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Canada, having stayed at his brother's house the previous night, sighed a little. The reason why he didn't go home last night wasn't because Al didn't want him to go home, it was because he didn't want to go home. The violet eyed Canadian then yawned slightly and carefully got up out of bed, being careful due to the fact that, on occasion, he would actually end up falling out of bed. He then chuckled a bit, he found it a little cute how sweet and protective Al was being. Canada then smiled a bit before heading downstairs and stopping dead at the sight that appeared in front of him.

The sight that was revealed to the dumbstruck Canadian was America pinning Prussia down to the ground and the wheat blond's hands very close to being around the albino's neck, to choke him. Looking up, America spotted his brother and stopped dead in what he was doing and stuttered out, shocked, having not expected his brother to be awake yet, "U-U-Uh... H-Hey Mattie... I-I was hoping you would sleep a-a bit longer, bro..."

Prussia struggled from underneath the American, growling slightly before trying to knee him, and saying angrily, "Get the flying fuck off me, you fatass American!"

Canada blinked before frowning and saying, sorrow in his voice, "W-Why is h-he here...?" The violet eyed Canadian was confused and very worried, for both his brother's sake and the sake of the albino, but to top all those off, he felt sick to his stomach as well.

America sighed and pulled himself up to his feet, dragging the Prussia up as well, and said, looking down, "I wanted him to understand that he got you pregnant." The wheat blond male looked up at his brother with eyes that showed sincerity while a growl sounded from beside him again.

The albino Prussian was glaring at the American and said, still obviously pissed off, "Fucking hell, I'm telling you, idiot, he can't be pregnant!"

The feeling of sickness taking over, Canada quickly rushed over into the kitchen and the sound of heaving could be heard before the violet eyed male came back out, hugging the waste bin to his chest, just in case he started to feel sick again. "N-Non, G-Gilbert... You're not right... I-I am pregnant... A-And it is your child, Prussia..."

America frowned and walked over to his brother, wrapping him carefully into a hug and rubbing his back in a circular motion trying to soothe him. He then said softly, "It's okay, bro.. Morning sickness is one of the worse things about the pregnancy. Besides the mood swings and the actual labor, well, uh, the, not exactly even labor, the entire process of giving birth, it's worse then getting kicked in your balls..."

Canada sighed, not really wanting to hear that last part before gently nuzzling against his almost twin brother's side, still feeling basically sick to his stomach.

Prussia blinked before it clicked and he immediately went wide-eyed. He let out a startled, stuttering voice, "M-Mein Gott... Birdy... Y-You w-weren't lying... I-I'm sorry, dude..."The albino then started to move closer to the duo, only to stop dead was America sent him a sharp, piercing glare. "Woah... S-Sorry, I'll go now... I-I'm sorry if I caused you trouble, Birdy..." The crimson eyed albino then looked down at the ground before turning around and heading towards the door.

America glanced down at his brother and caught the Canadian giving the Prussian a very remorseful and sorrowful look, so the wheat blond then leaned forward and gently whispered into the fellow blond's ear, "Don't do it. He'll only hurt you again, dude..."

Canada frowned and gave Prussia one last glance before beginning to sniffle a bit and burying his face into his brother's chest. "M-Ma-Maple... I-I still find it h-hard to w-watch him go..."

America frowned and gently moved Canada's head, lifting it slightly before glancing over his shoulder and listening for the sound of a car to disappear. Upon the sound begin gone, he moved his brother's head even more so and made the Canadian look at him, before he leaned forward and gently kissed him on the lips. The wheat blond American then grew shocked as the violet eyed Canadian actually then proceeded to kiss him back and deepen it a bit as well. Smirking a tiny bit on the inside due to a small influx of pride, America then deepened the kiss even further.

After they separated from the kiss, Canada, panting slightly, said in a breathy voice, "M-Mon dieu, A-Al... Je t'aime... Je t'aime, Alfred." The violet eyed male then snuggled even closer to the American, chuckling a bit, as in the process, he also felt something hard brush against his thigh. Smiling and speaking in his most innocent sounding voice, "Oh, did I do that~? Then, I better fix it~"

America, upon hearing his brother's words, blushed severely and went wide-eyed as well before managing to find his voice and stammering out, "M-Mattie-" The wheat blond American then went silent as he watched the Canadian crouch down and begin to ease off his pants gently.

After getting America's pants and boxers off, Canada smiled and said in an almost teasing way, "You're just a bit smaller then me~ But I am the second largest country after all~" After he finished speaking, his violet eyes fluttered closed and he gently took the member into his mouth, earning a soft groan from the wheat blond American.

Receiving a series of licks and nips, along with a strong amount of sucking, America let out a soft moan and felt his legs start to go weak and give out on him.

Gently and as carefully as he could, the Canadian guided his brother back to the couch, letting him fall back onto it before beginning to bob his head up and down quickly. This 'affection' caused the American to reach his edge rather quickly and cum rather quickly. Swallowing it, Canada smirked a little and climbed up onto the couch beside him and snuggled up next to the wheat blond before speaking, "S-Sorry, eh... I w-was raised by France after all..."

America blushed severely, bending over and pulling his pants back up, before panting slightly, his breathing heavy and saying softly, "D-Don't worry, dude... I-It's okay... I-It felt good..."

Canada cringed and hurriedly grabbed the wastebin before throwing up and biting his lip. "Eh... I hate morning sickness..." He then coughed a bit, wincing at the knock on the door.

Blinking confusedly while rubbing his brother's back, America called out, "Yo, come on in, dude!" Sure this was not the safest thing to do, especially when there is somebody right beside you who was just vomiting, but hey, he was the freakin' hero, so he could handle any bad guy, right?

The door swung open and standing there was France, who then hurried inside, closing the door behind him. The Frenchman then walked over to the duo, seeing how sick Canada looked before he said worriedly, "Oui, mon petit! How are you feeling? Are you drinking enough water?"

Canada nodded meekly before letting out a faint whimper, nuzzling against his brother's side. "Y-Yes, papa... I-It's just morning sickness... I-It's a pain..."

France nodded and said, in a caring voice, "You should really eat some crackers then, little one. If it's morning sickness, as when you're stomach is unable to hold stuff, eating crackers tends to help." The Frenchman then looked over at the still slightly flushed Alfred before saying, with a sigh, "Oi ve, are sick, Alfred? Non, non, an expectant maman should not be around somebody who is sick, as their immune systems are weaker!" France then frowned and shook his head, letting out a 'tsk' sound before saying, "Having had the most children out of any of the currently living countries, you should have known that, Alfred!"

Alfred held up his hands defensively before saying quickly, "Hey, hey! I'm not sick! Seriously, I'm not that much of an idiot to be sick around Mattie! Geez, you're like an overprotective mother, France..."

After fussing over the violet eyed Canadian for a bit more, France finally left and Alfred managed to gently encourage his brother to go lay down for a bit.