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Cella was one of the most prominent artists of her age. Her works were currently being showcased at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It was opening night, and as she walked the crowd with a glass of champagne in her hand, she took a moment to look around and let it all sink in.

A tall, thin woman with red hair pulled up in a French twist wearing a red gown appeared next to her, with two gorgeous men in tuxedos at her side. "I love this one the most. It really captures the essence of the subject's soul, don't you think?" she purred to the men.

"If you like it so much, darlin', why don't you buy it? It would look lovely over the fireplace in the library," said the blond man to her left.

"Personally, love, I think the one we were looking at earlier is more in tune with your personality. It was a much more sensuous piece. This one strikes me as almost mournful." This man, with the auburn hair that just begged to have fingers running through it, shocked Cella with his insight.

"Hmmm…I see your point, Edward. Still, something about this one calls to me. Maybe the fact that it is so melancholy. I know, I will buy this one for Carlisle for his birthday, and the other one for myself."

"This piece IS mournful, as the other is sensuous. My art often reflects my emotions at the time. I'm very impressed." Suddenly three sets of eyes were appraising her. Both men took a step backwards to allow Lillie center stage.

"My name's Lillie. You must be Cella." Lillie and Cella shook hands. "I love your work. It almost sings to me." Cella suddenly felt an urge to do something for this woman who was such a big fan of her work.

"Follow me, I'd like to show you something." Without a word, Lillie and her two companions followed Cella through a metal door to the staging area of the museum. There were several other pieces of Cella's work that had not been put on display. One of them caught Lillie's eye almost immediately. It reminded Lillie of a Greek relief painting, but much more sensual. It was of a red haired woman in the arms of two lovers. Her head was thrown back and one was kissing her collarbone in front of her while the other was behind her kissing her shoulder. If Lillie hadn't known better, she would have thought the painting was of her, Edward, and Jasper. She was so caught up in the emotions that the painting brought forth, she didn't realize when she spoke her thoughts aloud.

"She loves them both," Lillie whispered. The two men gasped in unison as they looked to see what she was talking about.

"If you like it, it's yours. Consider it a gift." Lillie had tears in her eyes as she felt someone's arms wrap around her.

"We love you, too, love," Edward whispered in her ear. Jasper moved into her line of vision, tearing her eyes away from the magnificent painting.

"We should do something in return, don't you think?" Lillie did not meet his gaze, but nodded her head. She felt him kiss her cheek before he walked over to Cella. Edward squeezed her in a tight hug.

"I'm going to go with him. It's only right. I'll come by later and bring you the painting if that's alright." His breath tickled her ear and she never wanted him to let go, and she knew she was getting dangerously close to crossing her own lines. Still, her heart spoke before her brain could stop it.

"Would you pick up some Thai food on the way?" she asked as a tear rolled down her cheek. Edward kissed it away before releasing her.

"Of course, love. I'll see you back home in a couple of hours."

Cella didn't understand what was happening. Lillie kissed her on both cheeks and thanked her, saying something about returning the favor, and then she was gone. Her two companions, however, remained.

"My name is Jasper, and this is Edward," the blond man with the deep blue eyes said as he handed her a business card with the NCB crest. "We work for Miss Lillie, and she would like to repay you for your kindness. We specialize in providing our clients with pleasure."

Cella's eyes opened wide as realization set in. Suddenly Edward was behind her, running his fingers seductively through her hair. "What he is trying to say is, if you wish for he and I to fuck you senseless tonight until you beg for mercy, we will make that dream come true for you." Cella began hyperventilating at the thought, and Edward chuckled behind her.

Jasper took her by the hand and led her out the door with the 'exit' sign above it. "Come on, darlin', we don't bite. Much." Jasper lifted an eyebrow suggestively. Cella was vaguely aware of getting in a limo and giving the driver instructions to her hotel. No sooner had she closed the door to her suite then Jasper and Edward began kissing and caressing every inch of her body. She wasn't even certain who had removed which articles of her clothing or when, but she found herself standing in the middle of her hotel suite, naked, with Jasper on his knees in front of her. Her senses returned to her with a fiery flash when his tongue touched her lower lips and his hand began working it's way up her thigh. Edward was once again behind her, she leaned against him for support as Jasper spread her legs apart and scooted in between them for easier access.

"Let me explain to you what's going to happen," Edward coo'ed in her ear as he began fondling her breasts. "First, Jasper is going to lick and finger you until you scream for mercy and you come so hard your legs won't hold you up anymore." Edward pinched her nipples a little and Cella moaned. "Then, he's going to take you into the bedroom and let you ride him like you've never done before." Cella could feel the wetness in her legs increase and her folds began throbbing as all the blood in her body rushed to them. Jasper had spread her open and was thrusting two fingers into her core, slowly, as he continued to lick and nibble her clit. She spread her legs even further apart and Edward wrapped his arms around her waist to support her. "Then right after you come for a second time, I'm going to join you. I'm going to coat myself in your juices and show you pleasures you didn't even know your body was capable of." With that, the spring that had been tightening in her stomach exploded and she saw stars behind her closed eyes as she climaxed.

"Oh my god," she panted.

"That's only the beginning, darlin'," Jasper smirked as he picked her up bridal style and took her into the bedroom. He laid her on the bed, crawled up next to her and pulled her on top of him. He maneuvered her hips so she dropped down onto his length in one swift movement, and Cella moaned at the feeling of being filled by this gorgeous man. It unleashed a passion in her she had never felt before. She placed her hands on the planes of his chest for support and began a frantic pace, smashing herself against him with every stroke, willing him even deeper inside. He was caressing her arms, her neck, her chest and back with such a feather light touch that was in such sharp contradiction to her movements that he left of a trail of tingles wherever he touched. When Jasper felt her begin to clench around him, he reached down and pinched her clit lightly. "Let it go. Come for me." His voice was so sexy and commanding, she had no choice but to comply.

Cella collapsed on his stomach and he let her rest a moment as she came down from her orgasm. Suddenly she felt a second pair of hands touching her, lifting her by her hips, causing Jasper to remove himself from inside her.

"We're not done with you yet," Edward said with a smirk. He slid into her from behind and pounded into her a few times, spreading and groping her butt cheeks in a most delicious way. Cella started to lean into his strokes with her hips, when suddenly he pulled out. She moaned from the absence, but Jasper slid back into her at that moment, then held still as he kissed her deeply. She was all but lost in the flavor of Jasper's tender kisses when she felt Edward spread her cheeks again. This time, he placed himself at her entrance. He leaned forward and kissed her shoulder before sitting back up, running his fingers up and down her back as he slowly entered her. Cella moaned into Jasper's mouth, but did nothing to stop Edward as he continued, inch by inch until he was completely sheathed in her. Jasper could feel her muscles clench around him as she adjusted to being filled this way, by two men at once. Neither one moved, just kissed and caressed her until she begged for more.

"Please…, yes," she whispered into Jasper's neck as she placed her forehead on his shoulder. Jasper and Edward began a rhythm of alternating thrusts, quickly sending Cella higher than she had ever been before. All conscious thought was lost to her as the sensations overtook her, all she felt was hands and lips and the overpowering feelings inside her as she screamed and moaned in pleasure. Jasper reached his release first, thrusting in her powerfully one last time, followed shortly behind by Edward, who grabbed her hips and lifted her slightly to gain better access as he thrust into her even deeper in before. His last thrust sent her over the edge into oblivion.

Both men carefully eased out of her and took opposing positions on the bed, kissing and caressing her gently until she relaxed. She was so exhausted by the experience that she soon fell asleep.

When she woke up, she found that she had been cleaned up and her silk pajamas had been put on her. If she wasn't so sore, she would have thought it all a dream. She noticed the red light flashing on her hotel phone and called the desk to retrieve her message. She found there was a package waiting for her. She had the bellhop send it up. It was a gift basket from Lillie with a bathrobe, a bottle of coconut bubble bath, and a chocolate statue of Adonis. There was a note attached. "Thank you for my gift. I hope you enjoyed mine as well. Much love, Lillie."