Perspective Of A Killer

His eyes were cold as his finger pressed against the trigger of the gun he held in his hand.

It's barrel, which was pressed up against the assassin's head, vibrated with the force of a bullet being forced through it and he slowly lifted it from the corpse's head, letting his head loll to the side in a position only death could bring.

The restraints he had expertly and efficiently put on the assassin when he was alive, held the rest of his body in place as the blood from the clean circular bullet wound pooled around the chair his restraints tied him to.

He stepped out of the way before the blood reached his combat boots, then turned on his heel and walked away from the abandoned building and into the sunshine.

The police would be called in once someone smelt the decomposition, but they wouldn't find anything on the former assassin. After all, he had been killed by the infamous Alex Rider.