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Phineas stared in awe at the boy he has never met, yet he knows his name.

"Um…how do you know my name?" Phineas asked Charles Wallace.

"My name is Charles Wallace. I happen to have telekinesis and other powers that freak out most kids my age. You're Phineas Flynn. I happen to know this because I can feel it in your mind. When I was six, I could only feel Meg, Mom, Dad and Calvin, but now that I've had four years to perfect and develop my powers, I can feel anyone," Charles Wallace explained.

"So you're like a mind reader?" Phineas asked.

"Yes, and much more. Now I believe the ladies want to explain something," Charles Wallace said as he faced Mrs. Which.

"Thank you Charles Wallace, but Whatsit will take over for the explanation," Mrs. Which said.

Mrs. Whatsit approached the PnF gang and she looked down at Phineas. She wondered why ITT would be after such an adorable little boy. Then again she wondered that four years ago when ITT was after Charles Wallace, and sadly ITT STILL is after him as well.

"Hello residents of Danville. My name is Mrs. Whatsit, and I'm sure you're all wondering what that thing was that we did to bring you here. Am I correct?—everyone of the PnF dimension nodded—well what we did was called a tesseract," Mrs. Whatsit said.

"Wait…I honestly think I've read about that somewhere. It's kind of teleportation method right?" Phineas asked.

"You might say that Phineas, but here, let me show you.—she puts a fly on her hand, and lays both hands on her skirt—now, see this fly? If she were to try to get from my hand to the other, it would be very far for her, however,-puts the fly on her skirt, and wrinkles it so the fly is on her other hand—she's there now. It is known as a wrinkle in time as well as a tesseract."

"Oh, I get it now," Marissa said, "that's really cool."

"Now, the reason we've brought you here is that this thing called the Darkness or ITT is after Phineas," Mrs. Whatsit continued.

"Oh great, Ferb add another villain on the list of villains after me—Ferb does so—uh, dude all these times I was kidding—Ferb shrugs—oh well," Phineas said, "continue Mrs. Whatsit."

"You see, four years ago, these three had—she directed her hand at Calvin, Meg and Charles Wallace—helped us defeat the darkness for the time being. Meg and Charles Wallace angered the creator of the darkness enough to make broken glass fall on top of it. They assumed it was dead, but I'm afraid we were wrong. The man with the red eyes who was known as the voice of ITT, was dead. ITT is now looking for a new person to use as the voice, someone young, someone smart, and someone innocent and purely hearted," she explained.

"Me, he wants me to be the voice of ITT," Phineas said.

"Actually, ITT doesn't have a gender. It's just known as ITT," Meg said.

"Oh, okay, I get it," Phineas said.

"The part that you all are going to hate is…we have to go to ITT in order to stop it and kill it," Mrs. Whatsit said, "And we three can't help you children."

"What? Oh we're doomed," Candace complained.

Marissa happened to be standing right next to her, and she stomped her foot. Candace grabbed her foot, and she hopped on one leg. Marissa didn't want Candace making everyone lose hope, especially Phineas. She then wondered why EVERY time they go to a new dimension, or even in general, why do so many villains want to kill him, possess him, or manipulate him? She understood that Phineas was special, but they had more villains to deal with than any of their other dimensional friend they had…probably because THEIR enemies were also PHINEAS' enemies.

Later on, the group was explained more about the darkness and ITT.

"So Charles Wallace was taken by ITT, and put under its influence, and Meg saved him?" Marissa asked.

"Remind you of anything Marissa?" Phineas asked.

"All the times I've saved your little behind from evil?"


"Well, we've had a long day, and I think it's time we all head to bed. Off to bed," Mrs. Which said, and everyone got ready for bed.

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