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Plot bunny from a manip I saw in a FB group. Drabble fic with alternating POV's.


Chapter 3 - BPOV

Over several weeks have passed since I received the phone call to fill the maternity leave position at Forest Dale Elementary, and it's my first official day. My first couple weeks here Tanya was helping me to acclimate to the class and where they were in their lessons, and also to get the children used to me.

Tanya is a very sweet woman and a wonderful teacher. I can tell all of the children love her and are sad to see her go. Parents were notified that I would be taking over, and we even had a meet and greet a few nights ago. About two thirds of the parents were able to come.

It took the first week to remember all of their names, but I couldn't have asked for a better bunch of kids.

Now the first Monday of my first week without Tanya is over. She went into labor early, so we lost some of the time we were supposed to have. It went well today, I think, and I'm happy to be heading home to a nice warm bath.

It's as I'm heading down the steps that I see Lainie Cullen sitting all alone, long past the time the students have gone home.

"Lainie, sweetie, what are you doing out here by yourself?" I question, taking a seat next to her.

"My daddy's late," she says without missing a beat. She doesn't seem sad, she just sighs like it's a normal thing.

"Is your Daddy late often? What about your Mommy?"

"Daddy sometimes gets held up, and I don't have a Mommy. She didn't want me," Lainie admits, her head dropping.

My chest tightens. Didn't want her? Lainie is a wonderful little girl; bright, cheerful, sweet, and beautiful. Who wouldn't want her?

"Why would you say your mommy didn't want you? All mommies love their babies," I say and brush her hair back from her face.

Lainie shakes her head vehemently. "No, not all of them. I heard Daddy yelling over the phone to someone."

I swallow hard, unsure of what to say, but I am becoming increasingly angry at her father. Just then an expensive car pulls up and her father jumps out. I can tell she is his by the matching coppery bronze hair. It's such an unusual color, they have to be related.

"Lainie, I'm so sorry I'm late, baby," he apologizes and pulls her into his arms.

"It's okay, Daddy, I know you were helping someone," she replies and heads toward the car.

A pained expression crosses his face and he tugs at his hair, while whispering 'fuck' under his breath.

"She's very understanding," I note, trying to gain his attention.

It works, and I am met with his gaze full on. I nearly fall back onto the steps I am so taken aback by him.

"Yes, she is. Thank you for looking out for her," he says and holds out his hand. I place mine in his and nearly fall back again. "Miss…"

"Swan, Miss Swan," I manage to reply, gathering my bearings again. "And you better watch what you say around your daughter, Mr. Cullen, she picks up on a lot more than you know," I say sternly and turn to leave.

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