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A lone girl stood on a small bridge, leaning against the railing, peering down at her reflection in the water. Her pink mid-back length hair swaying in the light breeze, she sighed, her green eyes deep in thought.
The girl and her team had just got back from river country, it had gone from a C class to an A class or higher.

She continued to gaze at her rippling reflection, she couldn't believe herself. Sasuke and Naruto had fought, they were strong, they useful, they were ninja's. She was just a girl with two personalities and who knew all the answers, she chuckled lightly, and a fat load of good that did; once they were in life threatening situations her mind goes blank and she turns into a scared little girl.
'Cha! Come on Sakura! What about the hunter nin? You were the only one to notice their trap! And what about that tree running exercise? We beat them first try!' her inner yelled inside her, she sighed.

'But what about when the hunter nin attacked? I was protected and couldn't do a thing. What about during the Mist nin attack? And how about the attack on the bridge? I'm pathetic; I couldn't do a thing, useless… she thought as she shifted her eyes to the sky, it was the opposite of how she felt; the sky was happy and cloudless while she was sad and her mind was unclear.

She pulled out a kunai and looked at her reflection in the sharp blade, her sad eyes staring back at her, how could she possibly change? She was so weak, how could she get stronger?

The realization struck her like lightning and her mind began to clear, the mist fading to reveal the answer. Her eyes hardened in determination in the reflection and she made her way to the nearest tree, she had to start somewhere right?

Two hours later, the sun was setting, and Sakura was still at it, wiping the sweat from her brow she huffed proudly. She had gotten so far; she nodded to herself before channeling her chakra to her feet, she then began walking up the tree until she was upside down on a branch. Sitting crossed-leg upside down she looked at the world from this new angle, it seemed easier to think from this position. She closed her eyes as she thought about what would happen tomorrow.
Normally she would go to the bridge with Naruto and Sasuke and wait for Kakashi; after that they would train, well Naruto and Sasuke would train, Kakashi would tell her to observe the fight or something. That was it; they never risked her getting hurt and never let her push herself to her limit.

She felt two people drawing near, she couldn't tell whom they were but she remained still and soundless, not opening her eyes. She listened as they talked, they were male, and they talked about training using taijutsu only.

"Now listen Lee, I want you to break that tree in one kick!" the older sounding man told, what she guessed, his disciple. She listened as the younger one responded eagerly.

"Yes Guy-sensei!" the younger boy yelled and she heard him move. She felt the vibration as the tree she was sitting on began to fall; she opened her eyes and jumped from the branch and landed a few feet away on sold earth as the tree hit the ground with a loud 'crack' resounding through the air.

"Oh I am so sorry miss! I didn't notice you!" the boy, Lee, called panicking.

"Your not hurt are you miss?" the teacher, Guy, asked in a concerned tone. She didn't know why but that tone irritated her. She stood up and smiled as she turned to them, bowing slightly Sakura apologized to them before moving to go home.

"Wait! What's your name?" Lee asked and Sakura turned back to them.

"I'm Sakura Haruno," she said.

"Sakura? What a beautiful name for a beautiful girl! My name is-"

"Lee" Sakura cut in and Lee looked amazed.

"Yes, how did you know?" he asked awe struck.

"Your mentor said your name while I was in the tree" she said nodding to the Lee lookalike. He seemed surprised before the large man began laughing, the loud and bellowing sound didn't die down for a while.

"Very good observations Sakura! The power of youth burns strongly within you! Tell me who is your mentor?" he asked looking proudly at her, Sakura blushed slightly at the compliment.

"Kakashi Hatake" she said and both eyes grew wide, it seems that she said something wrong.

"Ha, of course my lifetime rival would have such a capable ninja as his student!" he exclaimed happily, Lee looked very excited.

"Beautiful cherry blossom, tell me, how long have you been training, not to be rude but you look exhausted" Lee said as he took notice of the scratches and bruises littering her skin, Sakura looked at her arms and realized that, yes, she did have scratches and bruises, many of them.

"Oh I have just been training for about… two hours I think, I've been working on my chakra control, and didn't really take notice until now" Sakura said as she sat down on a nearby boulder. Guy was overjoyed at the prospect; he liked students that pushed themselves.

"Brilliant! You must have trained very hard Sakura-Chan!" Lee exclaimed and it was as he said those words that Sakura began to feel the weight of her training, she was exhausted and could use a good bath. The boys got to work on there training and it was entirely taijutsu based; which she was horrible at, suddenly an idea struck her.

"Excuse me Guy-sensei" she called and they both paused as she addressed the older ninja.

"Sakura I'm not your teacher, you don't have to call me sensei," he said in good nature and Sakura suddenly felt nervous, she looked down slightly.

"Well, that's just it… could you teach me taijutsu?" she said quickly and it took awhile for both to translate what she said. They looked at each other, Lee turned back to Sakura.

"What about your current sensei?" he asked and Sakura had to physically stop herself from flinching. It's true she had her own teacher and he did compliment her on her intellect but he didn't teach her secret or special techniques or how to counteract a technique, and he didn't cast her proud looks like he did the others, he practically ignored her and focused on the other two.
'So much to teamwork and comradeship' Sakura thought bitterly.

"He's busy training the other two, he has no time for me and its greatly affecting my abilities" she admitted and Lee took a look of understanding while Guy had a mix of anger and sadness, he didn't like how Kakashi was treating this young flower.

"Very well, meet me here tomorrow afternoon, after you're scheduled training with your team and we'll start your training with Lee" Guy said in a firm but happy voice, Lee looked positively thrilled. Sakura beamed at them both.

"Thank you Guy-sensei!" she exclaimed and bowed deeply, she stood strait and smiled brightly. They could see the fire shining strongly in her eyes, Guy immediately knew he had made the right choice in taking her under his wing and he was going to give Kakashi a piece of his mind.

"Ok, Lee we'll have to cancel today. I have to talk with Kakashi," he said but Sakura panicked at what he said.

"No! Please don't tell Kakashi-sensei, I don't want him to know, not yet at least," she pleaded and he could see what was going on, if Kakashi found out he would probably try and stop her. He nodded and said his goodbye before leaving, Lee offered to walk her home and she graciously accepted.

When she got home she bid a farewell to Lee and entered her home, it was empty again. She walked into the kitchen and picked up the note she knew would be on the dining table, she read it quickly.

Dear Sakura

We have business in wave country and will be gone for at least a month or so; we've left plenty of food for you to cook and left some extra cash, we will miss you and hope everything goes well.

Mum & dad.

Sakura sighed, crumpled the letter, and threw the parchment into the bin. She moved into her room and grabbed her pajamas; she moved into her adjacent bathroom and took a good shower, she let the water rinse away the stress and troubles of the day.

She went back into her room, hair washed and in a tight plat; she went under the warm covers and soon fell asleep.

The next morning she woke up a little sore but otherwise ready for the day, she brushed her hair and put her clothes on, staring at the mirror she felt something was off. The clothes were pretty but they weren't practical, she had dressed this way for Sasuke's attention, but this did nothing for her. If she wanted to be a ninja she was going to have to put love in the backseat while she pursued her ninja career, she went back to her closet and rummaged for some suitable clothes.

She looked in the mirror again and grinned victoriously. She was wearing a black sports bra, double layered, with a red short sleeved jacket that stopped at her ribs; it was white rimmed and had the Haruno clan symbol on the back. She had her hair in a high ponytail but some bangs fell out and framed her face nicely, she had her Hitai-ate attached to a strong brown fabric belt that hung off her waist. She wore black just-above-the-knees tight breathable shorts, she was wearing her ninja sandals and her kunai pouch was attached firmly to her thigh, her lower back pouch contained a few scrolls that she hoped she could use later on.

Walking away from the mirror she went down stairs to the kitchen, after making a healthy omelet and having a glass of milk she washed her dishes. She looked at the clock and realized if she didn't get her ass moving she would be late! She ran out the door and dodged the crowed as she made her way to team sevens meeting place.

When she got there she saw Naruto and Sasuke were waiting patiently, they both looked at her with opposite expressions; Naruto looked happy albeit a little concerned at her tardiness while Sasuke just looked annoyed.

"Hey Sakura-Chan! Your late, where were you?" he asked and Sakura waved to him before taking her place at the bridge.

"Sorry about that, my alarm was a little off so I woke up a bit late" she said and noticed were looking at her oddly, she looked back and forth between the two.

"What? What's wrong?" she asked and they simultaneously looked from her new outfit to her face. Naruto chuckled sheepishly, scratching the back of his head, blushing slightly.

"You changed your outfit," he stated and Sakura visibly relaxed, she thought there was something actually wrong. She smiled at Naruto.

"Yeah, while the dress was pretty it wasn't practical, its easier to move in this and I'm more comfortable in it as well" Sakura explained smiling, but her smile fell when she heard someone scoff behind her. She turned to Sasuke with a perplexed and somewhat hurt expression.

"What?" she asked and he practically glared at her.

"Annoying, your just trying to look good in front of me" he stated like it was obvious, Sakura bristled at his words. What an arrogant jerk! What did she even see in this guy?
'Cha! You said it, are we just going to let him down talk us like that? HELL NO! Inner Sakura yelled and Sakura agreed. She glared at her former crush.

"Now you listen up you arrogant prick! As impossible as it is for you to comprehend, I am taking my ninja training seriously! You were the last thing on my mind when I switched my clothes you self-centered ass! You have no right to judge me like that and next time you treat me like that I'll kick your face into the ground!" Sakura yelled at him. Everything became silent, a blank kind of silence that had nothing in it, but Sakura continued to glare at Sasuke, waiting for his response.
Naruto was in a state of shock but soon broke out of it laughing and grinning like there was no tomorrow. Sasuke was still immobilized.

"You said it! Way to go Sakura-Chan!" Naruto cheered and Sakura's glare changed into a victorious smirk, she had just silenced the great Sasuke Uchiha! Sasuke just glared at her.

"Whore" he hissed and that prudent silence took place once again, only this time it had a sense of foreboding. This caused Naruto to take a wise step back from the angered pinkette. Sasuke just smirked, he knew she would never hit him and that her words were all talk; he had won.
Sasuke felt a sudden and intense pain in cheek as Sakura's foot made contact with his face, he flew backwards and crashed into a tree at least six meters away, the tree splintered but did not break. Sasuke stared at Sakura with shock as the chakra in her raised foot dissipated, she gently set her foot back onto the wood surface of the bridge as she looked at him with a mock happy expression.

"I told you 'next time you treat me like that I'll kick your face into the ground' right? You should've listened to my warning Sasuke-kun" she said in a sickly sweet voice, Naruto cautiously walked up to her and, deeming it safe, praised her.

"Nice kick Sakura-Chan! Right in the face to!" he yelled in pure delight, he never knew Sakura could be so strong. They all heard a small 'pop' and looked up to one of the many gates of the bridge.

"Sorry I'm late-" he paused as he noticed Sasuke missing, movement caught his eye and he turned to see Sasuke making his way to the bridge. He saw the painful looking bruise forming on his cheek and the splintered wood on a nearby tree.

"Did you finally get a punch in Naruto?" Kakashi asked turning to the two on the bridge and he saw the irritated look on Sakura's face, Naruto shook his head.

"No, Sakura-Chan got him!" he said proudly and Kakashi's visible eye widened. He looked at the only female member and finally took notice of her new outfit; he turned back to Sasuke.

"Is this true Sasuke?" the older ninja asked and all he got was a grunt for confirmation of the events that conspired just before his arrival. He wondered what could possibly cause Sakura to hit Sasuke, Naruto sure no problem but Sasuke? His questions would have to wait; he needed to focus on the current task.

"Ok then, I have good news!" he said and everyone perked up at this.

"You will all be learning a new technique!" he announced and Naruto was first to react.

"Hell yeah! What are we learning Kakashi-sensei?" he questioned and Kakashi smiled. Pointing to the water beneath them, he smiled.

"You're going to learn how to walk on water," he stated and everyone paused, processing what their sensei just told them.

"What?" Naruto asked and Kakashi showed them, jumping down he landed on the water with a few ripples the only indication he landed on the water at all.

"This technique is a more advanced form of the tree climbing exercise, water walking is more difficult and will take longer to learn" he looked to the two boys but overlooked Sakura, she would be able to do it easily compared to the boys.

They all nodded and moved to the waters edge, Naruto tried first; barely concentrating his chakra he leaped into the water, predictably all he did was cause a large splash and he scrambled out of the water, coughing slightly when he reached the shoreline.

"Its harder than it looks" he muttered and Sasuke scoffed, while he didn't leap into the water he did manage about three feet before meeting the same fate as Naruto. Sakura focused her chakra carefully and stepped onto the waters surface, she was a bit wobbly at first but she adjusted her chakra and after a few steps she was standing comfortably in the middle of the creek. The boys stared at her. One looked at her with admiration and praise, one with a proud gaze and the last with an irritated stare.

"Well done Sakura, you boys need more practice," he said before 'poofing' away. Sakura stayed and helped the boys as best she could and eventually they were able to walk on water. They left shortly afterwards, and just in time because shortly afterwards Guy and Lee made their appearance, the mid-day sun shining down on them.

"Ah, young cherry blossom of youth! Are you ready to train?" Guy asked and Sakura nodded eagerly.

"Yes Guy-sensei!" she said loudly and he nodded before turning around and strutting away.

"To the village wall!" he yelled as Lee and Sakura moved to catch up to him, Lee complimenting her new style and they chatted amiably together. When they got there Guy turned to the duet.

"Lets start with one hundred laps!" he said in a very Guy-like way. Sakura stared at him and Lee noticed her distress.

"Uh, Guy-sensei maybe not that many, Sakura is no doubt not used to our training" Lee said and Guy went into a thinking pose.

"That's true-" he was cut off.

"Oh no don't worry about me, how am I meant to get stronger if everyone goes easy on me? I may not be able to run a hundred laps but I'll try my best!" she enthused and Guy cried tears of joy.

"Oh the fire of youth burns strongly in you! How I wish I had you as my student, Kakashi is clearly ignorant of your potential. But not to worry! I will not neglect you like so many! Let us go!" he cried running along the wall. Lee cried out in joy, chasing after his mentor.

"Come cherry blossom! Let us not disappoint him!" he called and Sakura ran after them. She did her best but was overlapped many times by the time they hit the hundredth marker, by this then she was panting and just about ready to collapse. The boy's seemed barely fazed by the run; they smiled and praised her.

"Well done Sakura-Chan! You did very well for your first time! Every time we saw you running you was giving it your all!" Lee yelled while Guy laughed loudly.

"Yes! If you keep this up you should be able to keep up with us in a few for weeks!" he exclaimed, Sakura smiled and stood strait on shaky legs.

"I'll do my best," she panted before waving a goodbye and making her way home, her legs ached with every step she took but eventually made it to her humble abode. Skipping the shower and not even changing clothes she collapsed onto the bed and immediately fell into a deep slumber.

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