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Canada bit his lip in a vain attempt to muffle the sound of his crying, while he kept his head hung low, tears sliding down his cheeks and falling onto his jeans. "Y-you screwed up, eh... 'I'screwed up and ended up screwed up... I-I'm such an idiot... W-what am I going to d-do..."

America, having been walking by, blinked, having thought he had heard somebody crying and slowly moved towards the noise until he spotted his brother on the ground, and in fact, crying. Quickly closing the gap between him and his brother, the American pulled the Canadian into a firm hug, which caused the blond to let out a startled squeak, and said, "Woah, bro, what's wrong? Come on, don't cry! It's so uncool to cry, dude..."

After being pulled into the hug, Canada quickly buried his face into his brother's chest and mumbled out, his words muffled slightly, "A-Al... I-I'm such an idiot... M-Maple... I-Idiot..." The tears kept falling as he also felt them start to be soaked up by the brown leather of America's bomber jacket.

America frowned greatly and gently rubbed his brother's back, keeping him wrapped into the hug, before saying, "You're not an idiot, bro. You're one of the smartest people I know. Now, who the hell gave you the idea that you are an idiot?"

The Canadian bit his lip, finally managing to stop crying before mumbling out, "G-Gil... I-I got in-into a fight w-with him..."

America let out a growl before saying, anger visible in his voice along with concern, "He didn't hurt you, did he? I swear, if that fucking Prussian bastard hurt you, he is fucking dead meat. No questions asked." He then instinctively pulled his brother closer to him in a protective manner, looking him over carefully.

Canada shook his head nervously before saying softly, "N-Non... I-It was an argument... I-I... was t-trying to tell him something..." The look of nervousness grew worse as he spoke, and he glanced around, as if he was worried about his brother realizing something.

America blinked confusedly before saying, a tinge of sadness in his voice, "Matt..." The wheat blond haired male then paused for a moment in thought before continuing, "What are you keeping from me..?"

Canada bit his lip badly before letting out a small sigh and looking down at the ground, avoiding his brother's blue eyes. "H-He... G-Gil that is... G-Got me p-p-preg-pregnant... A-And t-that's what I was trying to t-tell h-him about.. B-But he d-didn't believe me when I t-told him... H-he yelled at m-me and said I-I was wrong..."

America let out another growl that was deeper than the first one, before saying, anger thickening in his voice, "That Prussian bastard! If you say you're pregnant, then you are pregnant. A freakin' GUY would definitely not lie about that, seriously!"

Canada winced at his brother's anger and whimpered slightly before saying, "D-Don't k-kill him... H-He didn't think about it..."

America sighed and hugged him close before muttering out, "He's still going to pay..." He then looked down and added, resting his chin on the Canadian's shoulder, "Nobody humps and dumps my brother. You're my most important person."

Canada blushed a little before saying softly, "T-thanks..." He then sighed and frowned a little bit before hiding his face once more, "I don't know what I'm going to do... It's his baby.. he has a right to see it, eh..."

America frowned a bit before saying, "It's your decision, dude... Now... how do you even know, bro?"

Canada blushed a little out of embarrassment before he spoke, "P-Papa France told m-me... I've been feeling a bit sickly for a bit now and after I told him the symptoms, and he saw me puke... he figured it out fairly easily..." As he spoke, he started to feel a bit queasy and started to look a little bit 'green under the gills' as well. Covering his mouth, he looked at his brother, worriedly.

Actually reading the atmosphere for once, America let go of his brother before going over and quickly grabbing the the nearest garbage can and moving back over, placing it in his brother's lap softly. "Here bro, use this. Unlike you, who adopted most of your provinces, I actually had well... uh... over half of my states... A few in New 'England'... a few in..." The wheat blond American then blushed a bit before coughing lightly and saying awkwardly, "Well, uh... most of the Louisiana Purchase... France... well... uh... yeah..."

Canada, having finished throwing up into the wastebin, blushed badly at the speak of his 'father', and nodded, "Papa is.. well.. uh... very strange..." He then leaned against his brother and started to let out a small cry, sadness returning in a wave with a mood swing.

America sighed and moved the garbage can before gently moving his brother into his lap. "It's okay, Matt, I'll support you through this, I promise, dude." He then blushed light before leaning forward and gently kissing the top of his head.

Canada wiped the tears away from his eyes and sniffled a little before saying, with a shaky voice, "T-Thanks Al..."

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