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A crash was all that the hunting party heard while it was in the middle of hunting some antelope. They were on the plains of Africa, a part of a small tribe that was nestled in a quiet section of the continent, allowing them some measure of isolation from the modern world which they only understood minimally and they wanted to keep it that way. They were all tall and muscular the young hunters of their tribe, the antelope ran off in all directions and soon they were too far for the hunters to continue their pursuit. They decided to investigate the crash since they had large flying machines crash in their territory before and they were able to use some of the things inside the twisting metal. It was a short distance to walk for them as they were accustomed to covering many miles in their hunts.

They did not see smoke which was weird for a crash since the machines ran on a liquid that burned when touched by fire. They slowed to a crawl in order to prevent any survivors from hearing their approach since most of the time any survivors tended to have weapons. Their breathing was even like an archer preparing to take a long distance shot that they cannot miss. One of the younger men then tripped over a metal object which caused the older hunters to scowl at him. They spotted the crater but saw no other metal objects; several went into the crater to investigate while the rest stayed to look over the metal object that the younger hunter had tripped over. The object was hot and was in fact a helmet of some kind, one wiped it off with some of his clothing and then the helmet glinted in the setting sun in a gold hue. It was not like any helmet they had ever seen before it was not a helmet that they usually found in crashes but what you expect some kind of warrior to wear, it had two horns that curled up that added almost a foot to the height of the helmet.

One of the hunters who went to investigate the crater began to shout for the others to find him and soon he was surrounded by all of his fellow hunters. Before them laid a man, a man with golden armor that matched the helmet and his clothing was a darker variation of green. His hair was black and disheveled, cuts and bruises covered his face and a small pool of blood was spotted next to his right shoulder. His eyes were closed but he was breathing shallowly but he was alive. His skin was pale and contrasted heavily with the blood that appeared to be coming from all over his body. They started to debate if they should take him to the village when his eyes flashed open. They saw the greenest set of eyes they ever saw right before a blinding light, searing pain and a roar full of rage overtook them.

I know its hyper short but I prefer to keep his emotions and intentions a secret for know.