Boy: I had another one Doc.

Doc: Another what kiddo?

Freak: I hate when you call me 'kiddo' I swear I'll kill you one day.

Doc: Alright kiddo (the Doc pulls out a red pen and pad) Tell me about this one.

Boy: Well... (Looking away) this one I swear was real (the Boy shivers as he recalls the dream) you know how when you wake up, but your eyes are still closed, but you know you're up? (The Doc nods, the Boy continues no noticing) well, that how it started. I was soaked Doc, and warm, I thought I pissed myself. I threw back the covers and went to the bathroom to piss. Before I left, I looked in the mirror. You know what I saw Doc?

Doc: A Freak? (The Doc chuckles, as the Boys' face was painted with anger)

Boy: No you moron. Wait, aren't you 'posing to be helping and not insulting me? (The Doc goes to answer, but the Boy raises his stained left hand) Let me at least tell you this. In the mirror, I saw nothing.

Doc: hm? Are you sure you saw nothing?

Freak: Damnit Doc, I wouldn't tell you if I was'nt!

(The Doc throws his pale skeletal hands up in defense, and shrugs)

Doc: Most people don't remember their dreams, and when this happens they begin to make things up that sounds right to them to fit the dream.

Boy: Shut up Doc. Anyhow, with the dim light of the moonlight that shone through the window, my heart began to race. The blankets, as they lay askew, bled along with the bed. The light of the moon ran down the wall and up my bed and, with its dagger like point, stabbed at the throat of the bed, where my head should've been. (Doc scribbles on the pad) there... there was someone Doc, someone so familiar, but every time I get a hold on who it is, it slips through my fingers like that of a dream that lives no more.

(The Doc leans forward, crossing his legs, left over right, plants his elbows on them, intertwining his skeleton fingers, and rests his pointy chin upon his hands, peeking over his glasses, his eyes gray as smoke)

Doc: Who was it kiddo?

Boy: (still looking away, eyes on the brink of tears, anger painted his cheeks a crimson red) Damnit Doc, I said stop calling me that! Besides, I said I didn't know. Were you not listening?

(The Docs' hands drop over the arms of the chair, his feet still crossed, his head falling back with a SNAP! barely audible)

Doc: Of course I'm listening (a small gurgling sound emits from the Doc) but who was it Kiddo?

(The Boy runs his stained hands through his oily black hair in frustration)

Freak: What am I paying you for Doc? (Slowly looking up) I... (the Freaks' eyes fall on the Docs' throat, slashed into a bloody grin. The Boy sighs, standing with his bloodied hands on his knees, shaking his head) so it was you then hm? What about all the other times? (The body would lie stiff with rigamortis) Maybe next time you'll stay a bit longer hm? (Before leaving, the Freak walks into his bathroom looking into the mirror to see nothing. Sighing, he would exit the room, cutting off the light. The Docs body would be swallowed by the darkness, the gash would shine like an evil grin illuminated by the stage light that is the moon, as the moons dagger like tip retreated in success as the boy yielded yet another victim.)