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A Price On Your Head, Chapter Two

"Cyborg, do you have a visual in Dimagio's office?" Robin's voice gruffly buzzed out of the teen hero's arm-communicator.

"Yeah, Rob. Camera's in place. The nanobot worked like a charm, walked straight under the door and into a corner. Picture is good, audio too," Cyborg told his leader. He sounded far more serious than usual.

"Are you sure Dimagio and his guards are the only ones on his floor?"

"Positive. No civilians are in or near Dimagio's apartment."

"And the loop for the security cameras are ready?"

"The loop will start right before Star and BB go in."

"Are you in place on the floor above?"

"Affirmative. Something goes wrong in there, I can be in through the ceiling in under ten seconds," Cyborg confirmed into his arm. He had grappled up through a window about an hour previously. With careful planning from the half-robot, no one noticed him enter the fifteenth-story window.

"Good. Starfire, Beast Boy, are you two ready?" Robin checked.

"Yes, Robin. We are waiting on the roof of the building of apartments, as you commanded," Starfire responded through her discrete earpiece communicator, voice low to avoid being heard by the overly-muscled doorman, despite him being nearly two hundred feet below. Next to her a green English pointer dog morphed into a green boy in a purple jump suit.

"Chill Rob, everything is gonna go as planned," Beast Boy whispered into his own earpiece, uncharacteristically mellow.

"I know, Beast Boy. Everyone remain in position until I give the signal," Robin commanded his team.


"Sure thing."

"Yes, Robin."

"Good. Robin out."

The link went silent. For a few minutes, nothing moved. Then, a single headlight broke the darkness of the lonely business street and grew larger, until they could make out a black and red motorcycle. The growling of the engine rumbled through the night's silence, and tension grew in the shoulders of the two Titans in place on the roof of the building.

"Robin?" Starfire whispered into her comm link.

"Star, stay quiet. Red X is incoming," Robin ordered, almost angrily.

"But Robin, I was thinking... Do you think Red X would really kill Raven? I simply cannot believe that he would," the generously kind alien asked.

"I don't know, Star. I never used to think of him as a killer. But then again, we don't know him. Now, quiet," the leader answered his teammate. "Cyborg, I'm on my way up to your position."

"I read you," Cyborg answered, and all fell silent.

Red X's bike stopped before the building and he shut down the machine. As he dismounted, the watching pair of heroes saw a previously unnoticed body slumped on his back. They watched as he carelessly tossed it over his black-clad shoulder. The purple-haired body did not react at all. It did not appear to be breathing.

Red X approached the door, only to be stopped by the muscled and intimidating doorman.

"Are you a resident of this apartment building?" the man asked.

Red X put his free fist on his hip and rolled his eyes impatiently. "No. I'm here to see Mr. Dimagio."

"On what business?"

The man's thickness astounded X, who said, "Can you see the dead Titan on my shoulder? I'm pretty sure he'll see me, so let me through."

Though the doorman looked angry at X's condescension, he had his orders. Red X entered the building. Starfire, leader of her and Beast Boy's mission, informed Robin of his movements.

"Thank you Star. You and Beast Boy get ready to head in at my word. We're taking this guy down," Robin answered grimly as he joined Cyborg through the window via grappling hook. He shook out his wind-mussed black hair, moved to stand at attention in front of Cyborg's surveillance screens, and waited.

Red X entered the empty elevator. As the doors closed he sighed with relief. He put his load on the floor, gently sitting her on the carpet. It had seriously pissed him off to allow a dumb thug at the lobby desk check that she was dead. He found no breath or pulse. He had also patted him down to ensure that he wasn't concealing a gun. He had had to choke down a laugh at that. With all the weapons he carried, a gun was the least of their worries.

Raven opened her eyes.

"You know," Raven said, voice conveying that she didn't bat an eyelash at playing possum, "Just because I can't hit you now doesn't mean I won't get you back for grabbing my ass."

X smirked at her blood-covered face. He mimed the way he held her, carting her over his shoulder with his right hand over where her butt would be. "It's the easiest way to carry you, love."

"'Love?' That's a new one," she remarked.

"Just conveying how serious I am about you," he returned.

"Oh, so now this is a courtship? Hm... How should I respond to that?" She thought aloud, putting a finger thoughtfully to her chin and coming away with dried fake blood. She stared down at it with perfect apathy.

He laughed. "By kissing me," he said with a wag of his eyebrows.

"Ah, no," Raven chuckled as well. The laugh surprised X, but that was the fun in talking with her: how often she surprised him.

"Shame," he said lightly. He smiled genuinely at her. She turned her head away in response and looked dead again. The elevator dinged and the door opened to the fifteenth floor, the location of Nicola Dimagio's apartment and office, where half the crime in the city was planned.

"Alright. Let's wreck this guy, baby," Red X said, seemingly to himself, as he picked up her limp body again. He made sure to squeeze her ass. She couldn't react. He smirked.

Two men stood guard beside the elevator. Two men stood guard outside of the door to the only apartment on the floor. X presented them with Raven's body, and they also checked for a pulse- but, thanks to Raven's odd demon powers, she could tweak their senses enough to convince them she was without a pulse and cold. They allowed him into the apartment, and a man inside the door led X to Dimagio's office, passing by an open door to a room full of crooks and criminals. Each one was over six foot and all muscle. X could take on every single one of them. At the same time.

Raven nearly choked on the fumes from his hot head. She could nearly smell his ego with her empathy.

X strutted down the hallway until he came to a mahogany door that just oozed importance.

The large suited black man who had led X to the door held his meaty hand in front of X's chest to stop him entering the office. The man opened the door and informed Dimagio that Red X had arrived.

The thug moved aside shortly, and X entered the room.

"He's clear. Starfire, Beast Boy, go," Robin commanded into his T-Comp.

Starfire's voice responded through the link, "Yes, Robin."

Robin observed from the window as his two teammates ducked along a wall, flying down from the roof- Beast Boy in the form of a pigeon- until Starfire was behind the doorman, and silently took him down. They hid the limp body quickly, and entered the building with the keys they took off of him.

In under twenty seconds from Robin's 'Go,' they were in.

"Mr. Red X, what a delight it is to meet you, and especially under such," Dimagio gestured at the body that X had unceremoniously dropped on his desk, "wonderful circumstances," he finished.

"The pleasure is all mine. Now, Mr. Dimagio, I believe we should discuss my reward. I'm going to cut you a deal, and you're going to take it," X declared evenly, sitting casually into a chair.

Starfire led the way into the building, as her golden alien skin was fairly near bulletproof. The door opened silently and she entered the granite lobby just as quietly, ducking swiftly into an alcove in the wall. She knew she had to keep their entrance to the building undetected, so as not to disturb X's 'negotiations', so she sweeped the room with her eyes, and to her delight, she found only one man at the desk.

Not entirely sure if the man was truly a building employee or the first line of the mob's defense, Starfire decided to check. Boldly as her personality, she walked forward into the man's line of vision, allowing her heels to clack on the stone floor. The man looked up.

At the sight of the famous hero, the man's eyes bugged out of his head. He reached for the gun at his hip faster than Starfire would have expected. Not afraid of the gunfire as much as the noise it would make, the alien used her eyebeams to melt the pistol right out of the criminal's hand. Faster than a blink, she flew forwards and knocked him unconscious with a solid punch.

Beast Boy ran in from where he had waited at the door.

"Aw man," he whined. "How come I couldn't do that?"

"Because you are not Tameranean," his mission partner answered simply.

"No," he protested, "I mean, I didn't get to do anything!"

Starfire bound the unconscious man with ropes and stowed him below the desk, out of prying eyes. "It was expedient this way, yes? Our mission has barely commenced, my friend. We must now go up to the floor of the fifteenth and clear out all of Dimagio's guardians without his noticing. That shall be most challenging, and will require that you 'kick the butt' as you like to say."

Beast Boy grinned in remembrance, excited for his task. "Come on, then, let's go!"

Dimagio looked surprised at X's forwardness. He held up his hands in a placating gesture. "Now, now, X- can I call you X?- why rush right into business? You'll get the money I promised, but first, have a scotch with me." The man's voice slid like oil and honey, like an experienced negotiator, like a politician. X trusted him less and less with every word.

"I'd really rather not," X refused. Dimagio kept up his slimy smile. Red X grimaced, hidden by his mask. He stood and crossed his arms, exuding confidence, attempting to wordlessly intimidate the criminal overlord before him.

"Here's the deal, Dimagio," Red X's mechanical voice drawled, "I'm going to take out the other four Titans for you, and you're going to pay me the ten million. So you see, there's no need for anyone else to be going after my targets and getting in my way. So how about you call off the hit and just make it my commission?"

Dimagio lounged easily in his leather office chair. He looked at the purple-haired, bloody corpse on his mahogany desk and smiled. Standing, he said confidently to the masked man before him, "Well you obviously have the skill to do it. So what's wrong with a little competition?"

Red X's demeanor suddenly filled with fury, and an X-blade flew past Dimagio's face and lodged itself deep into the white-painted wall beside him. X growled, "Because if some stupid thug shoots a lucky bullet, I'm out more than half my money. So I suggest you take my offer. No one else has the skill to do it anyway. Me, I can give you a satisfaction guarantee."

Under his mask, X smirked at the nervousness in Dimagio's eyes.

All according to plan, X thought.

Starfire headed towards the elevators and pressed the call button.

"Why are we taking the elevator?" her green friend asked.

"It will look less suspicious, and be quieter, than us smashing in through the windows or flying up the shaft and forcing the doors open," she answered logically.

Beast Boy grumbled nonetheless, "But that's no fun..."

Starfire ignored Beast Boy's whining, and moved to contact Robin. Beast Boy interrupted, "Hey, Star, can I call it in?"

"You are welcome to," she answered after a moment's thought.

"Sweet! Hey, Rob, thanks to us, the lobby is now clear," he said into his comm.

The voice of their leader answered, "Good, then proceed to Dimagio's floor. Make sure to be undetected. We don't want to interrupt X's... talk. Now, go."

Dimagio coughed to cover his initial reaction, and regained his cool facade, smiling at X again. With some effort he yanked he X-knife out of the wall and asked the masked thief, "Do you think I am so easily intimidated? Do you think one knife in the wall will make me cave to your demands?" He smirked and tossed the X-shaped knife at the floor near X's feet. "A man like me, a man who has led a criminal empire for decades, does not get there being frighted of a few threats."

X smiled a bit on the inside, but didn't let anything show through body language. Now that they could definitively pin Dimagio as the leader of organized crime in Jump City, all he needed to do was distract him while the two biggest idiots on the Titans cleared out Dimagio's muscle. The kids wanted a clean arrest, and plenty of people to interrogate. And once they had Dimagio and his admission on tape, the police could search Dimagio's files and pin enough on him to lock him and half of his men away.

"Alright," X said, internally planning his every step, "In that case, how about we discuss it like civilized men. I'll tell you why you should hire me out, and then you'll do it, I assure you."

Dimagio sat back in his chair. "Then by all means, X: impress me."

With a raised eyebrow, Beast Boy watched as Starfire hummed along with the elevator music, contentedly watching the numbers rise until they reached three and the lift slowed.

With a cheerful ding, the doors of the elevator opened.

The two men beside the elevator hesitated in their reaction, and that was all the opening that the Titans needed. As the mobsters turned to look at the elevator's inhabitants, said inhabitants stepped out and rendered them unconscious by using pressure points.

While the first two mobsters fell limply to the floor, Starfire flew forward to stop one of the other guards, only a few feet away at the door to the apartment, from drawing a gun. She wrestled with the man, who definitely spent time at the gym, arms locked in a battle of strength, but eventually got the better of him by kneeing him in the stomach, following up with an elbow to the skull.

Beast Boy meanwhile rushed forward to take the second man out. Limited in transformations to quiet animals, he shifted into a Boa Constrictor, wrapping himself around the large criminal until he passed out. Beast Boy quickly released him, and shifted back to himself.

"Is it true that you have offered to pay anyone who brought you the body of a dead Titan one million dollars as a reward?" X asked straight out. He figured the kids would appreciate having that on tape.

Dimagio narrowed his eyes at the thief before him. "Yes, I have."

"Or, if someone brought you all five Titans, you would pay them ten million dollars as a reward?" X added.

"Yes, that was the deal. I want the Titans dead, what else could I do?" Dimagio said.

Raising his hands innocently, X said, "Nothing, I don't fault you for that. When did news of that start spreading? Two, three days ago? And now, on your desk, you have your very own dead Titan. Arguably the most powerful one. I'd call that some results, wouldn't you?" X pitched like an expert salesman.

Dimagio smiled again down at Raven's body. He told X, "Yes, I am very pleased by this. And I will pay you your million dollar reward."

"Oh, but I don't just want a million, I want the whole ten," X smirked.

"Then kill all five Titans," Dimagio countered.

"I intend to, but that will prove difficult with a bunch of gun-totting morons in my way."

"All the criminals in this town work for me. Now, I know you wouldn't call my employees morons, would you?" Dimagio asked, falsely polite.

X thought about that. His answer could bring the conversation two ways. He could continue the polite path and just keep the crime-boss talking, or he could finish what he started with the X-blade in the wall, and just piss Dimagio off.

X smirked so boldly he expected Dimagio to see it through the skull mask.

Starfire and Beast Boy stood in front of the door to Dimagio's apartment. Starfire asked into her comm link, "Cyborg, have you disabled the security systems in the doors?"

When she received the affirmative, Starfire grabbed the doorknob. The door required a card-key, but she just used brute strength to turn the doorknob until the lock broke.

A moment before they entered, she looked at her partner and said, "Remember to go for their throats."

Beast Boy nodded. Starfire opened the door and they rushed in.

They first room they entered was a sitting room. A sole guard leaned against the opposite wall, looking bored and half-asleep. He hadn't noticed the door open, and Starfire used that to her advantage as she quickly leapt forward and elbowed the man in the throat, preventing him for yelling, an giving her a chance to knock him out before he could attack. She took it, hitting him over the head, and letting him fall limply to the floor.

The two Titans repeated the procedure into a hallway with three guards, hitting them in the throats and knocking away their guns before rapidly rendering them unconcious. Then they entered a meeting room where six men sat around a wood table, playing cards and drinking.

Outnumbered but fast and sober, the Titans knocked out two drunk mobsters before the other four realized what was happening. As Starfire knocked out another man, Beast Boy turned into an octopus, using his many limbs to choke two men while keeping their arms from reaching their guns. With his octopus eyes, he saw a man aim a gun at Starfire's back.

Desperate to keep the man from injuring his friend and alerting anyone remaining on the floor to their presence, Beast Boy morphed into a cheetah and leapt at the man, not mauling him, but knocking him forcibly to the ground and making him wet his pants in fear. Morphing once more, Beast Boy punched the man in the face as a gorilla.

The green young man turned to his friend to see her looking at him with pride. He grinned back.

"Come," she said, "I believe that there are only two men remaining, standing guard outside of the office where Dimagio and the Red X talk."

"Hate to be the one to tell you this, Dimagio, but most of this town's criminals don't work for you, so get your head out of your ass," X boldly declared. He nearly laughed out loud when Dimagio's face went red. "The only ones that do actually work for you, and stay loyal, because I know for damn sure many of them don't, are morons. And you know McArthur said about the General only being as good as his troops."

For the first time that night, Robin made use of the comm connection in X's mask and asked him suspiciously, "X, what are you doing? If you screw this up to have a little fun-"

X pressed a button on the side of his mask, and cut Robin off.

Meanwhile, Dimagio stood, hands flat on his desk, leaning towards the thief that had decided to make him an enemy. "How dare you insult me, and how dare you insult my men. If you think you're getting a cent from me, you're as crazy as people say."

That piqued X's interest. "People think I'm crazy?"

DImagio smirked, finally having the upper hand, and said, "Yeah. Only a guy with a few screws loose would be a criminal and help the Titans as much as you do. We all know about the times you've helped them, we know you play both sides. And no one likes it. It's too fishy. So you know what? Get out. You're gonna want to get out of town all together, because that hit on the Titans? Well, now it includes you too."

X tilted his head back and released his smooth, deep laugh, ruined by the voice distorter that made it mechanical. After a moment, he looked back at Dimagio and said, "Come on, Dimagio, you don't want to know which of your men have hired me to steal for them without your say-so? Do you want to know who asked me to steal from you? You want to talk playing both sides, do you want to know which of your men was going to give the police classified information on you before one of your guards shut him up? You seem to have a loyalty problem in your ranks, and you can't blame that on me."

Robin's angry voice chimed in again, "X, I don't know what you're doing, but Starfire and Beast Boy are taking out the last guards as we speak."

X nodded ambiguously, knowing Bird Boy would see it on the camera.

But now, Dimagio was furious.

"You wanna see loyalty?" Dimagio shouted. "I'll show you loyalty. Boys! Get in here and teach this thief a lesson!"

Dimagio's assured smirk floundered into a scowl when the two men outside his door failed to respond immediately. He stormed to his office door and slammed it open before X could stop it.

Starfire and Beast Boy found that the two men on Dimagio's personal detail were the largest and scariest mobsters they had ever seen.

But that didn't really matter because they had superpowers and the men didn't.

Hiding around a corner, out of the men's sight, Starfire relayed to Robin, "We are going to incapacitate the final guards now. Inform the Red X of our position, please."

There was a pause before Robin, answered, "Done."

Starfire counted down from three on her hands, and at her forward signal, she and Beast Boy leapt from their position to take the men out.

Starfire used her whole body, grabbing the man from behind, wrapping her powerful arms around his throat to block his airways and silence him, while her legs prevented his arms from reaching for his guns. She held on until he slumped.

Beast Boy had shot forward as a hummingbird, but had morphed into a gorilla just as he reached his mark. Using his ape arms, he grabbed the man around his torso, and pounded him in the head before he even had a chance to shout.

Over their own battle, the two heroes did not hear the shouting exchange within the room. Before they could react, the door was yanked open aggressively, and Starfire and Beast Boy looked up to see the head of the Jump City mob, shocked and fuming.

"Not working with the Titans, huh?" Dimagio said rhetorically. Faster than the heroes and the thief had expected from the man, Dimagio pulled two semi-automatic pistols from under his jacket and aimed one at Red X and one at Beast Boy. Without hesitation, he pulled both triggers.

Starfire, acting quickly, used her green eyebeams to blow up the gun the moment she saw it, before it fired. Dimagio screamed in pain, cradling his bloodied hand, but the bullet he had aimed at Red X was already headed on its trajectory. X didn't have time to move.

He tried to jump out of the bullet's path, but he knew it was futile. The sometimes-villain squinted in readiness for the pain. Before it came, though, he was saved by a black energy shield. Once the bullet was stopped, the black energy seemed to come alive, morphing into a clawlike hand, and grabbed the other gun from the already incapacitated criminal. The hand squeezed, and dropped a metallic lump that had once been a weapon.

Red X looked up at the scene, shocked at his proximity to death. He looked over at his savior, and saw, as he expected, Raven floating in front of the desk where she had lain prone for so long. Her body was tensed perfectly straight, except for her arms, which crossed at the forearms. The backs of her hands stayed parallel to each other, leaving a space between them, where sparks of black energy surged from. Her white, glowing eyes shone brighter than the lamps in the room. Dimagio, holding onto his bleeding hand, cowered in fear from the menacing half-demon levitating above him.

As the terrified mobster cringed backwards, Starfire approached him and cuffed him.

"Nicola Dimagio, you are under arrest for conspiracy to commit first degree murder," Starfire declared, proud that she could finally remember the Miranda Rights that Robin had worked so long to teach her. "You have the right to remain silent, anything you say or do can and will be used against you in the court of law."

X stopped listening to the redhead read the gangster his rights, and turned back to Raven, who had relaxed and floated back down to the ground. As the white glow of her eyes ceased and returned to the purple he had grown fond of, X smiled at the hero.

She raised an eyebrow. "What?"

"Nothing," he denied.

Raven's eyes narrowed. "You do realize that now you owe me for saving your identity and your life, don't you?"

X tilted his head flirtatiously. "Just tell me how you want me to," he took a step closer to her, "repay you, Sunshine."

"In your dreams."

"Every night. Speaking of which-"

Red X and Raven's banter was interrupted as Robin and Cyborg swung into the office from the window. Robin ignored X and went straight to see to Dimagio, still bitter that he had needed his enemy to save his team, but Cyborg reached out his hand to shake X's. While the shook hands respectfully and gratefully, X smiled at the tin man. Maybe not all heroes were bad.

X looked at Raven, lounging against Dimagio's desk, occassionally glancing up at him from under her eyelashes.

Yeah, not all heroes were bad.

Later that night, the Titans had filled out more paperwork and made more statements than they ever wanted to think about again, but they were satisfied that their efforts would pay off and keep Dimagio in jail for a good long time. Tomorrow would begin the interrogations of Dimagio's men and the searches of his papers and computer files. They would hopefully find out who Dimagio's connections were in the drug and ammunition trades and put a stop to them at their sources. All in all, their week was still busy, but it would pay off tenfold if they could stop mob activity in the city, at least for a while.

Raven walked into her room, looking forward to changing into something comfortable and going to bed. As the doors wooshed close behind her, she sensed another presence in her room. A familiar presence, at this point.

With a sigh she commanded, "Come on out X, I know you're there."

"That's not fair, Sunshine. How's a thief supposed to work if you can sense that he's there?"

"Well, considering that your occupation is very much illegal, I don't see how your working conditions are much concern," she answered, picking through a dresser to find a set of cotton pajamas that Starfire had given her for Christmas. Finally he stepped out the shadows in the corner her bookshelf made with her wall.

"That's some sexy sleepwear. You gonna model it for me?" X proposed.

Raven rolled her eyes and went into her bathroom. Once she had changed, brushed her teeth and hair and washed her face, she walked back into her room casually.

What she found upon entering was X laying nonchalantly on her bed. On her bed.

It was enough to make any girl's thoughts a bit fuzzy, but Raven was ashamed at her distraction. The man wasn't even undressed and she was drooling over him. None of this showed on her face, though, and outwardly she rolled her eyes.

"Get off of my bed," she grumbled.

X, meanwhile, had been checking the bird out in her pajamas. He couldn't believe that she had changed into casual clothes around him. He studied the image of her in cotton pants and a tank top closely for future reference. For good measure, to make sure she knew what he thought, he wolf-whistled.

Raven surreptitiously moved one hand in a swiping gesture, and suddenly a black wave swiped X right off of Raven's bed. He didn't shout out, since he was a thief after all and had trained himself to be silent when under duress. But his arms flailed as he tried to catch himself, and Raven laughed openly at that image.

As he stood, yanking his suit straight and dusting his shoulders off, Raven stood with a hip cocked, proud of her victory. He couldn't let that stand.

He marched over to the half-demon, who stood her ground without flinching. In an act of defiance, stupidity, and lust, the thief known as Red X pulled the Titan called Raven by the waist until she bumped into his chest. She looked up at him, about to growl, but was stifled when he yanked off his face mask and covered her mouth with his.

Shocked at first, Raven didn't know if she should wait him out and punch him, or pull away immediately and punch him. Her eyes were wide open, looking into his domino mask that he'd had under his X-mask. But as she stood stock still, X continued to kiss her, letting her feel the obsession he had developed, and slowly, as his hands at her waist wrapped fully around her, she started to kiss him back.

Red X's tactics didn't change as she started to join the party, he just continued to hold her close and kiss her with an even pace. Eventually her arms went up to his shoulders, and she started to get impatient as he failed to take anything further. She growled, and X's still-covered eyes sparkled in delight. In a swift motion, he had pulled one of her legs up by the thigh to rest on his hip as he pulled her off of her feet and onto her large bed. Raven was completely at the mercy of the criminal above her, still melding his lips to hers. When she was down on the bed, his lips left her mouth and kissed a hot trail down her neck.

Raven's senses were a second behind, so it took her a moment to register when his lips left her skin. But when she realized, she opened her eyes and looked up at the man standing above her. She sat up, face not revealing her embarrassment, but his smirk didn't help the feeling.

"Told you I'd get that kiss for saving the damsel," X bragged. Raven's eyes rolled and avoided him.

"See you later, Babe," X said, then turned and walked towards her window, the window he'd looked in on her from on many occasions. Not that he'd ever admit that.

"Hey X," Raven called. He turned back to look at her. She help up his face mask. He had left it on the floor. He caught it when she threw it.

"You know," she mused, "You do still owe me for saving you twice."

Red X saw the underlying meaning. She wanted him to come back. "Don't worry, Babe. I'll... reimburse you," he promised. Somehow, he made a business term sound forbidden and dangerous.

Raven's eyes told him she wouldn't lock her windows.

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