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...if I didn't have you!

Amy Pond found the note on her kitchen counter during dinner when she got up to retrieve the salt from the kitchen. She picked it up and brought it into the dining room.

"Hey Rory," she said, handing it to him, "look at this."

The note read:

Hello Ponds!

As our New Years gift to you, we're treating you to dinner and a movie tomorrow night! Dress nicely! We'll pick you up at seven! See you then! :)


River and The Doctor

P.S. Don't worry if you had other plans! We have a time machine...

P.P.S River wants you to know that I wrote this, just so you know whose fault it is if there are grammar mistakes or something.

P.P.P.S Bowties are cool! (And fezzes!)

P.P.P.P.S River says we have to go - just one more thing - Stetsons. The ultimate cool. :)


The TARDIS arrived, late of course, at 7:45 the next day. The Doctor and River dropped them off, telling them that the movie would follow dinner, and they'd pick them up afterwards.

The food was nice enough, and it was quiet, candlelit, not very busy with only a few other couples there, and actually quite romantic. And it went very well, until the dinner entertainment came on.

A man entered and walked up to the platform in the front of the room, turning on a microphone and addressing the crowd.

"Hello Ladies and Gentlemen. We have some special entertainment prepared for you, free of charge, as the Hotel Denumount's New Years gift to you. So, with out further ado, let me introduce John Smith and the Amazing Mels!"

There was some scattered applause which faded quickly as the curtain rose and the duo came into view.

The man had dark hair that was done up in a sloppy Elvis style hairdo and streaked with red, along with a very large, bulbous nose with several large moles. The woman was wearing heels that were higher and more ridiculous than Amy had ever seen, a short, torn dress that may have either once been white or had started out a dingy grey. Her hair was curly and blond, but streaked with dark blue dye and she was wearing possibly the most absurd false eyelashes in existence.

The two appeared to...sing and...dance, though the terms were a bit more generous than the two really deserved. The man mumbled his way through "A Little Help From My Friends" and "In My Life" by the Beatles, and did an enthusiastic, if terrible, rendition of "Burning Love" by Elvis while the woman acted as a squeaky, earsplittingly high back up singer and a sort of dancer, though Amy wasn't sure that the odd sort of hopping thing 'Mels' was doing quite qualified as dancing.

It may have been funny under other circumstances, but the couples, Amy and Rory included, just kind of sat in a confused, bewildered, and disgusted silence. When the two finally finished with "Don't Stop Believing," which they had pilfered so badly it may have been considered a crime, not one person could bring them self to clap, and they all looked stunned by the atrocity they had witnessed.

"Rory." said Amy, staring at her half eaten meal in dismay, as she wasn't all that hungry anymore, "Never, ever let the Doctor pick where we eat again, okay?"

Rory nodded slowly, still staring at the platform in shock.


When the TARDIS appeared a few hours later, Amy and Rory entered to find River sitting on one of the chairs in the console room, reading. When she heard them come in, she looked up.

"Nice evening? I love that place."

"No!" said Amy, glaring. "It was terrible! They had this singer, he was horrible! And the movie was a lecture on thermodynamics! I was bored to death! I hated it!"

The Doctor walked in, looking at the Ponds.

"What's this? Nice night out? It's River's favorite."

"Umm, Doctor, never make us go there again. Please?"

The Doctor looked hurt.

"We thought you'd have a great time."

Later that night, having decided to get some rest in the TARDIS, Amy got up to use the bathroom. As she walked out, she almost tripped over a large, ugly rubber nose.