The hunt for food and supplies.

"You doing ok?" I asked over my shoulder.

"Yeah," Jess half shouted.

"There's an over hang twenty feet up, you wanna take a break?" I could hear her snort, "You wanna get kicked in the teeth," I laughed at that.

We continued scaling the ruins and reached the top about twenty minutes later. I reached the top. I pulled my self up and over and leaned down to help her up. She grasped my hand and I pulled her up, the rubble started giving out. I pushed her to where the rubble stopped giving out. I felt the ground just fall away underneath me, as I fell I reached up and grabbed some rebar, hanging by one hand on to a section of rebar.

"Schizar!" I shouted as I grabbed, I held on. I could feel my grip slipping, I slipped and as I dropped,Jess grabbed my wrist.

"Gotcha, don't worry." She got up far enough to allow me to pull myself up the rest of the way.

"Thanks," I muttered as I pulled myself up. I dusted myself off and sat down. "Alright, let's get going," I stood up and started scanning the area for a way out. I noticed the way she had come the first go around, I pointed at the hole in the wall, it probably was a hallway at some point, but whatever she had used to blow up those necros had done a number and was going to make it a death trap. But, I wanted to try it anyway. "Up there, where you came in, where does that lead to?" I asked Jess.

"Well, it leads to a supply elevator, but there's a minor complication."
"What's that?"
"I blew it up."
"Oh, I might be able to repair it depending on the extent of the damage. Let's go."

(Still working on this one.)

"We are gonna have to jump for it, the cables I mean, then we'll have to go climb up the cables, then once we get high enough, we have to swing over and jump in. You up for that?"

She nodded and smiled, "I love a challenge." As she said this she ran to the edge of the over hang and launched her self into the mess of tangled wires and cables, grabbing on she shouted, "You gonna stand there? Or am I gonna leave your ass behind?"

I smiled and ran to the edge, launching myself off, I leapt into the wires.

I grabbed on and started slipping, the wire began sliding through my gloves. I scrabbled for a hand hold, my boot caught a wire that was stable enough for my weight. I let out a breath of relief.

I started pulling myself up, I got up to where Jess was on the wireing, "Thought I wasn't gonna make it for a minute there."

She nodded and we kept climbing.
After about five minutes, we were alittle higher up than the hole in the wall.

"On 3," I asked her, Jess nodded. She was up for just about anything, no matter how dangerous, it seemed.

"Alright, 1..2..3,"

On three, we jumped. That's when we hit a road block.