A/N This is just a little thing that popped into my head, because I've been doing a lot of dancing this weekend. I know it's not the most original story out there, and if you feel like I'm stealing your ideas, I'm very sorry! I didn't mean to. I just wanted to write this. :)


He doesn't know what's happened to her when she arrives. The Ponds had just gone off to bed, and he had been reading in the console room with soft music playing in the background when she burst through the doors, kicking them shut behind her. At first, the Doctor is just surprised, though prehaps a bit pleased. Then he sees her face. She is crying, tears silently streaming down her face as her body trembles, not making a sound.

Immediately he discards the book and gets up walking up to her. She looks up from the floor, her face distorted by grief and pain.

The Doctor doesn't speak to her but instead pulls her into a gentle embrace. Generally, he would be sure to do diaries before doing anything like this, but right now, he just doesn't care. It doesn't matter to him where in their story she is, the important thing is that she's here, she's River Song, and she's crying, and The Doctor is going to fix it, whatever it is.

"Oh, River." he whispers softly. "What happened?"

He figures that she must be far enough to have done Area 52 because instead of pulling away or responding with the usual 'spoilers', she moves in closer, wrapping her arms tightly around him and burying her face in his hair.

"I killed you, Doctor." she sobs, "I killed you, and it doesn't matter if you lived in the end, because I did kill you, after all you did for me, I killed you."

He should have known. He knew she would feel torn up about the whole matter, didn't he? But this was beyond that. This was a side of the fearless River Song he had never seen before, and it almost scares him how upset she is, yet it also makes him love her all the more. He knows enough not to say anything to her, because any words of forgiveness will only be ignored.

Instead he turned his head to face hers and kissed her before pointing his screwdriver at the console to turn up the music slightly.

He slowly begins to move in time to the music.

"What are you doing?" she asks, drawing a very shaky sort of breath.

"If you've just killed me, then that means that you just married me too. I always dance at weddings."

She manages to smile briefly, but her grin quickly fades.

"It isn't fair." she murmurs, though the Doctor feels better to hear her voice has grown steadier and less miserable.

The Doctor doesn't ask her what isn't fair. He knows that she's not referring to a specific event, just everything in general. And to a certain extent, he agrees with her. Her life was possibly the oddest, most difficult he had ever seen, aside from possibly his own.

"I've lived through our story more than you have. And it's hard. But it is worth it."

"Is it?" she asked, but the Doctor can see that she's stopped crying for the most part.

"It is." he said, "I promise."

Its odd, their relationship. Sometimes, they can't stand each other. Sometimes they don't know each other. But in the end, it's always him and her, together.

Tonight, she's crying and he's dancing.

She wonders when it will end, all of this running, though she loves it.

He prays it will never end, but he knows it will.

But they both don't care, because they are here now, together, and with their lives, they take it one moment at a time.

Neither of them would have it any other way.