Chapter 6: And The Feelings Unravel

"How is he?"

"Not sure, dear. I'm doing everything I can."

"Please find out faster!"

"Calm down, Erica. B's gonna be fine...we all turned out fine..."

Soft caresses were felt on an unconscious Benny's cheeks, while withered hands hovered over her grandson's broken ribs.

"I sure hope so."


"Yes. Yes. A healing potion should help."

More touching, from both sets of hands.

"Why hasn't he woke up yet?"

"I think it's best now that he is unconscious. If he was conscious at this moment, there's no doubt he'd be yelling or groaning in pain..."


"Erica, dear, why don't you help me wrap the gauze around his torso?"


The withered hands were now gone, but the soft and slender ones remained, gripping Benny's limp hands, touching his face, his ears, the length of his neck, running through his hair...

A door opens.

"Everyone's down in the basement."

"Sarah...for the last time..."

"I know you want to stay here with Benny but..."


"Rory's here with Hannah."



"She's...drinking blood subsitute."

Brief silence.

"She turned?"

"Yes. Right now she's a fledgeling. Grandma Weir's explaining everything she can."

"And how is she taking it?"

"She's a little shaken, but she was already aware of the supernatural stuff...sort of."

More silence. Footsteps, almost silent, come closer to where he lay.

"He'll wake soon. C'mon."

"I don't wanna leave him. I..."


A pause.

"I don't know."

A soft giggle.


"Sare, this is no time for joking around."

"I'm not joking, Erica. This is the first time I've really seen you care. Especially for someone."

More silence. A sigh.

"Fine. I'll go down."

A set of footsteps leave the room. Soft lips lightly pressed against his forehead, lingering before they were gone, and a gust of wind blew at the second departure.

..:A few hours later:..

Benny winced, blinking a few times as he opened his eyes. The conversations he heard...the fingers he felt...the wasn't a dream after all.

I'm not dead...Benny thought with relief. He took in his surroundings. He was in his room at his grandma's house. His bed was as comfortable as ever, one of the main reasons why he loved it here so much.

Benny sat up, wincing at the slight pain. He looked down at himself. He was shirtless, wearing nothing but a pair of black sweats. Right below his nipples, from there to his waistline, was where his body was wrapped in white gauze. His left arm was also wrapped, covering his upper arm. He touched his ribs hesitantly. They faintly throbbed, but he could ignore the pain. Nothing like he had felt hours before...

Speaking of, how long was he out?

He looked outside. It was still dark. He looked at the clock, which read 3:39 a.m.

He winced again, holding his stomach with one hand as he heaved himself off the bed. His feet dragged over to his dresser, where he pulled out a pair of socks and put them on with difficulty. Then he put on his black nike sandals afterwards. He opened the door, pulling his black jacket with white stripes off the hook and stepped out, cool air conditioned air greeting him.

Down the hall, he saw a faint green glow, coming from the basement. After shrugging on his jacket, and pulling the hood over his head, he headed down the stairs.

Grandma Weir's basement was the most magical place in her house. It had every spell book, every potion, every ingrediant stacked on shelves all around the room. There was also a few cauldrons for brewing potions, coming in all sizes, viles for the potions to go into as well. There were also a couple couches and recliners, and a test table along with a regular table that had three chairs, all made like they were from the medieval times.

Benny got down to the last step, and everyone looked up. The room consisted of Grandma Weir herself and Ethan and Sarah, who were standing next to her in front of a large cauldron-which was where the green glow was coming from, making everyone look green from it's reflection. Erica was sitting in a couch nearby, Rory across from her, standing with his arms crossed. Between Rory and Ethan sat Hannah, who had her back against a bookshelf, drinking her blood substitute silently. A few spell books were floating around the room, some open as Grandma Weir searched for something.

Everyone was in their pajamas; Erica was wearing a black tank top with matching boy shorts that had red hearts on them, her hair down. Sarah was wearing a green lantern pajama set, her hair (now black) in a messy ponytail. Ethan wore a blue graphic tee and matching striped pajama pants. Rory was wearing a Thor t-shirt and black boxers. Hannah was wearing a light purple and blue nightgown. Grandma Weir too had a nightgown, except hers was long-sleeved instead of spaghetti strapped, white, and a matching white silk robe over it.

Benny ducked his head as one flew past him.

"Benny!" said Erica, getting up from the couch and ran over to him at a human pace, throwing her arms around him in a hug; she was careful though, afraid she might hurt him.

Benny wrapped his arms around her in return, burying his face in her shoulder, the two slightly swaying on the spot.

Erica was so relieved, hearing his heartbeat, beating in a nice and steady beat. She almost giggled when she felt it skip at her touch.

"Are you okay?" Benny murmured, his voice slightly muffled, and he felt her nod.

Erica pulled back to look at him, neither of them aware that their arms were still wrapped around each other.

"Sarah took me home," Erica explained. "Gave me a pint."

Benny sighed. "Good."

"What about you?"

Benny shrugged. "'M okay."

"It's great to see you up and running, B," said Ethan, and Benny and Erica released each other. Sarah and Ethan hugged him next, and Benny did the guy handshake with Rory.

"Are you sure you're okay, dear?" Grandma Weir asked him after he kissed her cheek.

"I'm good. Kinda hungry..." Benny answered.

"I'll make you a sandwich!" Erica piped up, gripping his arm.

Benny, slightly offguard, smiled down at her. "Nah, I couldn't ask you..."

Erica's eyes narrowed. "If I got fed, then you have to get fed. It's only fair."

Benny looked over her shoulder at Ethan.

"All of us ate," Ethan said. "Well, technically me while Sarah and know...and Hannah..."

Benny nodded curtly. "" He scratched the back of his head. "I could go for a sandwich."

"What kind?" Erica asked, helping him sit down on the couch were she had been previously sitting.



"Lettuce, cheese, and mayo."

"Got it." Erica ruffled his hair before she left with a gust of wind.

Ethan and Sarah started smirking in Benny's direction.

"What?" Benny asked them. He noticed that Grandma Weir was most likely brewing more blood subsitutes for Hannah.

"Dude, she's totally into you," Ethan said, and Sarah giggled beside him.

"She does not," Benny denied.

"That is a flat out lie," said Rory. "The Vampire Ninja's love senses never lie!"

Benny rolled his eyes at the blonde's comment.

"She's just being a really great friend," Benny said. He blushed as Ethan and Sarah continued to eye and smirk at him. Geez, I'm turning into Ethan.

"Since when does Erica do nice?" Rory demanded, and Grandma Weir started smiling ever so slightly, not looking up from what she's doing.

"Only when she's around you," Ethan continued, and Rory nodded.

"Benny, I know my best friend," Sarah said, putting her hand to her chest briefly.

"And I know you," said Ethan.

"What're you saying?" Benny demanded.

Ethan, Rory, and Sarah exchanged glances.

"You're in love with each other," the three said in unison.

Benny blushed deeper. "We are not!"

"Oh yes you are!" said Ethan and Sarah in sync.

"Stop denying, dude!" Rory said. He pretended to tear up and patted his heart. "The heart wants what the heart wants." He looked down at Hannah, now wagging his eyebrows. "Right, Hannah?"

Ethan facepalmed himself and Sarah rolled her eyes.

"Um, sure?" said Hannah.

"You know what? We're gonna settle this right now," said Benny, standing up. "If you guys are so sure of yourselves, I'm gonna ask her myself."

"You can't do that!" Ethan protested.


"She's a girl! Girls always deny their feelings."

Sarah crossed her arms, rolling her neck to the side as she looked up at her boyfriend. "Oh we do, do we?"

"U-um..." Ethan stammered, and Rory snickered.

The three turned to Benny, but he was already upstairs.

Erica was smothering the ham with mayo when Benny walked in.

"Oh, hey!" she said, slightly surprised, as he approached. "I thought you'd stay downstairs. You should really be careful since you're still hurt and-"

Benny took the half-made sandwich from her, putting it to the side on the counter.

"Do you love me?" He blurted out, and Erica's eyes widened.


Benny's own eyes widened.

Okay, that was uncalled for. 'Love' is a strong word. I...?

How beautiful Erica is...

How I always get nervous around her...

How easy it can be to be with her...

How much I started loving to see her happy...

How it feels when she's in my arms...

How scared I am when we're in danger, and Erica's face is the first to pop in my head, like she's a how much I'd feel better if she was by my side...and the pain I'd feel if something happened to her...

"Do you...maybe...possibly...have feelings for me?" He asked again, rearranging his wording, his voice coming in a rush in the end.

Erica continued to stare at him, her mouth slightly agape.

Taking her silence the wrong way, Benny hung his head in deep disappointment.

"Sorry," he mumbled, feeling his cheeks get hot. "Forget I mentioned it."

The smallest of smiles appeared on Erica's face, but he didn't see it, for his eyes were glued to the floor.

I am such an idiot.

Benny felt his chin being tilted upwards, and he realized that it was Erica who was gently forcing him to look her in the eye. And her eyes were pretty close...very very close.

Benny's heartbeat accelerated as the space between him and Erica close. He closed his eyes, licking his lips, afraid they may be dry. Was she in control?

Her lips were on his, and Benny stayed still, trying to calm his heartbeat; he knew it probably made it hard enough for her as it is. The kiss lasted for about five seconds before Erica pulled back, crossing her arms and looking at the floor.

She took a deep breath.


Benny nearly choked on his spit.

"W-What?" He stammered.

Okay, this Ethan thing seriously needs to stop.

"Yes," Erica repeated, looking up into his eyes, smiling now.

"Seriously?" Benny smiled back.

Erica nodded. "Seriously."

Benny's eyes brightened, and Erica smiled wider, exposing her teeth, and she giggled.

"Me too. You," Benny said, pointing at her, and Erica rolled her eyes and giggled again. "Glad we, um," he cleared his throat, "cleared things up."

Erica smiled at the ground. This time, it was Benny who gripped her chin and tilted her head back up so he could kiss her again. Erica kissed back; her hands slid inside his jacket, touching his chest gently, making him shudder a little. Her hands continued to travel up and down, around his sides and gently raking down his backside, before caressing his face.

Her hands weren't the only ones busy. Benny's were on her face, her shoulders, in her hair, down her arms, around her waist, across her stomach...He gripped her hips, pulling her even closer to him. She moaned softly against his lips. There were smiles coming from both of them as they kissed each other. It wasn't eager, lustful, or rough; instead it was soft, slightly hesitant as they touched and groped each other.

Now her arms were around his waist, and his hand cupped her neck, the other running through her blonde locks.

Benny's stomach growled, and Erica giggled, breaking the kiss.

"Guess I should be making you a sandwich, huh?" Erica said.

"Yeah...not really a fan of hard bread," Benny joked, and she giggled again before resuming making him a sandwich. He leaned in and pecked her jaw, making her smile.

"Aww!" said a familiar male and female voice, causing them to turn around. As they did-

"Oh shoot!" Sarah hissed, pulling Ethan from around the corner, and she flashed away with him.

Benny was munching away on his sandwich, one arm around Erica's shoulders as her arm was around his waist; she was helping him downstairs, back down in the basement.

"Took you long enough," said Rory.

Ethan and Sarah tried to look casual.

Erica gave Rory the finger, helping Benny sit down before sitting down next to him.

"Piece of advice," Benny said to Erica under his breath. "Grandma doesn't allow language nor flipping the bird under her roof."

"Oh." Erica looked at Grandma Weir. "Sorry."

Grandma Weir shook her head with a grin.

Erica cuddled into Benny's side, her head fitting into his neck; Benny wrapped his arm around her, bringing it around so he could pick pieces of his sandwich off and ate them.

"So what happened back there?" Benny asked Ethan. "Did Jesse get away?"

Ethan's eyes darkened. "Sarah and I almost had him. But he knocked me out and Sarah had to get me back conscious." He gestured towards his head. Benny now noticed that his head was wrapped in white gauze, the upper half of his hair sticking up in all directions; also, his right index and ring finger were wrapped too.

"Did you know Della's a part of his flock?" Benny questioned.

"WHAT?" said Rory.

"Really?" said Sarah. "Della seemed so sweet..."

"Yeah, like Old Yeller before he got rabies," Benny retorted.

"Hey!" Rory snapped, sounding tearful. "Old Yeller was too good of a dog to die!"

"You still cry over Old Yeller?" Ethan snickered.

"Yeah, like how you still cry over Titanic," Rory responded, and Ethan's eyes narrowed.

"Okay, that's different-"

"Look who's a crybaby now."

"You take that back."

"You take it back!"

"No, you!"

"No, you!"

"Guys!" Sarah hissed. "Back on subject!"

Hannah stood up, slurping the last of her blood subsitute, and all eyes were on her.

"Feel better?" Sarah asked her.

"Sort of..." said Hannah. "This tastes so weird though..."

"Well, it keeps your mortal body from dying," Sarah said.

Hannah nodded. "I don't wanna kill people. It's just wrong!"

"As long as we're around, you won't," Ethan said, putting his hands in his pockets.

"You'll have these animalistic moods to where you want to slaughter everyone," said Rory, making Hannah's eyes widen in horror. "But no pressure!"

Sarah walked over to her, sitting down next to the fledgling. "It'll be okay," she said in a gentle tone.

Hannah had the urge to cry. "B-But I don't want to kill people!"

"I know you don't..." Sarah wrapped her arm around her shoulder. "I know you don't..."

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