Epilogue: The Best Advice

Elphaba sat on a couch, alone in the room before her wedding, waiting to walk down the aisle. She looked up. "Oh, Nessie, I can't believe I'm sitting here. I'm getting married. Oh, I know you'd never expect this. I still don't know if I can do this..."

She looked over at the bible on the bed side table. "Why not?" She opened it. "Marriage is the most important bond before the Unnamed God." Elphaba took a deep breath as someone knocked on the door, telling her it was time to walk down the aisle. "Thank you, Nessie."

She left the room and stood at the end of the aisle. "Thank you," she whispered, looking down the aisle at Fiyero. "Thank you."

AN: So, as you can see, there's still so much that hasn't happened. She still doesn't love him (or at least she won't admit it). And what kind of social dysfunction is she going to have at Shiz, after being a bed slave for over a year? And Boq, well, he isn't exactly going to want to be her friends. She's basically hated in Munchkinland, now, as is Fiyero. There is so much I can do here. So, there will be a sequel. I am already working on it. It's called "From Slavery to Shiz." Keep an eye out for it. I should be posting a chapter somewhere in the next week. Thank you for reading!