Starts at the end of Migration after the scene with Jackson and April at the bar, short start but will add more later

Key: A: April J: Jackson K: Alex

Jackson sat at Joe's drinking for a while after April had stormed out. Everything was such a mess. He couldn't believe how things had deteriorated over the past 24 hours, April failing the boards, Seattle pulling her place on the program. He just wanted to talk to her, she was his best friend, or was she more? He was so thrown by that question, he didn't think he knew the answer to anything anymore. All he knew was that she was hurting, that she had hit rock bottom and he wanted to be there for her, to try to make things better. He hauled himself up and decided to make his way home. He just hoped that she'd be there when he got back.

Alex was in the kitchen when he walked in

J: Hey

K: Hey man, where have you been?

J: Just stopped off at Joe's for a bit

K: You should have said, I'd have joined you. I could have used a few drinks after today.

J: I heard Robbins lost it with you over Hopkins and pulled you from the Boise twins. Sorry you missed out of that but you must be over the moon about Hopkins

K: Yeah, it's pretty wild right?

They shared a smile before Alex lowered his voice

K: How's Kepner?

J: She's not talking about it. Is she here?

Alex nodded and inclined his head to the bedrooms

Jackson took a deep breath before heading to April's door. He knocked on it firmly

J: April

A: Leave me alone Jackson

J: Come on April, let me in. I'm not gonna go away until you let me in.

Jackson started to bang on the door in a steady rhythm every so often calling out April's name

After 10 mins April pulled open her door

A: Will you stop?

J: No, I want to talk to you

Jackson gently pushed past April into her room before turning round and facing her

J: I'm not leaving until you talk to me. You've been avoiding talking to me ever since we got back from San Francisco. You are the most important person here, please will you talk to me? Or yell at me, or rant at me? Or something!

April sat down on the side of her bed and said in a small voice

A: I don't want to talk. And I don't want your pity

Jackson knelt in front of her so he could look her in the face as he spoke

J: It's not pity April. I care about you. If you don't want to talk then fine but I'm staying right here, ok? This isn't just for you, it's for me too.

He sat next to April and put his arm around her

A: I'm so tired Jackson

Jackson stood and lifted her into his arms before moving to the other side of the bed to lay her down.

He pulled across a chair to sit near where April lay and held her hand.

A: You don't have to…..

Jackson put a finger over her lips to stop her talking.

J: I'm here because I want to be.

He stared at her lips and ran his thumb lightly over them. He wanted to lean over and kiss her but after what had happened at the bar he held himself back.