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Never Again

Music blared through the speakers, resonating the dance floor. Izaya's head was swimming as he took a sip of his what? 12th drink? He swayed his hips to the beat feeling the music lead him to the center of the floor. He needed this so badly. He wasn't one to get drunk often, let alone drink at all, but it had been a stressful week. Clients were getting more and more greedy and impatient, complaining to him non-stop. He just needed to get out. Relax and have a little fun surrounded by his lovely humans. And that is exactly what he did. Closing his eyes and letting the music move him, he danced. You could feel the heat in the room, bodies grinded and rubbed against each other in a lustful manner, and Izaya was right in the middle, dancing with guys and girls alike, them moving against him and him in return mirroring their movements. He could feel the room spinning and the beat still thumping as he stumbled out the door.

Izaya being drunk by now was an understatement. Going out at this time of night and in this state probably wasn't the the smartest idea but then again, this was Izaya, he could handle it. The cold night air didn't even occur to Izaya, his body still hot from the dancing and the alcohol swirling through his system. He let out a little giggle and tried spinning with glee only to fail and slump against the wall. "FLEA! HOW DARE YOU SHOW YOUR FACE IN IKEBUKURO!" a loud booming voice shouted, shattering the silence of the night and breaking through Izaya's delirious haze.

"Ish that shizu-chaaaan?" Izaya questioned in a drunken slur. He hiccupped and pushed himself off the wall, squinting at the somewhat blurry figure in front of him. The next thing he knew, he was being pushed back into the wall roughly. A low growl emitted from Shizuo.

"What the fuck are you doing here Izaya-kun?" He said between barred teeth. "You're drunk off your ass, you pathetic flea." Shizuo's nose crinkled, he could smell the alcohol on Izaya's breath. "Disgusting" he sneered.

Izaya seemed unfazed by this and let out another annoying giggle. "Shizu-chan ish shoooo meeean~" he said, leaning in close. "Why can't yo be more nice~!"

"Because I fucking hate you obviously!" dealing with the flea sober was one thing… but drunk like this was a whole new level of annoyance for Shizuo.

"But I dun hate you~" he hiccupped. "S-Shizu-chan ish my favor-favor.. hehe I like shizu-chaaan..~" "ne ne shizu~! Don't yo think you could come to like meh?" Izaya grinned, his eyes hazy and unreadable to Shizuo. He leaned over and nuzzled into the crook of Shizuo's neck. "mmmm~ you smell good…" Izaya said softly as he leaned down and started to nip at the skin.

Shizuo's eyes widened, unsure of what to do. Inner turmoil took over at the realization that the flea was attacking his neck… and he liked it. "Izaya…knock it off…" Shizuo said with a warning growl, trying to push the other away. "The hell do you think you're doing!" Izaya only gave him a tipsy smile in return before leaning up and whispering in his ear…

"You're getting hard~" and to prove it Izaya's hand drifted down, cupping the half hard bulge through the, now horrified bartenders, pants. The color drained from Shizuo's face as he realized the unmistakable feeling of arousal. But for the flea of all people! Why him! Shizuo was at a loss for words. Luckily Izaya didn't seem to mind as he pressed against Shizuo in an erotic way, grinding their half hard erections flush against each other. Izaya let out a mewl of approval, panting softly.

As well as being overworked, Izaya hadn't gotten laid in a long time, what with his busy life style choices. His overly sensitive body mixed with the alcohol was a dangerous combination, making him moan at just the slightest touch. Shizuo groaned unwillingly at the sensation. What once was small panting led to shameless moans on Izaya's part. Shizuo felt his resistance start to crumble. The pleasurable warmth spreading through him was making it hard to think past the throbbing in his groin. "Shi-Shizu~ nngh~" Izaya whimpered, the last of Shizuo's control slipping away. He roughly grabbed Izaya by the hair, pulling him up to his face, and then smashing their lips together in a bruising kiss. Izaya gasped, surprised but Shizuo's sudden compliance, causing his mouth to open. Shizuo took advantage of this and thrust his tongue inside Izaya's warm cavern. Their tongues twirled around each other in a passionate dance. Izaya fisted his hands in Shizuo's hair, trying to get as close as possible to the heated man before him. Pulling away for air briefly they panted. Their eyes glazed over in lust for one another.

They didn't know who moved first, but then again, what does it matter? Arms grasped at each other as they backed into an alley, never stopping the heated touches. "S-Shizu…hnnngh~ t-take it off…please" Izaya urged desperately, tugging at Shizuo's clothing. The sound of the louse begging… Shizuo never thought he would hear it, and it only made the tightness in his pants worsen as he smirked.

"Well I-zay-ya-kun~" he said, adding emphasis to each syllable huskily. "why don't you help me take them off if you're that needy~" Izaya shuddered at such an erotic tone.

Without second thoughts Izaya trailed his hands up Shizuo's chest, mapping out his (very muscular) body. He then brought his hands down to Shizuo's sides, stroking them with ghost-like touches making the larger man quiver. He kissed one of his toned abs, latching onto a pert nipple, licking and at it until it was a bright red hue. He did the same to the other feeling Shizuo's breath hitch as he played with his body teasingly slow. He dragged his hand lower, rubbing at Shizuo's hard on through his pants. "ne shizu-chan~ do you want me to take these off~?" he asked, grinning with that tipsy smile that made Shizuo's heart flutter. Of course Shizuo wouldn't show how much he wanted it. No way… that meant giving in.

"No ones stopping you, your voice always pisses me off, why not put your mouth to better use?" Shizuo replied smugly, trying to cover up for the light blush that was starting to dust his face. Izaya smirked, getting down on his knees on the dirty floor and pushing Shizuo against the cold brick wall. He pulled the zipper down with his teeth, staring up at Shizuo with heated eyes, filled with want. He slowly slid his pants down and Shizuo let out a small sigh of relief at less restriction for his throbbing need. Izaya nuzzled Shizuo through his boxers with a coy smile before pulling the boxers down as well, finally freeing Shizuo's cock to the cool night air. Shizuo shivered at the cool air on his heated flesh. Izaya's eyes widened slightly before they hooded over with even more lust.

"Shizu-chan is very well endowed~" he practically purred, trailing one of his fingers up the length, watching the cock twitch at the feeling. He blew air on it, watching Shizuo gasp and bring his hands up to rest in his hair instinctually. Izaya grinned through the blurriness, his lips meeting the red tip of the overly eager member in a light kiss. Shizuo impatiently pushed Izaya's head down, longing for the heat he knew Izaya could give him. Izaya was happy to oblige, grasping the member and slowly stroking it as Shizuo's face turned red. He stopped stroking for a second making Shizuo groan.

"Why the hell did you sto-ahhh !" before Shizuo could even finish his sentence Izaya had taken the length into his mouth. Licking and sucking on it greedily as if it were a treat. He moaned around it, bobbing his head up and down. A dark blush covering his face as he worked. He moaned softly as he pulled away, licking up the side of his shaft up to the tip, savoring the taste.

"Shizu-chan~ I want it please~" Izaya begged, mouth swollen and bruised from all the work. Izaya started pumping Shizuo, panting. "mmmnh~ I want your cum Shizu-chan~ please cum for me~

Shizuo bit his lip and and moaned. "F-fuck… I-Izaya..haa…" The feeling of Izaya's hands and that wanton expression was too much. Shizuo couldn't take it anymore and came all over Izaya's face.

Izaya mewled happily, his tongue snaking out to lick some of Shizuo's cum off his upper lip. "mmm~ thank you Shizu~" Shizuo thought to himself that he'd never seen something sexier. Izaya cleaned his fingers and gave a satisfied smile, nuzzling into Shizuo's cock again. Shizuo blushed and patted Izaya's hair only to feel air. He looked down and realized Izaya was asleep, knocked out cold.

Normally, Shizuo would have just left him there… but today wasn't a normal day now was it? Seeing that innocent, peaceful face on a normally devious creature made Shizuo's heart carefully took the unconscious raven into his arms, carrying him bridal-style. Shizuo thanked the lord it was so dark outside so no one could see them. When they got back to Shizuo's apartment, he gently laid Izaya down on his bed. He smiled softly, wiping away some of the hair that fell on his face.

"Good night… Izaya-kun" and with that he shut the door. He could sleep on the couch tonight, and besides, who knows what Izaya will think when he wakes up in the morning, Shizuo thought wickedly. One thing was for sure… He probably would never drink again.

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