleons," Harry responded nonchalantly.

As most of the members gaped at the amount, China cleared his throat, "What he has neglected to tell you is that both he and Miss Granger have been putting about 30,000 Galleons in our vaults every six months. He has been doing it longer than she has but when she got access to her vaults, she started to do the same. However, it seems that they dumped the whole amount they got for the Basilisk into our accounts."

Harry shrugged. "You guys helped me out and gave me a home. I'm returning the favour."

The meeting went on for another hour before it finally broke up. Harry made time to perform the ritual to share his Parselmouth ability with one of the Cursebreakers, in case they came across Parselmagic. He made his way back to Gringotts and asked to speak with Ragnok.

He was shown into the office and greeted the Warchief of the Goblin Nation.

"What business do you have today Harry?" Ragnok asked.

"I believe you have a security risk in your bank." replied Harry, "It has recently come to my attention that Tom Riddle, a.k.a. Lord Voldemort, created multiple soul containers" Ragnok's eyes darkened and he snarled.

"And you believe one of those foul abominations is in this bank?"

Harry nodded. "Yes. I know how the Goblins feel about them, so I thought I would warn you."

"Where did you come by this information?" Ragnok asked roughly.

Harry responded, "I recovered a Horcrux at Hogwarts, it was possessing students and using them to command the Basilisk. Up until I was six years old, I had one in my scar. Once I joined the Walkers, they removed it when it was detected. We believe he created six, with mine being an accident. That leaves six left, if his original intent was to create seven. Since he gave one to Lucius, it stands to reason that he gave another, if not more, to other followers."

Ragnok nodded. "And because we are neutral and the Ministry can't claim vaults from us, they most likely put in it their vaults. I shall start a search of those that were closest to him and work down. Let the Walkers know that the Goblins stand ready to aid them if they need us."

Harry nodded and thanked him. Then made his way back to Miku's house where he was staying for the first part of his summer. While there, he visited with her family and simply caught up with his surrogate family.

Potter Manor

Lily Potter had been home for about half a week for summer break. She was looking forward to just relaxing and doing some research for the Department of Mysteries as an Unspeakable. She did this during the summer months as a way to keep herself busy. In the beginning, it was to distract herself from the thoughts of her oldest son running away, but it had turned into a way for her to use her Charms Mastery since Flitwick was still the professor for Charms, at Hogwarts.

About half-way through the first week back, she noticed that her magic was acting up and that she was often sick in the mornings. Worried, she made a trip to St Mungo's, where she found out that she was pregnant. She was ecstatic. She and James had tried for a while, after Harry had run away, but nothing ever happened. After a while, they stopped and were content with just having Chris.

When she got home she waited excitedly for James' return. She Flooed Alice and Emmeline to give them the good news. Both women were excited for the redhead and talked with her for a good while. Emmeline asked about Harry, and Lily explained how she was doing with the whole situation. Both Emmeline and Alice were glad to hear Harry was letting someone in. They were slightly surprised however, that he was so open with his mother. Lily explained that she wasn't pestering him and trying to force him to come back, whereas the men still were.

After James had come home later that evening, Lily pulled him aside and told him the good news. He was just as ecstatic as his wife. He laughed and spun Lily around. After the initial delight, he and Lily decided that they would get the help of the Department of Mysteries, since Lily wanted to still teach the following year. With her working for the Department during the summer months and James' past work in the Department before becoming an Auror, they had plenty of contacts and within a few days, everything was set.

After Chris' birthday, Lily would leave and go into a special chamber. It was explained to them that the chamber was a time chamber and that she would spend the length of her pregnancy inside the chamber, while only three weeks went by on the outside. After she gave birth, she would go back into the chamber for another month inside and day outside, to give her and the baby some time together before leaving for Hogwarts again. Britain didn't have something like the chamber in the country; therefore Lily would have to go to the U.S. to use their chamber. Because the time chamber was just starting to be used in the fashion they were using it, they were forced to pay quite a bit, but both she and James thought it was worth it.

Granger Residence

Two and a half weeks later, Harry came out of a shadow in the backyard of the Granger house. He walked up and knocked on the back door. A few seconds later, it was thrown open and he was attacked by his girlfriend and best friend, Hermione Granger. Before he could say anything, she crushed her lips to his and all thoughts left his mind. They stayed like that for another thirty seconds before they separated for air.

"Well, if that's the reception I get after being away for a few weeks, then I think I'll need to go away more often," he smirked.

Hermione blushed and playfully punched his arm. "Prat. I missed you."

Harry smiled and hugged her, burying his face in her hair, "I missed you too."

They went inside to sit down and visit for a while. Harry helped her get the last of her things packed and they waited for her parents to get home so the four of them could go out to dinner. Harry took them to an Indian restaurant in downtown London. He knew that curry was Hermione and Emma's favourite and Dan had no problems with it. They spent the time talking and catching up. He let all three of them know what happened at the Walker Meeting, not going into detail about what exactly the diary was with the elder Grangers, but he explained it in detail to Hermione using their telepathy.

He explained a bit about where he and Hermione were going the following day and that for them, the elder Grangers, it would only be about three weeks, but for he and Hermione, it could be anywhere from a few weeks to a few months.

"The way the magic works is hard to explain even for people that live there permanently. The best way they explained it to me is that a person is there as long as they need to be to learn what they needed to learn while there."

"But what about other people that are there at the same time as you, you could gauge the flow of time that way," Dan asked.

Harry shook his head. "I tried it. Time feels... warped for each person that is there. For example; I could be there for what would seem like six months, while Hermione, if she needed longer, could be there for, what would feel to her, a year, or vice versa. It isn't passage of time of the body, not really. That is why it is impossible to gauge time the way you were thinking. The flow of time won't affect us physically though. We will still only be three weeks older than we are now physically, while mentally we will be however much time we spend there, older."

Emma asked, "Then how will you know when it is time to leave?"

Harry shrugged. "I'm not sure, but a person is never late coming out. I can't explain it; it doesn't even make sense to me. I think it has something to do with the high density of magic in the temple. All I know is that it will be three weeks outside, while it will be no less than six months for us."

"But if time is different there, then how are you sure that it will take that long?" Hermione asked.

"Because the teachers there just know how to teach a person the best way. I learned Occlumency within the first six months, but the rest of the time, I learned more about magic than I had ever learned before. It's where I learned to manipulate it like I did with the spells. I left before I was completely done, but that was because I didn't completely understand the way time flowed there. It was explained to me later. When I tried to go back, Master Jo said that it wasn't time for me to go back, but that I would see him one last time there."

"At the time, I thought that I would only be allowed there one other time, but now I understand what he meant. Anyway, I can't really explain it any better."

The three Grangers could see that it was upsetting Harry so they dropped the subject. Hermione went on to explain that she had finished the work for her last year in mundane school.

"I should be getting my diploma in the mail by the end of the month," she explained excitedly.

"That's good," Harry smiled. "I'm done too. I'm going to start University classes in the fall."

Hermione asked, "Really? What are you going to get a degree in?"

Harry smiled, "I was thinking Psychology. I think that with it, I'll better be able to understand why the magical world is the way it is in some parts of the world, like England. I was also thinking of Sociology, for the same reason."

Hermione nodded, "I was thinking that I would go into Political Science, along with Sociology. That way, I can understand the British Magical world and also try and change it later on, once they get past their narrow-mindedness about blood."

Harry smiled. He and the Grangers talked through dinner and on the way back to their house. Once there, Dan and Emma said goodnight to the two teens and went to bed. Harry and Hermione stayed up for another few hours, finishing up their summer course work. When they were done, Harry started to shift slightly.

He said, somewhat uncomfortably, "Hermione, do you remember what I said at the end of first year?"

Hermione looked puzzled, "You have to be more specific Harry. Towards the end, there was sort of a lot going on."

Harry let out a long breath and said, "Remember what I said about third year and if we still like each other? That I would ask you to be my girlfriend? Well, I still like you and if the way you kissed me earlier says anything, you like me too. So I was wondering if you wanted to be my girlfr-"

Hermione smiled as he continued talking and then tackled him at the end, interrupting him. She started kissing all over his face and then buried her head in his neck.

"Yes. I would like that a lot," she whispered so low that he had to strain to listen.

He smiled and brought her face up to look at him, then smiled and pressed a light but tender kiss on her lips.

"Great. Then, I would like to ask you to go to the first Hogsmeade visit with me, when we get back to Hogwarts."

Hermione smiled and nodded. They stayed up a bit longer and just sat together and talked about the upcoming year. They eventually dozed off on the couch with Hermione cuddled into Harry's side. In the morning, they were awakened by a flash of light and an odd click sound.

Hermione cracked her eyes open to see her mother standing in front of them with a camera in her hands. Her father was standing behind her and both were smirking. She groaned and turned her head, then proceeded to burrow closer into Harry's side. Harry on the other hand, locked eyes with Dan. The Granger male knew that Harry could hear his thoughts so he sent him one sentence. You hurt her, I hurt you.

Harry nodded, returning, I could never hurt her. She is the only reason I come back during the summer. Otherwise, I would just leave the country straight from Hogwarts and return to get on the train. I might not even come back if not for her. Dan nodded subtly to Harry to confirm that they had an understanding. They group of four had breakfast together, before Emma and Dan bid Harry and Hermione goodbye. There were some tears but not many.

Dan and Emma knew they would see the kids again in a few weeks. Hermione, however, wasn't sure how long it would feel to her. The communication mirrors wouldn't work because of the time distortion. Harry was going to leave Hedwig with the Granger parents in case they needed to get hold of someone. They could send her to someone from the Order, stationed somewhere nearby. The Order knew how to get in contact with the temple. When Dan and Emma left for their surgery, Harry and Hermione got their bags and shrunk them down. Harry held out his hand and Hermione took it, and they simply walked into a shadow.

They emerged at the base of a huge mountain. Harry walked up to a small building off to the side. Hermione went inside with him and found a small bald man, dressed like a monk. Harry didn't speak aloud, but seemed to be communicating with the strange man. After a few minutes, the man locked eyes with Hermione. She felt something in her mind, but it was different from a Legilimency probe. It was like the man was looking at her very being. After a few moments, the man smiled and nodded to Harry. Then, they walked out of the building and started on a trail that only Harry seemed to see. Hermione thought about it and then used mage sight and saw a glowing trail that they were following.

They continued walking for another ten minutes, during which time, Hermione continued to go over the feeling she got when she looked in the man's eyes.

Finally she asked, "Harry, what was that man doing when he looked at me? I felt something but I can't explain it."

"He was seeing if your cause and reasons for seeking this place were the right reasons." he explained.

"But how? I felt something, but I can't explain what it was or even what he did," she clarified.

Harry was silent for a few moments before, "He was... looking at the core of your being. He saw what makes you, you. It's something that I don't know how to do, or accurately explain. I think that he speaks with your magical core and determines whether your intentions are pure or not."

Hermione asked, "But what if your intentions are not? Pure, that is."

Harry smiled, "Then he tells you. If a person becomes difficult, he simply vanishes and when he is not in the outpost, the trail vanishes."

"But what if someone is on the trail when he vanishes?" she queried.

Harry shrugged, "It vanishes behind us, not in front of us."

Hermione nodded her understanding and they continued in silence. By the end of the day, Harry announced that they were nearly there.

"Another hour or so in the morning and we should be there."

Hermione asked, "Then why not finish tonight?"

He shook his head, "Because at night, it gets unbearably cold. There are only two spots on the trail where magic can be used. The two main camping spots. We are in one and we passed the other one hours ago. While on the trail, magic is nullified. We can use a magical tent here for the night."

Harry quickly set the tent up while Hermione put the wards that Harry told her to, up. Once they were done, they settled into the tent for the night. Harry explained a bit about what life was like on a daily basis at the temple. He told her what he thought they would learn and explained a bit more about his time there before.

In the morning, they quickly packed up their camp and started on the trail again. An hour later, they approached a large gate. Harry simply came to a stop and waited. About five minutes later, the gate started to open and an old man came walking through. Harry smiled and darted forward. He bowed to the man, who bowed back before Harry pulled him into a hug.

He pulled back and said, "Hermione, this is Master Jo. Master Jo, this is Hermione."

The man scowled playfully. "Harry, I've told you again and again, don't call me master. Jo will do just fine. Now, let's go in, out of the cold."

They followed the man into the temple and Hermione let out a small gasp. It was beautiful; colours danced along the ceiling and flowed like rivers. She used her mage sight and gaped. It was like she had stepped into an ocean. She couldn't count the different currents the lights flowed through. With a jolt she realized that the rivers of light were magic! She quickly caught up with Harry, who had continued to walk. They were shown rooms directly across from each other and then were taken on a tour of the Temple. They were shown where they would eat, where they would bathe, and where the training rooms were.

They spent the next nine months training in different areas of magic. They learned to sense magic all the time, not just when they actively sought it out, and to tone down their mage sight so that they saw dim outlines and colours superimposed over their normal vision. Harry learned the basics of staff use. Hermione learned to feel magic like Harry and to change it at will. Hermione watched Harry train with the staff and learned a few things as well, but her main focus was just learning to manipulate the magic around, and directed at, her.

They learned that they were still forcing their magic to do something instead of working with it, with regards to shape-shifting, that they could even change into magical creatures, minus the magical abilities those creatures have, and that they could even use their wandless magic in animal forms. The last thing they both learned was out to use the magic around them to augment their own spells, so they didn't tire as fast. The monks taught them that they could do anything they could think of with magic, as long as they had the mental fortitude and patience. However, they didn't learn everything the monks could teach them, such as how to manipulate the flow of magic into the rivers and currents they saw around the temple.

When they asked, Master Jo said, "It would take a lifetime to learn to manipulate and create magical flows. What you have learned is to manipulate magic that is already there; that you learned so quickly is a miracle in and of itself. Not many people can do that. Outside of this temple, only seven other people in the world can do it. However, do not forget that you can only do as much as your mind can do at one time."

Around their eighth month, Master Jo's illness got worse. He was confined to his rooms and unable to leave. Harry volunteered to watch over him in the evening, when he wasn't training. During that time, they sat and talked. Harry told him about how he was and how he felt seeing his former family again. He explained about his loss of control before Christmas break, his first year. He explained how he lost control both times with Lucius and Draco Malfoy. About how he felt about Dumbledore and his meddling.

Master Jo let him talk, he let him vent his frustration with himself, his former family, and Dumbledore, then asked, "Did what you did save or protect others?"

Harry nodded slightly.

"Then you have no reason to feel guilt. As long as what you do is not for personal gain, or a personal vendetta, but for the betterment and protection of others, then you did the right thing. It is alright for you to lose your temper with your former family; if you held it in you would eventually explode. You always made sure that after you hurt them they got medical attention and you never hurt them to the point where they died."

Harry argued, "But what about Lucius? The first time I attacked him, I attacked first, and I did it because I lost my patience with him. The second, I practically goaded him into attacking me."

Master Jo laughed, "Harry, you seem to think that you are supposed to have the patience of a saint. You do not. You are young; you are supposed to lose your temper every so often. It's what makes us human. It didn't help that the first time he insulted your friends, and the second time he placed you and those you care about, in danger. You have to learn that it is okay to get angry every so often. What is not okay is to go out, searching for something to make you angry, to give you an excuse to lose your temper and hurt someone."

Harry nodded. They continued to talk. When Harry would leave to get some sleep, Hermione took over for him. Master Jo and Hermione talked about her life before Hogwarts and how she was after she met Harry. Master Jo was saddened by the need for Hermione to close herself off from other people so that she wouldn't be hurt, but happy she had Harry and Harry had her.

"Everyone needs someone they can trust and confide in. Someone to keep them grounded. You do that for Harry," he explained.

Hermione blushed. "He was my first friend. He helped me understand the world a bit better and never judges me. He's there when I need him; I just do the same for him."

Master Jo nodded.

Three weeks into their last month, Master Jo passed away in his sleep. Harry didn't get out of bed the day after. Hermione sat with him for most of the day, only leaving to get food and use the restroom. Malcolm and Gwen stayed in his room as well. Harry just talked about the last time he was there and what he and Master Jo talked about and did. He told them about their first meeting and about learning basic Occlumency from him.

After a day of mourning, there was a ceremony held for Master Jo. He was then put in a ceremonial cave for those that have passed away, deep in the mountains. Harry and Hermione continued training and were ready to leave a week later. When they did, they said goodbye to all the monks that had helped them and thanked the Grand Master of the temple for allowing them to come there and learn from them. Then they stepped through the gate and started on the trail, back down the mountain.

The following morning, they finally made it off the mountain and back to the small building. They didn't bother going in and speaking with the man, they simply walked into a shadow and out of a different shadow, in the Grangers' backyard. At the time, the adult Grangers were at the surgery, so the two teens went upstairs and started to unpack and get their things together for the trip they were taking with Hermione's parents.

When her parents walked in the door, Harry and Hermione were in the kitchen, making dinner. When they heard the door open Hermione darted out of the kitchen and tackled her parents in a big hug. Dan laughed and hugged his daughter. They sat down to eat the pasta that Harry and Hermione had made. Over dinner, they talked about what they learned and the Grangers tried to get Harry to tell them where he was taking them for vacation. They knew they were going to France and using a time turner to spend two weeks thee, but not where they were going first. He didn't let anything slip.

The following morning, Harry woke up and started breakfast for everyone. While he was cooking, an owl delivered the Daily Prophet. He paid for the paper, gave the owl a piece of toast, and sent it on its way. When he heard movement from upstairs, he set the table. He had just set the food down when Dan and Emma came down the stairs.

"Good morning, Dan, Emma." he smiled.

Emma smirked, "Don't suppose you can tell us where we are going now?"

Harry laughed, "It'll spoil the surprise!"

Dan laughed when Emma just pouted and sat down. "Don't worry about her, Harry; she just hates it when she doesn't know something."

Harry smirked, and they sat down to eat; Hermione would be up in a few minutes and could eat when she came down. Harry pulled the paper towards him and opened it up to read as he ate. After a few minutes, he startled Dan and Emma with a curse.

"Those idiots! How could they be so stupid?" he looked up, "Sorry, I need to go, I'll be back after I'm done chewing some people out."

With that, he stood and shifted away, with only the slight warping of the space around him to show he had been there.

Potter Manor

The Potters, Longbottoms, Remus Lupin, and Sirius Black were sitting down to breakfast. The adults were talking about the massive breakout at Azkaban prison. Chris was talking with Ron and Neville about the upcoming year.

All of a sudden, the adults felt a slight shiver run up their spines and felt magic shifting around the room and through the Manor's wards. The space at the head of the table warped slightly and Harry Daniels appeared. His eyes were glowing, and there was a faint aura around him.

"Why do I come back and find that Azkaban prison is completely devoid of Death Eaters? Why is it speculated that someone must have snuck out of their cells and took a guard by surprise and got his wand, then went and opened all the doors to the other cells?"

James got over his surprise first. "Wh-How did you get in here?"

Harry rolled his eyes. "Answer the question and I'll answer yours. Why is it that I only know of one person who can sneak out of a cell in Azkaban and why wasn't he in a special Anti-Animagus cell or his ability bound?"

Sirius asked, "What are you talking about?"

"Peter Pettigrew. Why wasn't he put in a special cell so that he couldn't transform into a rat? Was it because the Ministry really is completely inept at doing anything right or is it because no one other than those in this room ever knew?" he demanded.

James started, "Now wait, why do you think it was Pe-"

"Because you moron, only Pettigrew would be able to get out of his cell! Only something extremely skinny or as small as a rat could slip by the guards when they open the cell doors to feed the prisoners. Now, unless there are any other unregistered Animagi in Azkaban that I don't know about, I'm going to have to say it was Pettigrew!"

Chris jumped up, "Hey. You can't come in here and yell at my father like that!"

Harry looked sharply at him, "Shut. Up. You don't know what happened and are of no help."

Turning back to James and Lily, "Now, answer my questions so I can get back to the breakfast I just made. I have an international Portkey to catch in," he checked his watch, "three hours."

James said, "We didn't think we needed to, he never really was good at transforming. He always needed to be holding his wand when he transformed. Besides, why now?"

Harry shrugged, "From what little I remember and found out, he never was that smart. He probably realized he could transform not too long ago. It wouldn't surprise me if, in desperation, he transformed without his wand." he sighed, "Do yourselves a favour, and just pay the fine and register."

Lily asked, "Why do you care so much? I mean, more so than others, it seems."

Harry looked her in the eye, "Because he was there, standing in the corner, the night I became an unwanted guest in this house." He ignored the gasps and sad looks he got, "As much as I love my life now, I still want him and snake-face to suffer. I may not hate many people, but I loathe him and Riddle. Dumbledore is a small step down from them and the other Death Eaters. That is my shit list; Pettigrew, Riddle, his Death Eaters and Dumbledore."

Alice finally spoke. "Why Dumbledore?"

"Because he's the one that told my parents that there was a prophecy about Chris or I, which resulted in me being treated like a pariah in this house," Harry responded. "He is also the one that insisted on them taking my magic, not to mention that he is a manipulative bastard that has major control issues. Now, I'm done. I need to get back before Hermione decides to come find me." Turning to Remus, "Congratulations on the new job; see you in September." Turning to Lily and pulling out a shrunken book, "Here, it should help you get caught up for your classes in the fall."

Before he left, James said, "How did you get past the wards?"

"The same way I left, seven years ago," Harry replied, looking at him steadily.

With that, he shifted away, leaving those he left behind bewildered.

Granger House

He reappeared in the exact spot he left.

Hermione saw his expression and pulled him out of the room. Her parents understood, as she had explained what upset him in the paper.

"What happened?" she asked.

He took a while to respond before, "I showed up, and we talked about Pettigrew. Weasley was there, along with the Longbottoms, Black, and Lupin."

He went on to tell her what happened and they just sat there, talking about what they thought would happen.

Finally, he sighed, "I know what I have to do, but it'll probably bring even more attention to me and be a sure-fire way to let him know that I am the one who beat Riddle in '81."

"Why not wait? Why not just let Dumbledore try and figure it out and deal with it?" Hermione asked.

Harry thought about it for a few minutes. "Okay. I'll wait and see what he's going to do about it."

Hermione rubbed his back. "It's not your fight. You don't have to worry about everyone; it's not your job. No matter how much training you've had, you're still a kid and no child, not even one person, deserves to have the weight of the world on their shoulders. Let the adults worry about that stuff. They created the problems, let them fix them."

She watched as Harry thought about what she'd said. "From what you've told me, Dumbledore created this problem in the first place. He has the power to stop the bigotry and laws favouring the purebloods, but does nothing about it. Besides, I doubt that the escaped Death Eaters will do anything big until Voldemort's back, and you won't be able to save everyone when he does come back."

Harry sighed; she was right, he knew it, but he also knew that Dumbledore was playing a dangerous game. One where he couldn't get hurt but everyone else could.

"Fine. I will stop helping. The only people I will protect are you, your parents, Luna, her parents, the twins, Ginny, Daphne, Tracy, and Blaise. The rest can fend for themselves. I won't go out of my way to help them, but if I'm around, I will. Otherwise, I'll leave it to Dumbledore."

Hermione nodded, "And that's how it should be."

Abandoned Shack

The escaped Death Eaters from Azkaban prison all gathered in a desolate shack.

Bellatrix spoke, "We must find our master. There have been whispers of something in Albania. Pettigrew, you will take a group there and search for him. Lucius you -"

The blond man snarled, "I will go after Harry Daniels. He put me in there and I intend to repay the favour!"

Bellatrix snarled back at him, but nodded.

"I will go after the one who defeated our lord and bring the brat back to him. He will be most pleased with that. The rest of you, go and start searching out useful information to give to our lord when he returns."

With that, the assembly of people broke up and scattered to the winds.

A/N - Sorry it's taken me so long. I was having trouble starting it off. I'm trying to get away from canon, but I am finding it hard to do at this point because most of the events during the Hogwarts years are canon. I should have regular updates soon. I have most of it written out in outline form, now it is a matter of writing it out.