All thing Twilight are Stephanie Meyer's, everything else is mine.

Plot bunny from a manip I saw in a FB group. Drabble fic with alternating POV's.

Beyond the Scope

Chapter 1 - BPOV

The job market sucks.

No, the job market blows and has given very few happy endings lately.

I graduated eight months ago, but there are just no permanent teaching jobs in my area due to the economy. So, I'm stuck scraping by, working at the local coffee shop and picking up substitute teaching jobs when they become available. Thankfully, the hours I put in at the coffee shop enables me to have health insurance and they are flexible when I get a call from one of the schools. Which is wonderful, since I never know when that will be. I also get free coffee, which is detrimental to my sanity.

I stare down at all of the money I have left in the world, splayed out on my kitchen table.

Two weeks until I get paid again and there is seventy two dollars and fifty four cents to get me there. Gas for my car is fifty dollars of that, leaving me less than twenty five to eat off of. Great thing ramen noodles are only twenty cents a package. Bad thing is I've eaten so many lately I think I might throw up if I eat any more.

Slamming my head down on the table I fight back the tears of desperation that are threatening to overflow. It's too much, just too much. I live in a shitty studio apartment, drive a shitty breaking down car, and have creditors hounding my ass daily to pay back my student loans. I can barely feed myself, let alone even think about paying them right now. Despair is taking over, leaving me with probable insanity, as I begin to wonder how much money I could get to let some guy have sex with me, when my phone rings.

"Hello," I say into the receiver, trying to sound light hearted, but I know it's not coming off that way. I confirm my identity and she goes into the speech that would change my life as I knew it.

"Hello, this is Maggie Moreland calling. We've had a long term substitution position come up at Forest Dale Elementary. Tanya Parks, a second grade teacher, is going on maternity leave and we need someone to finish out the school year. Your name came up, as you have subbed for us before, and we'd like to see if you would be willing to do it. Would you like the job Miss Swan?"

I can't get my response out fast enough. There is no pause, no gap, I say a resounding 'yes'.

See you shortly!