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Plot bunny from a manip I saw in a FB group. Drabble fic with alternating POV's.

Alright, surprise! I churned out a 4th epi tonight. And that is it! Un-beta'd cause I know Mid Night Cougar is asleep. lol!

Epilogue 4

6 years later

"Claire! Connor!" I yell, pulling my four year old twins apart from their fight, trying to get Conner's fist out of Clair's hair.

Twins. Yep, child number four ended up being children four and five.

This time getting pregnant was an accident. We weren't planning on four, we were still trying to decide. We'd be deciding for four years and apparently fate decided to step in. At thirty four I gave birth, the same year Lainie entered college.

At this rate, Edward is going to be seventy by the time we are empty nesters, and thus he decided to get the big snip as neither of us was keen on birth control or condoms for long term. Either way, we don't have any more room for more kids and we don't want to tempt fate anymore.

It is extremely hard to buckle twins into a car seat at the same time when they won't hold still and I'm losing my patience. Just in time for my savior to swoop in and save the day.

"Hey, hey, what is going on in here?" Edward asks and Claire starts bawling. I can't quite make out her gibberish through the crying, but I think Connor stole her teddy.

Sure enough I look down and on the floor of the minivan on Conner's side is her favorite little bear.

"Mom! We're going to be late!" Rebecca, now called Becca, whines from behind me as if I don't know.

Finally, I wrestle Conner in while Edward gets Claire buckled in, and I direct Caleb and Rebecca to get into the back. Edward climbs in the driver's seat and grabs my hand, pulling it to his lips.

"Love you," he says and I find myself relaxing.

"Love you," I reply, turning on the movie for the twins and watch as Becca pulls out her nook, and Caleb his iPod.

It's going to be a long drive for our brood, but we'll get through it. Because waiting for us on the other end is Lainie, and I haven't seen my baby in almost two months. She's graduating from college this weekend and the whole family is coming out to see it. Esme and Carlisle, Renee and Phil, Charlie, and Rosalie and Emmett with their four kids. Ryan, their oldest, graduates high school this year. Amazing how time has flown.

Edward and I are so proud of her. She graduates with honors, top of her class, and has been accepted into med school. Pediatrician won out, but at least she can cook for herself.

"Mom! Dad!" Lainie cries out upon seeing us, rushing into our arms hours later.

We hold her close, just breathing her in. I tear up, never thought I would miss her so much, but she has been my little girl for fifteen years. She's the oldest and still the sweetest little girl, despite her twenty two year old age.

Looking at her, she looks so young and I can't believe I was just a year older than her when I was struggling so badly. When Edward and Lainie saved me and we became a family.

She moves to the van where Becca climbs out, Caleb right behind and takes them both in her arms. Caleb tries to resist, he's thirteen after all, but the moment she calls him Bear he throws his arms around her. He misses her so much, and it warms me to see him let go and show her. Becca is next and she's sobbing about how much she's missed Lainie.

Edward and I unbuckle Claire and Conner who are still groggy from a nap, and close the door. Lainie loves on them both, but they don't know her as well as the other's do. She's been in college almost since they were born.

Graduation day is filled with beautiful weather and family. Our massive group stands and makes the most noise when Lainie's name is called, though half the family was caught off guard after 'Cullen' when the voice said: Cullen, Elaine Meredith.

Edward is the one to laugh out loud at the pause, because most of our family has forgotten Lainie's real first name as she's always gone by the nickname Edward gave her.

At the end of the day we pack everything up into her car and whatever is left into Carlisle and Esme's SUV and head home. No summer school this year, but still of lot of summer work to be done before med school.

Doesn't matter though, I'm just happy to have my sweet girl for the summer.

Upon returning home we unload the van and Lainie's car, filling her room with boxes. Then we all head outside to enjoy the sun and warmth, the little ones playing in the grass and on the play set. Lainie joins them and Edward and I watch over as our babies play together.

Our family, together, is such a beautiful thing.

Edward's arms wrap around me and we rock in place enjoying our little bit of heaven where everyone is together and getting along. I turn, looking up into his face. It's changed over the years, lines appearing. His hair has streaks of grey, and he has become very distinguished looking. He turns fifty in a few weeks and we have a huge party in the works.

"You know, I think I'm in love with you," I say and bite my bottom lip.

He raises his eyebrow looking down at me. "You think? Baby, if you don't know after fifteen years and four kids I think we have a problem."

I snicker and shake my head. "No, I know. Just wanted you to know that I more than love you. After fifteen years, I'm still very much in love with you."

His lips press against mine and my arms tighten around him drawing him closer. "I'm very much in love with you too."

"Get a room!" Lainie yells and we break apart, laughing as our attention is turned back to the kids.

Lainie is beaming at us and I can't help but beam back. For a split second I see the little seven year old girl who wanted a mommy, and a sick teacher who just needed a job. It's been a long journey, and I've loved every moment of it.

Edward sits down and I take my spot on his lap as we gaze out onto the lawn. My family all together, sitting with the love of my life, is my little piece of heaven.

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