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24 Years Ago

A burning streak of fire streaks across the night sky in a small town in the state of Kansas. A small six year old little girl named Jane Foster was sitting on the roof of her home with her father and was watching the spectacle in amazement. "That's a shooting star" her father tells her. Craig Foster was a mechanic at the local garage in town and was still dressed in his work coverall and it was stained beyond repair with motor oil from the 1988 Chevy Corvette he was fixing earlier in the day.

"Wow" muttered Jane completely affixed with the shooting star blazing beautifully across the starry sky. She always loved to sit on the roof and watch the stars until it was time for bed.

"You're supposed to make a wish you know" her father stated looking down at her to his right. He saw Jane's eyes widen and light up as if it were Christmas morning. She looked shocked and excited by the prospect of a wish just like most children would. Her father leaned down to her level and said "One wish for one shooting star". Jane closed her eyes tighter than she ever had before and thought long and hard about her wish until she finally opened them and smiled at her father. "So what did you wish for?" he asked.

Jane gasped loudly and nearly shouted at her father "I can't tell you or it won't come true just like birthday wishes". She looked and saw that playful grin her father always wore when she made him laugh. She huffed in response and crossed her arms across her chest in a mock pout.

"Okay I get it I won't ask again" he said while chuckling. They sat in silence for another twenty minutes before Jane's mother; Diane called to her to get ready for bed. The father-daughter team climbed in the window and walked down the hall to her room where she would be put to rest until school the next morning. As he tucked her in Craig noticed that Jane was giggling an awful lot. "What" he asked.

"Still want to know what my wish was" she asked while hiding her mouth under the blanket on her bed.

"I thought you said you couldn't tell anyone or it wouldn't come true" he stated with a quizzical look on his face.

"Well as long as you promise not to tell anyone I can tell you" she quickly said almost as if whispering it so the wish gods would not take away her one wish. Craig leaned down so Jane could whisper into his ear what her wish was. She was so excited that she repeated herself to make sure he got every part of her wish right. He turned out her light and began moving towards the hallway. At the door he turned to look at his daughter she had the soft brunette hair color and delicate light skin that always burned in the summer that her mother had and he smiled knowing that she was going to be absolutely breathtaking as she aged. He walked to his own bedroom where is wife Diane Foster was already laid down and ready to fall into a deep slumber that she would definitely need considering her job as a nurse at the local hospital.

"What were you and Jane laughing about" she asked obviously having heard the two as they moving to Jane's room.

"She saw her first shooting star tonight and made first wish too" Craig replied while changing into his pajamas.

"What did she wish for" she asked innocently knowing full well that Craig would tell her giving his inability to keep anything to himself in the long run.

He moved to her side and looked around almost as if looking for a spy that would sprint and tell Jane he spilled her wish to her mother and leaned down so he could whisper into Diane's ear. "She wished that she could catch a shooting star". He got up and finished changing into his pajamas and laid down next to his wife who was turning off the lamp on her side of the bed.

"She is so smart that it would not shock me one bit if one day she did catch one" Diane stated as she settled in for some much needed rest.

The couple laid and Craig simply said "Yes she will" as he drifted off to his own dreams.

Countless number of years ago

Thor sprinted from his room and was headed straight for the throne room after being informed by a servant that his mother had just given birth to a boy. Thor could not ever remembering hearing news of his mother having a baby or even her getting bigger as other mothers had when they were having a baby, but he did not care for now he was a big brother and nothing would curb his excitement. He was going through all the things he wanted to teach his brother when he became old enough to understand. He rounded the corner and headed straight for the throne room doors. His father Odin had just returned yesterday from the war with Jotunheim. "What luck he returned when he did" Thor thought and he reached the doors and opened them and found the throne room to be empty aside from the occasional healer passing through from checking on his new baby brother. He sprinted toward the large golden double doors that were located in the back of the throne room where his parent's room was located and started walking when he got about half way in order to look somewhat presentable when he entered the chambers of the king of Asgard. When he neared the golden doors opened and his father Odin stood in the doorway and stared at his first born son. Odin was tall and bulky and now had an eye patch that hid the damaged eye that was lost during the battle against Laufey the king of Jotunheim. Odin's stare was stern and seemed to be studying Thor from top to bottom. Thor was panting having run from the other side of the castle. Odin's gaze softened and he beckoned Thor to enter the room. Thor smiled and ran into the room where his new brother was being held by his mother Frigga. Frigga was lying in her bed with the baby in her arms as Thor approached. He came to a stop directly next to the bed but was too short to get a good look at his brother. Odin then lifted Thor onto his shoulders so he could see the newest Odinson.

Frigga could see the excitement in Thor's eyes as he looked from her husband's shoulders. "Thor, meet your baby brother Loki" she said, her voice was as fluid and sweet to Thor's ears.

Thor leaned down and whispered "Hello Loki I'm Thor your big brother". Loki had dark hair and a very pale complexion and still had his eye's closed when he began to cry. "It's okay little brother you need not worry about anything for I am here to protect you from any creature or magic that may befall you, we will be the great heroes of Asgard one day Loki and we will be remembered forever" Thor whispered as his brother opened his eyes and began to laugh. Thor then saw for the first time the greenest set of eyes he had ever seen.