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Izaya let out a soft sigh as he awoke in the brute's arms for the third time in a row. Just how weak was he to keep passing out...he really was a mess... Izaya squirmed slightly trying to get away from the clutches of the golden haired beast, only to be pulled into tighter more air-constricting hug. "S-Shizu-chan...c-cant...breathe" He whined slightly as hot breathes of air puffed against his neck sending shivers down his spine. Shizuo let out an indignant snore and only nuzzled into the crook of Izaya's neck. Izaya's skin flushed as a soft murmur of his name escaped from Shizuo's lips. Waking up like this...wasn't so a way its...kind of nice... Izaya thought this absently as Shizuos radiating warmth lulled him into relaxation. The bags underneath his eyes had started to disappear. But I guess all the sleep he'd been getting could be the cause of that. Never the less, Izaya was looking much better, and it was all thanks to that stupid protozoan. Izaya glanced up at the sleeping face, watching the small stream of sunlight wash over him...he an angel. Izaya laughed softly at the irony but never took his face away from such a serene expression. "If...if you called me your poison...and I caused this..then I...I want to also be your medicine.." "You hear me Izaya..? I'm going to fix this...everything...ill be the one to cure you of this insanity.." Izaya flushed at the memory, reaching a hand out to gently touch his face. Did he honestly think he could "fix" Izaya? Such an outlandish saying truly could only come from a brute like Shizu-chan it would seem. a way...Izaya didn't care.. "Shizu-chan...wake up already you fat oaf.." A small grumble was his only reply, so Izaya switched his tactics, tickling his sides. Was it odd to be in such a playful mood around someone who normally tries to kill you? Yes. It is. But then again things were always odd when it came to Izaya.. and he thought maybe he deserved a little fun. "Shiiiiizuuuu-chaaaan~! I said wake up!" His hand snaked to his waist where he started tickling mercilessly. A small noise bubbled up from Shizuo, then another, and another, until Shizuo started laughing and squirming on the bed. His sleepy golden eyes opening up and gasping with laughter.

"T-The hell hahaha! f-flea stop-!" He groaned

"I didn't take you for the ticklish type Shizu-chan~! Well I guess everything is unexpected these days" "Anyways" He stopped his hands. "I was just trying to wake you~! You've been holding onto me so tight I couldn't breathe imbecile. Get up already." He huffed, wondering to himself how he could be so perky with everything that's happened. Maybe he had some personality disorder? Meh~ He'd think about it later.

"Ah...?" Shizuo removed his hands from fitting snuggly around Izaya, though he seemed hesitant to do so, lingering there for a bit before sitting up. He ran a hand through his golden locks and looked down at the pale raven, smiling a bit seeing that he looked a bit better, still looked like shit...but...better shit in protozoan logic. "Guess you're are you feeling flea?" He said this albeit a bit awkwardly, not really sure if he should press the subject of Izaya's sanity level. But as much as he hated to admit it, he missed the old flea that spent the days pissing him off. He shifted off the bed and stood up, opening the curtains sending light pouring into the open room. Izaya hissed slightly and turned away, not used to the light of day for weeks.

"I feel just fine~" Izaya waved it off, as much as he appreciated Shizuo's concern, did he honestly think he was going to start pouring his feelings out like some broken-hearted school girl? a way he had again dammit!

"Flea..." Shizuo growled in warning. "You and I both know you're not fine, but pretend then"

Izaya's eyes narrowed into slits. "Look Shizu-chan, just because you've been taking care of me and all this bullshit doesn't mean you KNOW me. You know nothing." He hissed. All Shizuo did was look up with a plain expression, sitting down next to Izaya.

"I know your favorite food is ootoro, how you wore the middle school uniform and not the Raira one because you thought it looked better on you and you wanted people's attention. Not that you'd admit that. I know you secretly care about you bat-shit crazy siblings and I know you love humans because you want there love in return. ""I know you're hurt, and really fucked up right now.. and I know that you don't want me to care because it makes you have emotions and all that bullshit you talked about a few days ago." Shizuo stopped for a second and locked his eyes with Izaya. "And I know that you're scared about what's happening between us.. you don't like that you cant control it.." Izaya's chin was gently tilted upwards as golden eyes bore holes into his very soul. "Im scared too…but what I do know…" He gently placed his lips over Izaya's. "When I kiss you…It feels right…" With that Shizuo pulled away and walked out of the bedroom leaving a shocked and flushed Izaya sitting on the bed. "Come out for breakfast when ya want flea" He called over his shoulder.

So maybe he didn't know what was going on..maybe he couldn't explain his feelings at the moment…but Shizuo was right…the kisses…being held…it all felt so right.. A small, barely recognizable smil e graced Izaya's lips for the first time in weeks. His heart thumped a bit quicker as he traced the outline of his lips. Perhaps..just perhaps…he woud cooperate with Shizuo. For now at the least, until all the pieces fit back to normal. Though he was far from sane, Izaya thought just maybe, that Shizuo could put back together the chipped pieces of his heart and mind.

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