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Sif stood in front of the doors to the great hall, the place where she would confront Loki the new temporary king of Asgard and get him to give up his kingship. "Wait 5 minutes then come on in hopefully he will realize the situation and give up but if not don't hesitate. We may be stronger but Loki is smart and will react quickly" she instructed the warriors three who all nodded as she reached for the handle to the door. She entered slowly, scanning the large room spotting Loki with his back to her looking over something. She noticed rather quickly that there were no guards meaning that they were alone which would certainly make this easier.

Loki had a feeling that this was coming Sif may not have his intellect but her instincts were second to none, he heard her enter, he knew that she was looking for the guards, anyone who could possibly get in her way but it was just the two of them if you didn't count the warriors three waiting outside ready to burst in to save the day. "Is there something you need Lady Sif?" he stated calmly turning to look her over. She walked towards as he took in her beauty, her long toned legs, the way her hair draped over her shoulder. What a shame she didn't realize that Thor would never want her, not like Loki did anyway.

"You need to stop this Loki, you know as well as I do that this isn't right" she said as she moved a bit closer to him.

"I'm afraid I know not what you mean" said Loki putting Gungnir down in order to get Sif to drop her guard a little.

Sif noticed Loki putting Gungnir down immediately and she strategically placed herself in between Loki and the weapon. "I'm no fool Loki. I know that you have longed for the throne and you saw your chance to claim it and seized it" she said keeping herself stationary making sure that Gungnir was out of reach.

"I never wanted the throne" said Loki dropping his gaze. Sif squinted at Loki trying to discern if he was speaking truthfully or not. She prided herself on the ability to read others but she like most others always struggled with the youngest Odinson. "But things change. Truth becomes clearer and the world becomes something much worse." Loki looked at Sif carefully knowing that she didn't understand that she would never understand."

Sif sensed Loki's vulnerability and approached Loki slowly hoping to break through and end this without having to use force. "Let it go, Odin would not want you to become king like this. His wish was for Thor to rule in his stead" she said softly.

Sif's scent overwhelmed his senses, for a split second he considered it, he considered ending it all and walking away but when he looked in her eyes he didn't see compassion for him. He saw a desire not for him but a desire to see his downfall. She wanted Thor and his admiration that she would certainly receive for stopping his monster of a brother. Loki frowned and walked away from Sif who looked at the door. It had been long enough Fandral and the others should have come in already. "Wondering where your reinforcements are?" Loki asked coolly.

Sif didn't waste time and drew her sword realizing that it was too late to convince him with words; she swung slicing through Loki's midsection. But there was nothing, no blood, no cries of pain, there was just laughing which is when Sif realized that Loki had used his oldest trick. He made a double and before Sif could turn around to react she felt his hand latch around her throat and Gungnir press into her back. The doors opened and Sif hoped to spot Fandral and the others which she did but not exactly as she had hoped. They were all there but with a large number Asgardian guards behind them. Loki had sent a double to inform the guards that Sif and the warriors three were trying to assassinate him and claim the Asgardian throne. Several guards approached and took Sif from Loki. "Lock them in the dungeon and prepare for their public executions in the arena" instructed Loki as the guards pulled Sif and the others away.

Thor watched carefully as they pulled Ulik from the wreckage of the small home he had hit Ulik into. Ulik was still unconscious and was not going to be conscious for quite a long time. Coulson approached Thor and sat next to him on a big rock. "Look that guy is not getting up anytime soon and I know that you would rather be somewhere else than here so get going, we have Ms. Foster's phone number and we'll call her to get a hold of you once the big guy wakes up so you can talk to him."

"You are sure?" asked Thor unable to hide his giddiness.

"Yeah get going" said Coulson who watched Thor get up and fly away in a matter of a few seconds.

Darcy had been staring at the T.V for the last half and an hour but of course the second Thor popped up on screen it cut out and she had to watch a program about Tony Stark and his whole life story. Erik had been looking over notes while Jane had been staring out into the sky waiting for Thor to come back to visit her. "Still nothing on T.V Jane" she called keeping Jane up to date on the incoming news. A loud thud shook the building that appeared to originate from the roof of the building. Jane sprinted outside and climbed the ladder to find Thor waiting for her.

"You're okay" she cried as she leapt into his arms.

"Yes, you are all safe now; the trolls have been dealt with. I am visiting while I wait for their leader to awake so I can discover the identity of the one who brought them here" explained Thor.

"So how are things going on Asgard?" She asked trying to help him feel more comfortable.

"Fine although I am or was acting king since my father went into Odin sleep but Loki is taking care of things while I help here" he explained. Thor spent the next several minutes explaining what the Odin sleep to Jane who just kind of nodded along while he explained. Jane led Thor down the ladder and into the kitchen where she was going to make them some lunch. She threw some leftover macaroni and cheese in microwave and started making some sandwiches when she heard a large bang behind her. She turned to find Thor in a fighting stance staring at the microwave. "Your box made a noise and was spinning your food around trying to show its dominance but I have shown it its place in this home" he stated proudly lowering Mjolnir. Jane looked at the microwave and realized that it was smashed beyond reason and belief; it was going to be a long day.

The doors to Odin's chambers opened quietly as if not wanting to wake a mouse. Loki made his way in knowing that Frigga was away tending to the gardens which gave Loki ample time to make his point. He saw Odin who laid motionless on the bed the same way he had been when the Odin Sleep began. He approached slowly and sat down on a chair that he knew Frigga sat in when she read to him. Legend said that Odin was still connected to the outside world while in the Odin Sleep, he could still hear and feel. "I have lived countless centuries and every single day of those centuries I would look at you and see something new. I would see wisdom, compassion, care but then I learned the truth. Now I see you for what you truly are, a liar, a meddler, and a thief. I always thought I was the god of lies but you take the cake on that one, you managed to lie to me for so long I start to doubt my own lying prowess" Loki sighed heavily in order to keep his emotions in check. He then leaned in as close to Odin's head that he could "You brought me here to bring about peace. I have come to realize that peace without destruction is impossible. I will kill them, all the men, the women, and the children, they all will die and Asgard will have its peace and it will be because of me. You will have your peace All-father but if you think my vengeance will stop after the beasts, your wrong I will wait for you to wake up just so you can see what destruction you have caused and then I will kill you" Loki stood and turned to leave. "All the nine realms will suffer my wrath. Now if you'll excuse me I have a public execution to oversee."

After spending nearly an hour explaining what a microwave was Jane finally managed to make her way to the T.V to put on a movie. She sat on the couch next to Thor as the movie started. "So when the agent calls and you go to see this Ulik, you're going to go back to Asgard aren't you?" Jane asked setting her head on his shoulder.

"Yes, Why?" Thor replied.

"You're going away again, I've spent the last two weeks waiting for you to come back and then you finally did and I guess I was hoping you were staying this time" Jane stated trying to keep her composure.

"I am sorry Jane but I have a duty to Asgard but I promise that I will always come to see you. Perhaps someday you can come to Asgard and see it for yourself. You would love it there Jane" said Thor.

"I'd love to do that sometime" said Jane looking Thor right in the eyes. They began to lean in when Jane's cell phone went off. Jane pulled it up and put it next to her ear "Hello? Yes, he's here" Jane handed the phone to Thor who did as she did even if he didn't quite understand it.

"Yes, I am here small device" said Thor into the phone.

"Thor, its Coulson" replied the voice.

"Ahhhh, son of Coul what is it?" asked Thor.

"It's Coulson not son of Coul can you please get my name right, and your big ugly pal Ulik is awake and he wants to see you." said Coulson wanting to get this over with as soon as possible.

"Of course I am on my way, son of Coul" said Thor handing the phone back to Jane. Jane was pretty sure she could hear Coulson swearing about Thor still not getting his name right on the other end of the line when she hung up. Thor began walking towards the door. "Jane I may not be able to return after this talk with Ulik for Asgard may be in great danger, please understand I will return to you as soon as I can. I promise." Thor flew off to find Coulson and speak with Ulik.

Thor found Coulson quickly and entered a large building near where he had fought Ulik earlier. "He's in there said he had something to tell you but he would only do it if you promised to take him back and let him go free" explained Coulson as Thor entered the room.

To say that Ulik smelled was an understatement if not for Thor's experience in large battle the smell would have sent him out of the room. He sat in the chair across from Ulik and looked into his cold eyes. "I should leave you here with the Midgardians and let them deal with you" said Thor.

"But then you would have no idea who is behind this, who brought me here to take you of the board. You see I am just as much of a pawn as you are" replied Ulik smiling to show his yellow teeth.

"Who?" asked Thor not wanting to spend too much time trying to figure out this mystery.

"Do you swear on your Asgardian honor that I will be let go?" asked Ulik.

Thor thought carefully, Ulik would certainly give him another reason to imprison him but this might be his only chance to discover the identity of the mastermind. "I swear" said Thor through clenched teeth.

Ulik smiled and leaned forward "It was your brother Loki" said Ulik quietly causing Thor to launch toward him and push him up against the wall.

"YOU LIE!" shouted Thor at the top of his lungs.

"For what purpose I have no loyalties you know that, Loki is using me to get you out of the way so he can complete whatever his plan is and I would assume it would be going down soon since he went to such great measures to insure you were away" Ulik coughed out as Thor's grip around his throat tightened. Thor did not want to believe it but as much as it pained him, Ulik was right, Ulik had no true allegiance, and he would sell out his own mother to save his own skin.

"I will return to Asgard now, if what you say is true I will return to set you free once Loki is handled. I promise that the Midgardians will do you no harm until I give them say so too" Thor said throwing Ulik to the ground and marching out of the building.

"Now what?" asked Coulson following close behind.

"I go home to investigate his allegation and if need be to stop my brother" said Thor flying off to the Bifrost portal.