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It was just another boring, ordinary day in Tammy's life. The only exciting thing about her day happened on her way home. A tall, impeccably dressed woman with long, red hair was angrily arguing with someone on her cell phone, not paying a bit of attention as she started to cross the intersection – right in front of a bus. Tammy grabbed her by the arm and pulled her to safety in the knick of time.

"Thanks, although I think I might have preferred the bus to having to talk to that woman for one more minute. My name is Lillie, what's yours?"

"Tammy," she said as she extended her hand, which Lillie shook firmly. "It was no trouble at all."

"All the same, I'd like to repay you. Tell me something, are you married? Boyfriend?"

She was slightly suspicious of Lillie's questions, but answered her anyway. "Neither," Tammy said regrettably.

"Hmmm. Well, Tammy, can I get your last name and address? Please allow me to send you something in appreciation for saving my life." Tammy was still nervous, but she had a doorman and a security system in her apartment complex, so she wrote down her information on the back of her receipt from lunch and handed it over. Maybe she was going to send flowers. Or chocolate, chocolate is always good.

Lillie's phone started ringing "Ding, Dong, The Witch is Dead" from The Wizard of Oz. Lillie growled at the phone as the streetlight changed. "Thanks, Tammy. I hope you enjoy my gift. Gotta run!" Tammy stared at her in stunned silence as Lillie ran across the street, arguing with who Tammy guessed was the same person as before.

The buzzer to her intercom broke her away from her recollections. Tammy hit the button on the wall. "Yes?"

"There are two gentleman here for you, ma'am. They say they have a delivery from a Miss Lillie?" Wow, she's fast. It had been not two hours since the incident on the street.

"That's fine, James, just have them leave it at the desk with you, I'll get it later." A moment of silence and then the buzzer went off again.

"I'm sorry, ma'am, but they are insisting that you have to sign for it."

"Okay, James, just send them up. Thank you." She thought it was a little odd, but the woman seemed sane enough.

"Yes, ma'am. Buzz me if you have any problems." Tammy rolled her eyes. James had been hitting on her for months, ever since her best friend Rose thought it would be funny for them to both flirt with him shamelessly when they stumbled home from an evening at her boyfriend Emmett's club.

When she heard the elevator ding, she headed for the door. She was shocked at the sight before her. There stood two of the most gorgeous men she had ever seen. One was tall with honey blond hair and crystal blue eyes. The other slightly shorter with messy auburn hair and emerald green eyes, holding a large shopping bag in his hand. Both men were well dressed and obviously in peak physical condition. Tammy forced her jaw to close before she started drooling when the blond one spoke.

"Evening, ma'am. Are you Tammy Masen?" The man spoke in a sexy southern drawl that caused instant moisture to form between her legs. She nodded, unable to form a complete sentence. "My name is Jasper Whitlock, and this is Edward Cullen. We're from NCB. Miss Lillie sent us."

"Oh, yes, Lillie said she was sending me a gift, although it really wasn't necessary. Thank you for bringing it over." She reached her hand out for the bag, but found herself confused when Jasper did not hand it to her.

The one called Edward spoke. "I can see Lillie did not explain your gift to you. May we come in?" Tammy stepped to the side and allowed them entrance. She stood cautiously by the intercom after she closed the door. Even if they were unbelievably handsome, it didn't mean they couldn't be cat burglars or serial killers or something.

Both men took off their leather jackets and looked to Tammy for approval before laying them across the back of her couch. Edward leaned back on the couch and crossed his arms and ankles looking quite smug. Jasper approached her cautiously.

"You have nothing to fear from us, I assure you. You see, Miss Lillie's company, NCB, is an escort service. We provide pleasure in many forms to her exclusive clientele. Tonight, we are here to serve you. You see, darlin', WE are your gift." Tammy stood there, stunned.

Edward pushed himself off the back of the couch gracefully. "If you would be so kind as to direct me to your bedroom so I can set up…" Tammy pointed down the hall, her face the perfect picture of confusion.

Jasper took a step closer to her and removed a stray lock of hair from her face and placed it behind her ear. She was instantly aware of his close proximity and her breath caught in her throat. "You must have done something really nice for Miss Lillie. She went out of her way to ensure you had the best. I must admit, you are the loveliest client I have had in a while. I believe I'm going to enjoy this almost as much as you are." Jasper leaned down and kissed her gently, but she didn't respond. She was still in a state of disbelief about what was happening. "Relax, darlin'. I promise you'll enjoy it." He kissed her again, and this time she responded to him. As he brushed his tongue against her lip requesting entrance, she sighed into his mouth and wrapped her arms around his neck as he slipped his tongue into her. He tasted like honey and kissed like a pro, which she supposed, he was. Jasper explored her mouth slowly, deftly. Her knees went weak as he slipped his hands under her sweatshirt and rubbed his thumbs up and down her lower spine.

Just as the muscles in her knees were about to give out, Edward emerged from her bedroom. "I'm ready whenever you are." He said abruptly before he turned around and returned from whence he came. Tammy looked at Jasper, her eyebrows furrowed.

"Don't worry, darlin'. He's the best there is; he's just a little out of practice. You see, Edward has been out of circulation for quite some time. There are three of us in the elite category of Miss Lillie's organization; Edward, myself, and a gentleman by the name of Carlisle. She considers us the cream of the crop, so to speak. But as of late she's kept Edward to herself. He's become something of her pet. This is the first time in months she's sent him on assignment. Like I said before, you must have done something really nice for her." Jasper didn't wait for a response, he just took Tammy by the hand and led her to the bedroom. A dozen or more lavender scented candles were lit throughout the room, casting a warm yellow glow throughout the room.

Jasper took her other hand and pulled her into him again. As he kissed her softly, Edward came behind her. She felt him press against her quivering form as he moved her hair gently onto one shoulder and whispered in ear. "Would you prefer to undress yourself or shall we do it for you?" Jasper didn't release her from the kiss long enough for her to answer, so Edward reached around her and began unbuttoning her jeans. He knelt down behind her and slid the jeans down slowly, kissing the back of her thighs as he went. When Tammy's jeans were pooled at her ankles, he gently bent one knee, removed the offending clothing, and kissed the bottom of her foot before doing the same to her other foot. Jasper had knowingly wrapped his arms around her waist and supported her as she melted under the attention.

Jasper picked her up and carried her to the bed, where Edward had already turned down the sheets. He unbuttoned her blouse and tossed it to their feet before laying her gently on the bed. He took a step back and Edward quickly took his place.

"Roll over," he commanded softly. She did as he commanded and quickly rolled over onto her stomach, her hands under her head. Edward straddled her thighs as Jasper handed him a bottle that was sitting on the nightstand.

Edward squirted a little oil in his hands and rubbed them together to warm the liquid before smoothing it across Tammy's shoulder blades. The oil felt warm and soothing and smelled like vanilla. Edward began expertly massaging her shoulders and neck until every muscle he touched relaxed under his hands. Tammy was so lulled by what Edward was doing that she almost didn't notice when Jasper spread her legs wide and positioned himself between her knees. He placed a dollop of the scented oil in one hand and reached under her to spread it on her folds. Tammy immediately jerked her hips upward, slamming into Edward's pelvis in the process. He lowered himself against her back and she was instantly aware that he had removed his clothing. "Relax, love." He sat back up and scooted upward slightly so that she could lift her hips more comfortably. Jasper resumed his gentle caresses while Edward began massaging her middle back, his hands gliding over the outer curves of her breasts with every lap.

Edward got up when she began bucking more forcefully under him. He looked back to see Jasper with one hand wrapped around her hips, massaging her clit fiercely, while the other arm hand was reaching between her legs, two fingers plunging in and out of her glorious sex, his thumb resting lazily between her buttocks. Edward reached under her waist and lifted her gently until she was on her elbows and knees, her legs still spread wide while Jasper continued his work. Edward reached under and cupped her breasts in his wide hands, noticing how nicely they fit in his palms as he kneaded them. She began panting and moaning incoherently and he knew she was close to reaching her release. He pinched her nipples, sending her over the edge as she slammed her hips into Jasper's hand. Moments later she collapsed on the bed, still panting. Jasper leaned over and kissed both butt cheeks before biting one tenderly. Tammy twitched and giggled, but did not object.

One of them, or perhaps both, she wasn't sure which at that point, was running soothing lines up and down her spine with their fingertips until her breathing returned to normal.

"Roll over," Edward commanded serenely. She didn't think it was possible to be more aroused than she already was, but suddenly her folds began throbbing at the sound of his voice. She was certain there was very little she would object to at this moment.

As soon as she rolled onto her back, Edward grabbed her knees and spread her legs so wide her feet were hanging off either side of her bed. He spread her lower lips with his fingers and attacked her clit with his tongue. Like a master musician that had long since perfected his craft, Edward teased and nibbled her until she felt she would explode with the pressure he was building inside her. Jasper began kissing her again in earnest, but she had to turn her head away, unable to get enough oxygen, so he turned his attention instead to her collarbone, following it from her shoulder down to the base of her throat, pausing to twirl his tongue around the soft skin there before taking her nipple into his mouth. His hot tongue ran quick circles around her peak, hardening it until it was almost painful before turning his attention to the other nipple.

"You taste delicious, love," Edward murmured against her sex before plunging his tongue into her entrance, thrusting in and out, unmercifully rubbing her clit with his thumb. All too quickly, Tammy orgasmed again, her entire body arching upward from the force of her climax. This time, however, they did not pause to let her float down gracefully. Instead, she opened her eyes, her vision hazy from the pleasures they were giving her, to find Jasper hovering inches above her.

"Are you ready for me, darlin'?" Tammy nodded mutely. He grabbed her hips and she felt his thick member pressed against her entrance, but he went no further.

"You have to tell me how you want it, baby. Do you want it slow and sweet? Or do you like a nice…hard…fuck?" Jasper nipped her earlobe in between the last few words and it sent goosebumps coursing over her skin.

"I want it hard," she whispered back, blushing at her own honesty.

Jasper smiled at her. "That's my girl." He pulled back onto his knees and Tammy heard the distinct sound of rubber snapping as he slid on a condom. Edward slid in behind her and she could feel his erection pressed into her lower back and he pulled her hips flush against him.

"Put your ankles around my neck," Jasper commanded and she flung her legs up to meet the task.

Edward chuckled behind her at her enthusiasm. "I had a feeling she'd be a fun one," he said as he reached under her to pinch her butt. He leaned down and began nibbling on her neck, distracting her for a split second before Jasper crashed into her, filling her completely. Tammy gasped from the invasion.

"Breathe, Tammy," Edward's voice instructed. She wanted to obey but succeeded only in jagged breathes, exhaling sharply with every delicious thrust of Jasper's hips. She felt his balls slap against her skin every time he entered her and she closed her eyes to savor the sensations these two men were creating in her.

Edward's hands roamed over her torso, teasing every inch of flesh they found, while Jasper continued pounded into her relentlessly, his head flung back with his own pleasure. She was going to die from the intensity of this experience, she was sure of it. But she would die happy. She didn't know how long it continued this way, but she found herself begging for more.

"Please, Jasper, faster," Tammy begged.

"Your wish is my command, darlin'," and he sped up to a frantic pace, grabbing her hips to pull her against him every time he plunged into her, causing her to take him in to the very hilt, his tip hitting her most sensitive spot each time. Edward kissed the nape of her neck before biting down and Tammy was sent to a state of sweet oblivion like nothing she'd ever experienced before. Right on cue, Jasper reached his own release when her muscles clenched down tight around him.

"Damn, honey!" He groaned. Edward and Jasper shifted positions so that Tammy found herself sandwiched between them, Jasper still firmly inside her.

"Was that good for you, darlin'?" He asked as he pushed her hair, now damp with sweat, from her forehead.

"You have no idea," she sighed contentedly.

"Have you had enough?" Tammy thought long and hard about that question, but in the end decided her body couldn't take any more just then. With great regret, she shook her head. She felt the mattress shift as Edward silently went into the bathroom attached to her bedroom. She heard the water running and realized he was running a bath. Jasper caressed her arm and kissed her almost lovingly for several moments until Edward returned and picked her up bridal style to carry her to the bath. There were more candles burning and soft music began playing from her CD player in the bedroom. Edward lowered her gently into the steamy water, which was covered in a thick layer of luxurious bubbles. He handed her a glass of champagne he had evidently poured moments before.

"Lean forward, love," he said in a low, sultry voice. She did as she was told and soon felt him washing her back with the softest washcloth she had ever felt. He dipped it in the water a few times to rinse her back off before guiding her back by her shoulders. Her head fell onto a bath pillow that was not there before. Edward moved to the other end of the tub and lifted one leg and then the other, massaging her feet until she purred.

He stood up without another word and left the room. Jasper came in moments later and sat on the edge of the tub. He caressed her cheekbone with his fingertips and smiled sweetly at her. "Enjoy your bath, darlin'. Thanks for a lovely evening." She closed her eyes as he kissed her forehead. When she opened her eyes, he, too, was gone.

Tammy wasn't sure how long she stayed in the tub, she had dozed off dreaming incredibly sweet dreams filled with shades of green and blue until the water chilled and woke her up. She stood to find an incredibly thick terrycloth bath robe hanging on the door, an insignia with the initials NCB monogrammed on it. When she went to the bedroom, she laughed at what she found. On her nightstand were two incredibly accurate chocolate replicas of the Statue of Adonis, in all his naked glory. The chocolates were flanking either side of a business card bearing the same logo as the robe and the name "Miss Lillie Cullen, Owner and Proprietor" embossed on it with a phone number. She flipped it over to see a note written on it. "Hope you enjoyed your 'gift.' Much love, Lillie". Underneath it, in a different color pen was a phone number and the words 'Call me anytime, darlin'. ~Jazz." This was definitely NOT another boring, ordinary day, she thought to herself with a smile.

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