A tan sun kissed leg was sticking out from a black silk sheet, a black lace bra was laying on the floor by the bed and a pair of black lace underwear a few feet away and a pair of blue satin boxers in the door way. In the hall there was a white dress shirt and a pair of black slacks were at the top step and a black dress a few steps down another step down was a pair of a socks, down a few steps was a left red stiletto and at the bottom of the stairs the right one. A few steps away was a pair of black designer shoes led to the front door.

There was a head of sky blue hair laying on the opposite side of the tan leg, a muscular chest was revealed and further down the chest was the black silk sheet covering his hips to his ankles. One arm was above his head and the other was off the side of the bed. The tan leg shifted and a soft moan was heard, the black sheet fell as a tan back was revealed and soon after orange curls. The head of orange curls turned and saw the head of blue, the curls bounce as the sun kissed body got out of bed a grabbed the bra putting it on quickly the jogging over to the underwear and putting those on. She followed the path of clothes down the marble stairs grabbing whatever was hers and putting it on. She stopped at the big white door and turned to look at the top of the stairs, she shook her head and walked out of the door.

3 Hours Later

"Hey, Ichi." a red headed male said as an orange hair female sat down, at the small table in the middle of the lunch room.

"Good afternoon Renji." the orange haired female said, her black pencil skirt and red blouse showed off her perfect curves. Her hair was pulled back into a messy but professional bun, and a pair of black rim glasses rested on her nose hiding her honey brown eyes went the light shines on them. The red head now known as Renji was wearing a white dress shirt with a black tie tied loosely around his neck and a pair of black slacks covered his legs. The female pulled out a small container and a plastic fork and the newspaper and began to eat her salad.

"Say Ichigo did you enjoy last night?" Renji said, biting into his burrito.

"The party was great, I was surprised by everyone congratulating me on such a big promotion." Ichigo said never looking away from her paper.

"You know what is weird Ichigo." Renji said with a sly smile. "You just disappeared." Ichigo just hummed in response. Renji opened his mouth but was cut off by someone else.

"Stop spreading rumors Renji." a female with sleek black hair and a white blouse and a black pencil skirt and black shoes stood in front of the small fridge. She had a cold appearance but was one of Ichigo's best friends. Ichigo smiled at the comment, Renji turned his attention towards the woman.

"What do you know Byakuya?" Renji asked with a little grunt in his voice. Ichigo chuckled. The woman known as Byakuya turned around to face the table.

"Congratulation on your promotion Ichigo, being a publicist is a big deal." Byakuya said. Renji frowned, Ichigo smiled.

"Thank you Byakuya." Ichigo said, Renji turned back to Ichigo. He ready to ask her a question when Byakuya beat him to it.

"So what's his name?" Byakuya asked nonchalantly, Ichigo chocked on her water.

"Excuse me?" Ichigo asked looking at her best friend. Renji smirked. Byakuya showed a little smile.

"Common Ichi, you are practically glowing." Renji said, Ichigo turned her glared to Renji.

"I am not." Ichigo said, she looked down at her paper. "I don' know what you idiots are talking about."

"Don't be shy Ichigo, its been a while since you got any. Being so into your job and all." a new voice piped in. Ichigo growled.

"Go away, Midget." Ichigo said, Renji smirked at the short girl who looked like Byakuya.

"What do you know Rukia?" Renji asked, Ichigo growled and stood up and threw her plate away, along with her water bottle.

"She walked in 5 minutes late with her party purse." Rukia said, Renji smirked.

"Don't you have a job to do?" Ichigo asked before she left the lunch room. Renji smirked widened at Rukia which she returned and Byakuya gave a small smile.

Ichigo walked down the small aisle made by cubicles, into her new office with big glass doors and a view of the city, there was small boxes through out the room. Ichigo began unpacking the boxes when someone knocked on her open door.

"Hey Ichi you wanna read this over?" a black hair male was standing in the doorway with a white shirt and a deep blue tie around his neck.

"Not really Kaien but I suppose it is my new job, although there better not be any mistake Mr. Editor. You work for me now and I want you to live up to reputation." Ichigo said with a smile.

"Of course Miss. Publicist no mistakes. The writer is a grammar freak." Kaien said, Ichigo took the envelope and threw it on her desk.

"I'm proud of you Ichi." Kaien said, Ichigo smiled at him.

"Thanks Kai." Ichigo said, with a warm smile.


The muscular chest awoke shortly after the curls left, he groaned and rubbed his face, he rolled over in his bed expecting to see the curvy figure he saw last night but she wasn't there. The male sat up and noticed the path of clothes was missing half.

"She must of left early." his voice was gruff and he stood out of the bed and grabbed a pair of fresh boxers and walked into the bath with marble flooring and marble counter tops. He turned on his shower which was made of marble, after grabbing a black towel from the small cabinet he stepped into the shower, he moaned with the hot water hit his body. He washed his hair and got out after washing his body. He stepped into his boxers and put the towel over his sky blue locks. He walked down his marble stairs grabbing his clothes and throwing them in the small room to the left of the bottom of the stairs. He walked past the front door and saw a little red purse, he smirked. He grabbed it and looked inside, a blackberry and an ID and a few credit cards were found. He grabbed the ID and saw the scowling face of his bed companion.

"Ichigo Kurosaki, Age 22. She is a youngling." the male laughed, he walked towards the small room and walked up the two stairs to get into his kitchen. He put the ID back into the purse and pulled out the cell phone. "5 miss calls, huh? That's weird. Oh well." he put it back and grabbed the ID card with her face on it and "Soul Society Publicist" on the top with her age name and picture under it. "Wonder how she go into work, I heard that place is completely locked down you can only open the door if you have your employee card." The male smirked, "now I know where she works, and I have her cell phone she has to see me again." the males smirk grew bigger maybe we can have another 'eventful' night." the male laughed and grabbed breakfast before going up to his bedroom to get dressed. His doorbell rang and he groaned feeling who it was, he walked down to the door and opened it. A small lady with sea green hair pushed past him, the male groaned.

"DO you know what time it is?" the woman asked.

"I'm Grimmjow Jeagerjaques, I don't keep time." Grimmjow said, the woman huffed.

"You missed the biggest- who is she?" the woman asked, she crossed her arms. Grimmjow smirked.

"None of you business Nel, but do you want to do me favor?" Grimmjow asked, Nel smiled.


"Return this to the person say she left it at the bar, don't mention me got it?" Grimmjow demanded, he handed her the small red purse. Nel lifted a brow and looked inside.

"She's hot. Where did YOU pick HER up?" Nel asked stressing the words you and her. Grimmjow growled.

"At Las Noches she was there for some party." Grimmjow said walking into his kitchen again, Nel followed him.

"I thought Aizen kicked you out of Las Noches, since you started a bar fight last time." Nel said not looking away from the picture.

"Nah he told me that I couldn't fight in his bar anymore, and to save my strength for the cage." Grimmjow said with a shrug. Nel looked up at Grimmjow.

"He is right you know?" Nel questioned. Grimmjow rolled his eyes, Nel shrugged. "This explains why you missed the press conference this morning and if I was you I would of missed it too." Nel smirked as she held up the ID so Grimmjow could see why she was talking.

"She works for a big publishing company right? Why have I heard the name Soul Society before?" Grimmjow asked.

"Soul Society is also the most popular paper in the city, everyone reads it. They recap a lot of your fights, they keep track of your sport with interest always sending a reporter to any cage fight and interviewing mangers and fighters. Speaking of interviews, you had an interview with the press conference Soul Society was there." Nel said. Grimmjow frowned. "What?" Nel asked.

"Ichigo isn't a reporter right?" Grimmjow asked.

"Baka, she is a publicist she publishes stuff no involvement with the paper at all." Nel said. Grimmjow sighed.

"Good. It didn't seem like she knew of me, which is shocking because I'm a big name cage fighter." Grimmjow said, placing his chin in his hand.

"Maybe she doesn't follow the sport." Nel said. Before Grimmjow could respond Ichigo's cell phone rang, Grimmjow looked at the caller ID. 'Home' it read, he handed the phone to Nel.

"Answer it." Grimmjow said. Nel rolled her eyes.

"Hello?" Nel said, there was an audible sigh.

"Thank god, um hi I'm Ichigo Kurosaki and you have my cell phone." Ichigo said.

"I believe I have some of your other stuff too." Nel said.

"Really? That makes my life so much easier. Where did you find it?" Ichigo asked.

"You left it at Grim-." Nel started Grimmjow game a warning glare. "Las Noches last night, I grabbed it intending to give it back to you but you walked out of the club with a hunk before I could catch you." Grimmjow dropped his head onto the counter, Nel gave a big smile.

"Um, thank you for grabbing it." Ichigo said, Nel could hear the blush through the phone. "Can I get it back its important?"

"Sure do you want to meet at the coffee shop by Las Noches?"

"Sounds great can you go now I have to be at work in an hour and I just got a promotion so I need that card." Ichigo said, the two said their goodbyes. Nel hung up the phone.

"Are you sure you don't wanna take this back to her." Nel said with a smile.

"No." Grimmjow said flatly.


'It's been a month since I saw that blue haired sex god.' Ichigo thought, she sat up quickly in her bed. "Did I really just call him that?" Ichigo asked out loud. She shook her head and got out of bed.

"It's a shame I don't remember his name." Ichigo said to the mirror, "that body of his was just so amazing it's a shame I can't put a name to it." Ichigo took a shower and stepped into a pair of jeans and a tank top.

"I wonder why Renji wants me to go to this cage fight with him, he knows I hate that stuff." Ichigo said she was about to walk out the door when she turned towards the TV. 'Tonight the blue hair panther takes on the undefeated one eye mantes.' Ichigo turned off the TV. "It's bad enough Renji is making me attend this stupid fight live, I don't want to see it glamorized." Ichigo mused to herself she shrugged and walked out of her penthouse and down to the lobby where Renji was waiting with his camera around his neck and a pad of paper in his back pocket.

"Ready?" Renji asked. Ichigo nodded. The two left the building, Renji handed Ichigo a press card and she hung it around her neck Renji had a matching one around his neck.

"Why are you making me attend this, Renji? You know I hate meaningless violence." Ichigo said with a sigh, the two were walking through the back door, with the rest of the reporters. Renji just smirked at Ichigo, which received a frown. Renji pushed Ichigo to walk to the reporter section, and Ichigo sat down.

"It will be a good experience for you Ichigo." Renji said, trying to hold down a laugh. Ichigo growled.

"How is this experience?" Ichigo said, she was gripping her knees so hard to keep from hitting the red head.

"You don't get out enough, who knows you might like this sport after tonight." Renji said, refusing to make eye contact with Ichigo. Before Ichigo could respond the crowd roared, Renji turned towards the door and snapped a picture of the fighter walking out.

"Ladies and gentlemen, the undefeated one eye mantes, Nnoitra Jiruga!" Ichigo rolled her eyes, the crowd was hollering many things. Ichigo could tell who want whom to win. Once the tall man with an eye patch was close enough he leaned over Ichigo looking at her face.

"I'll win this round for your hottie." Nnoitra winked, Renji held Ichigo down so she could beat this guy senseless.

"Just the round? Should I be offended? Does this mean you aren't confident in you're abilities?" Ichigo said. Nnoitra was shocked, no girl at a fight ever said anything like that to him. He laughed, Ichigo began thrashing under Renji's hand.

"Feisty, I like it." Nnoitra said, Nnoitra enter the ring and raise his hands. Ichigo huffed and crossed her arms under her chest.

"Prick." Ichigo muttered, Renji stepped around Ichigo so she was no longer in the aisle. Ichigo refused to watch the next fighter enter the ring.

"And now the challenger, raising from the streets, he is known for his wild and animalistic fighting style, earning him the nick name the blue hair panther, Grimmjow Jeagerjaques." Ichigo heard the famine screams, and that made her rolls her eyes again. Renji snapped a picture of the fighter when he exited the tunnel. When the second fighter entered the ring the ref starting talking.

"I've gone over the rules with you before in the locker room but I'm going to go over them again. Don't kill each other and no low blows. Touch gloves and we will get underway." Ichigo looked up once the ref finished talking and her mouth dropped. She heard the shudder of Renji's camera as the two touched gloves everything else was fuzzy. Ichigo spent the whole fight recapping on the night with her blue haired sex good. The scares she saw but never questioned, the passion behind every touch, the rough hands running across body. Ichigo stood up and walked around Renji, Renji wasn't fast enough to stop her.


Grimmjow walked out of the tunnel his mind was in fight mode he didn't look at the crowd just the cage and the people standing in it. He listening to the ref talk with little interest, he knew the rules. He touched gloves with his opponent, and walked to the other end of the cage. He glanced towards the tunnel and saw a flash of orange. He focused on the orange and noticed it was Ichigo leaving the arena.

Nnoitra slammed his fist into Grimmjow's cheek and Grimmjow was drawn back to the fight. The two fought, Grimmjow had Nnoitra in a corner when the final bell dinged. The ref raised Grimmjow's fist, the crowd roared with excitement.

"I don't believe it folks, the one eye mantes was taken down by the wild blue hair panther. Earning him the champion title, after five rounds of fighting it was clear from round 2 who was going to win. Grimmjow Jeagerjaques is the new Cage Fighting Champion." The announcer said, his voice was drawn out by the crowd and the cameras. Renji snapped a few more shots of Grimmjow and left to find Ichigo.


Ichigo was standing outside the arena, listening to the announcer. Her heart stopped when she heard he won. She waited a little while before walking to the locker room it was still empty, Ichigo sat there waiting.


Renji was freaking out, Ichigo wasn't at home, and she wasn't in the office. He really didn't want to tell Byakuya that he lost her after taking her to a cage fight. She would have his head on a sliver platter.


Grimmjow finished answering questions and walked to the locker room where his stuff was. He rolled his shoulder and winced.

"Damn shoulder." Grimmjow said out loud as he walked in.

"Maybe you should get that checked out." a voice said, Grimmjow snapped his head towards the sound, his orange curl goddess was sitting on the examine table with her legs crossed and her hands on her sides. Grimmjow smirked, his orange hair beauty was really here. "So your name is Grimmjow." she stated.

"Yeah, it is." Grimmjow said, he paused waiting to for her to tell him her name. even though he knew he couldn't tell her.

"You never mention you were a cage fighter." she said, Grimmjow shrugged but winced. "Let me look at that." she said standing patting the table.

"Playing nurse?" Grimmjow asked as he walked to the table, the goddess scowled.

"My dad is a doctor, and he taught me everything I technically have my medical license." she said.

"So you're a doctor?" Grimmjow asked , knowing she wasn't.

"No, I'm a publicist." she said, Grimmjow removed his cover shirt. The woman ran her hand across his shoulder.

"For what company?" Grimmjow asked, the woman pushed against it and Grimmjow growled.

"Soul Society." she said flatly. "My name is Ichigo if you don't remember." Ichigo felt around on his shoulder a little more.

"So if you're not a doctor, you are just trying to touch me then." Grimmjow smirked and looked at her face which was slightly red.

"I have my medical license." Ichigo said, she stepped back. "nothing serious just sore."

"Thanks doc." Grimmjow said facing Ichigo again. "So I'm guessing you didn't know what I did till early this evening right?"

"That's correct." Ichigo said.

"Why is that, I'm not movie star but I thought I was pretty famous."

"I don't like cage fighting." Ichigo said.

"Answers a lot of questions except one. Why come tonight?" Grimmjow asked, Ichigo looked Grimmjow in the eyes.

"My best friend's boy toy works as a sports reporter. And asked me to tag along, saying it might change my mind on the sport if I watched it live." Ichigo said, her eyes were connected with Grimmjow's, and neither of the two wanted to break the contact. Grimmjow put a hand on her hip and pulled her closer.

"I should thank your friend's boy toy." Grimmjow said, when Ichigo was close enough she placed her hands on his knees. Ichigo was standing in between his legs.

"Why is that?" Ichigo asked, Grimmjow gripped her face with his free hand.

"With out him I would've never got to talk to you." Grimmjow said, pulling Ichigo into a kiss. Ichigo leaned into the kiss, the two were kissing each other when the locker room doors burst open. Camera's and questions were flying everywhere.

"Grimmjow, is she your lover?"

"How long have you to been together?"

"Is this a one night thing?"

"What is her name?"

"How do you plan on celebrating?"

Grimmjow growled and pushed Ichigo behind him, Grimmjow was covering Ichigo the best he could.

"Kenpachi!" Grimmjow yelled, a big guy with long black hair and an eye patch started pushing the reporters out. Once all the reporters were out of the locker room and Kenpachi protecting the door, Grimmjow faced Ichigo.

"I'm so screwed." Ichigo said, Grimmjow frowned.

"What?" Grimmjow asked, Ichigo looked up at him.

"My best friend's little sister and boy toy are going to tease me beyond belief." Ichigo said, Grimmjow chuckled a little.

"Sounds like a great group of people." Grimmjow said, Ichigo sighed. "You wanna go get dinner?"

"Dinner?" Ichigo said.

"Or we can go straight to my house." Grimmjow chuckled, Ichigo laughed.

"Dinner would be nice." Ichigo said, the to walked out the back way.


Grimmjow and Ichigo stumbled into Grimmjow's house, lips locked. Ichigo pulled away.

"Maybe this time you can show me around." Ichigo said, with a giggle. Grimmjow was attacking her neck with kisses.

"Maybe this time you'll stick around." Grimmjow bit back, licking her neck.

"Ouch." Ichigo said, with a laugh.

Grimmjow continued to attack her neck, Ichigo pushed against him and the two were upstairs in a heartbeat.


Ichigo woke up a second time on black sheets, this time Grimmjow had his arm wrapped securely around her waste. Ichigo sighed and rolled to face him, she pushed some of his blue locks out of his face. Grimmjow hummed but didn't open his eyes, Ichigo shifted to get out of bed but the arm grabbed her tighter.

"I'm going to the bathroom." Ichigo said, she removed Grimmjow's arm and moved out of the bed. When Ichigo left the bathroom she was in Grimmjow's shirt.

"I grabbed a shirt, hope you don't mind." Ichigo said, as she left the room. Ichigo found her way to the kitchen and started the coffee. When the coffee was done Ichigo poured herself a cup and walked back to Grimmjow's room. He was still sleeping, Ichigo sat down next to him. She rubbed his shoulder a little feeling for anything she might have missed, yesterday. Grimmjow groaned and opened his eyes. Ichigo chuckled and took a sip of her coffee, Grimmjow rolled over and wrapped and arm across her lap. "not a morning person huh?" Ichigo asked pushing a hair through his blue locks.

"No." Grimmjow grumbled. Ichigo chuckled again, she was about to kiss him when the doorbell rang. "damn it what is she doing here this early she knows I hate mornings." Grimmjow growled, Ichigo frowned.

"She?" Ichigo asked, Grimmjow removed himself and pulled on a pair of pants.

"My manager." Grimmjow said, Grimmjow left the room and Ichigo followed him. Grimmjow opened the door and Nel stormed in.

"Grimmjow Jeagerjaques, I don't believe you!" Nel shouted she was about to say more but noticed the glare coming from behind a coffee mug. "Oh, did I interrupt something?"

"Yes, why are you here?" Grimmjow growled. Nel showed the magazine to the couple. The cover was of Grimmjow on the examine table and Ichigo between them and they were locked into a heated kiss. In big white letters across the top, 'New Cage Fighting Champion, has a new Play Mate?' Grimmjow groaned and walked into the living room and turned on the TV.

"Good Morning, last night Grimmjow Jeagerjaques stole the title of Champion from an undefeated Nnoitra, earning him a major title and quite the story to come up with it."

"That's right Shinji, Grimmjow has struggled from the very beginning, with his fighting style, and just before the season started tapped into his animal instincts and fought his way to the top."

"And how did our new champion celebrate? With his pretty little play thing."

"I don't blame him, if I had her I celebrate everyday."

"I couldn't again more Kensei. Say don't we know a orange hair sun kissed goddess?"

"That's right Shinji we do-" Ichigo grabbed the remote from Grimmjow and shut it off, her cheeks were red.

"Something wrong Berry?" Grimmjow asked, Nel raised a brow.

"Um, no." Ichigo said, she sat on the couch and dropped her head into her hands. "Those idiots would put me on blast like that."

"You know them?" Nel asked, Ichigo looked up.

"Yeah, I use to live with them when we were back in college I moved out shortly after I got a job. I talk to them occasionally." Ichigo said, she turned to Grimmjow. "I'm so sorry for all this."

"Nothing to be sorry about. Ichi I still wanna be with ya. I wouldn't have brought you home a second time." Grimmjow said, Nel nodded her head. Ichigo smiled, she stood up and walked over to Grimmjow running her hands up his torso. She wrapped her arms around his waste and leaned her head on his chest under his chin. Nel smiled at the two.

"Grimmjow, I hate to break this adorable moment-" Nel started, but was cut off by Grimmjow's gruff voice.

"Then don't." Grimmjow growled, Ichigo shuddered. Grimmjow felt it and looked down at her face seeing her face was washed with lust made his manhood twitch. "Nel go home." Grimmjow said, He picked Ichigo under her thighs and she wrapped her legs around his hips, and Grimmjow started for stairs.

"What do I tell the press?" Nel yelled after them, Grimmjow said, nothing and placed Ichigo on his bed, he kissed her slowly and rubbed her thighs but turned around and walked to the balcony.

"Whatever the hell you want Nel. Now excuse my manners but I have a very delicious Berry to devour." Grimmjow said, Nel was about to retort but her the breathless moan from the bedroom.

"Grimm." Ichigo moaned, Nel saw Grimmjow disappear into the master suite. Nel huffed but decided she would leave when she heard the orgasmic cry. "GRIMMJOW!"


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