Spellbinding Love

Chapter One: She Thinks I'm CUTE!

"Hey, Benny," said seventeen year old Ethan Morgan as he walked into the spellmaster's room. "What's up?"

"Hey, E," Benny Weir replied without looking up from his spell book. He had been lounging on his bed while reading it ever since he came home from school.

"Grandma Weir giving you a big sorcery test or something?" Ethan sat down on the edge of the bed across from Benny. "Your nose has been buried in that thing all day."

Benny laughed. "Nah, just catching up on some new spells." He closed his spell book. "What's up with you?"

Ethan opened his mouth to answer when his phone buzzed, and he took it out of his pocket.

"Who texted you?" Benny asked.

"Sarah," said Ethan, and his eyes lit up.

Benny fought the urge to roll his eyes as he grinned. It's been three years, and Ethan still hadn't told Sarah how he felt about her. No matter how hard Benny and Rory tried to play matchmaker, nothing worked.

He shouldn't even be talking. His 'little crush' on Erica, Sarah's best friend, has been growing into something much more. And he couldn't stop thinking about her lately. Maybe it was because since Sarah and Erica went to college, they were twice as busy with homework and stuff, so the boys didn't see them often. (The only reason why Erica decided to go after Sarah begged her too was because the night classes would get in the way of her…feeding time).

He didn't care if the vampiress didn't like him-just being able to see her was enough.

"What'd she say?" said Benny.

"She wants to know if we can come over and spend the night," said Ethan, a smile spreading across his face.

"Tell her YES. RIGHT. NOW," said Benny, standing up. "I gotta get packed!" He paused for a moment before he said, "Vocare!"

He thought up his pajamas, and an outfit to wear tomorrow, and they came flying out his closet. He thought up his toothbrush, and Ethan ducked as it nearly missed his head. Benny grabbed his backpack, stuffing everything in.

Ethan was laughing as he texted Sarah back.

"I'll meet you outside, okay?" Ethan said, now backing out of Benny's room.

"Gotcha," said Benny. When Ethan disappeared, Benny raced into the bathroom, looking at himself in the mirror. He gave himself a once-over, checking his hair-still looked good, naturally windswept-he sniffed his armpits-which weren't stinky-and then his teeth-no sign of garlic bread.

He opened the mirror and got out mouthwash, using it quickly, rinsing and spitting twice.

"Lookin' good, Ben," he told himself, snapping his fingers before pointing with his index fingers. He wandered out of the bathroom, and he slung his bag over his shoulder. "Wait, what am I forgetting?" He paused to himself before grabbing his spell book, and put it to his bag. Hopefully I can do this spell right...he prayed to himself before saying the encantation, "Evanescunt redeo."

He disappeared out of his room, then reappeared outside and next to Ethan, who jumped at his sudden appearance. Benny did a mental touchdown in his head; all that reading today was paying off!

"Dude, never do that again!" Ethan nearly snapped, clutching his chest as his fast heartrate started to slow down. "You're starting to act like...y'know," he gave his best friend a knowing look.

"Sorry," said Benny, nodding as he understood. Speak of the vampire ninja devil, and he shall appear if you're not careful.

"You're getting better with the magic," Ethan noted as they started walking. "Last time you tried that spell, you were hanging halfway out of Grandma Weir's toilet."

The two shuddered at the memory.

"Well yeah," said Benny. "Grandma gave me a more advanced copy, and she's been training me." He made a face. "Let me tell you, dude-not. Fun."

Ethan snickered.

"Anyway," Benny continued with a sigh. "Do you know where they live? We've never been to their house-or wherever they live."

Ethan checked his phone. "Sarah texted me the address. They live in the Charlotte Creek Apartments-which is..." He mentally calculated in his head. "About fifteen to twenty minutes away. If we walk, it'll probably take longer."

Benny started grinning and he stopped walking. Ethan saw the look on his face.

"No. No. Way," he protested.

"C'mon, E! Lemme have my way just this once! Besides, neither of us have a car, and I accidently smashed Grandma's-long story, spell gone wrong-" He added at the shocked look on Ethan's face.

"Key words-'SPELL GONE WRONG'," Ethan noted.









"Come ON!"



"Alright fine!"

"Yay!" Benny clapped like a girl, jumping up and down. When Ethan made another face, Benny chuckled. "Alrighty then. Let's get this party started."

"Okay, you're starting to sound like Sarah," said Ethan, now gripping the strap to Benny's bag. "I think you hang around her too much."

"And you don't?"

Ethan blushed.

Benny chuckled darkly. "Thought so..." He looked around. They were alone. He closed his eyes and concentrated, thinking of Erica and the image he saw on Ethan's phone.

And then he breathed, "Evanescunt redeo."

Benny and Ethan disappeared, Ethan yelling as he felt the ground disappear beneath his feet, the world swirling around them. Benny didn't open his eyes, still concentrating. Only long enough distances would cause that swirl, and if you got sidetracked, the transportation would go wrong.

Their feet hit the ground almost five seconds later, and Ethan staggered, having to grip Benny's arm for support for a second. They were now standing just in front of the gates-their backs to it-to Charlotte Creek Apartments. The big complex was spacious, containing a little playground and pools. The grass was freshly mown. The apartments were on different levitations because of the ground, rising into grassy hills or flat plains.

"Next time, don't scream, E," Benny grumbled.

"Sorry. Force of habit," said Ethan, patting Benny on the back. They started walking again. "Okay...she said they're in apartment number..." He checked his phone again, and Benny looked on with him. "18C. This whole complex is in alphabetical order. Should be easy to find."

They walked past the A's and the B's. Once they got to the C's, they started getting excited. How long had it been since they had seen the girls? A few months?

A few months too long, Benny thought as they finally approached apartment 18C. It had a red door with the apartment number in gold.

Before Ethan could knock, the door swung open. Sarah stood there in the threshold with a pearly white smile. But what she was wearing shocked them. She was wearing no makeup whatsoever, a black off-the-shoulder tee with the number 17 on it in the bronze color-the sleeves stopped a couple inches above her elbows and fitted her nicely, and dark jean shorts that stopped at mid-thigh. And an addition to that, she was wearing black nerd glasses, her hair in a lazy ponytail.

"Hey, guys," she greeted them. Ethan, as usual, was giving her a dopey grin, his expression awestruck like always. When she hugged him, he was blushing like a madman, and pulled him inside before doing the same thing to Benny.

"Hey, Sarah," said Benny, now looking around. "Nice place you got here."

Right now they were standing in the middle of a short hallway. To the left was a kitchen, and to the right was a den with a entertainment center-including a flatscreen, a view of the outside, and two couches-one loveseat and another had three sections. Far down was another hallway, and a washing machine and dryer was there at the end. There were three doors, one leading to Sarah's room, next to it a bathroom, and across from it was Erica's room. The colors were bright and friendly, also much to Ethan and Benny's shock.

"Thanks," said Sarah. "Erica!" She called out. "Ethan and Benny are here!" She took Ethan and Benny's bags when they gave them to her, and she placed them on the couch.

When Erica came out of her room, Benny's mouth dropped. She seemed to be doing the laidback look too, because she was wearing a white v-neck camisole and light jean minishorts with rips hanging down from the edges. Her hair was up in a ponytail, the ponytail slightly curly.

And she wasn't wearing makeup either.

She should look like this more often, Benny thought. I don't know why girls cake themselves in makeup all the time. Maybe it's because they're self-conscious about how they really look without it and try to get attention. Erica can pull it off, and Sarah too, but...just wow.

"Ah, the nerds finally cometh," said Erica with a smile, and for once it wasn't cunning or teasing in a bad way.

"Hey, Erica," said Ethan, giving her a little wave.

"Hey," said Erica, nodding at him before looking at Benny. "I heard you're gonna be spending the night tonight."

"What, no hug?" Benny accused. "No 'Hi, guys! Let's, like, totally go shopping! That way I'll make you do all the carrying while I prey on desperate horny boys!'?" He immitated her in his 'Betty voice'.

"I do not talk like that," Erica said as Ethan and Sarah snickered. But she couldn't help but smile. "Lucky you're cute. C'mere." She held out her arms as she made her way over to him.

Benny opened his arms and embraced her. Looking over his shoulder at Ethan, he made an overly-excited facial expression, lifting one arm to point at Erica's head. He mouthed, She thinks I'm CUTE! and Ethan stiffled another snicker.

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