Fred and Velma were in the higher part of the haunted mansion, with Velma doing the actual searching for clues as Fred keep fantasizing about making traps, as usual.

"Fred, have we made any progress at all?" Velma asked as she glanced over to Fred.

"I like traps!" Fred exclaimed as he pointed at the ceiling.

Velma growled in annoyance as she waved her right hand in front of Fred. "Fred, I'm talking to you. Have we gotten any clues whatsoever!"

"Nothing beats a trapping trap!" Fred boldly proclaimed as he gave Velma a thumbs up with his left hand.

Velma slapped Fred across the face. "Damn it, Fred, can't you think of anything other than friggin' traps?!"

Fred shook his head as he raised his right index finger. "Yes, I can!" He then sighed heavenly as he clasped his two hands together. "Daphne..."

Velma slapped her right hand on her forehead. "Oh brother. I hope Daphne has better luck than me..."

"...I hope Velma has better luck than me..." Daphne muttered as she felt her panties getting wetter, letting out another deep pitched fart that echoed throughout the dark hallway.

Shaggy waved the air frantically with his right hand, noticing how worse Daphne's farts were getting. "Like zoinks, Daphne, you're letting them nasty fasties out faster than me and Scoob could do on a full blown Thanksgiving!"

Daphne farted again as she sighed, lowering her eyes as she turned to Shaggy. "It's not something to be proud of, Shaggy."

Scooby Doo nodded his head in agreement as he was losing his normally high appetite. "Roy, I'll say. Euck!" He placed his right front paw on his nose.