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"How many Galleons did you say we were going to get for this?" Scorpius asked, as he and Albus walked through an old wizard town trying to find house number 573. It was a Hogsmeade weekend, but Albus had gotten permission from the head of Gryffindor house to go to another town not too far off from Hogsmeade, as long as he and Scorpius returned to Hogwarts at the same time everyone was expected from Hogsmeade.

"I told you! 200!" Albus grinned at his best friend

"That sounds way too good to be true Al, and you know it. Tell me one more time how you heard about this?"

"I saw it in a little advert in the Quibbler, that weird mag I get in the post. How hard can it be? Maybe they'll make us pose with Dragons or something dangerous like that! Maybe that's why they're giving us so much?"

"I can only hope. Where is the muggle picture going to go anyway? Wizards don't really appreciate their art. Why have a still picture drawn by hand, when you can have a moving one?" Scorpius asked, genuinely confused

"I think the girl said that it was for a project she was doing. Some kind of research on muggle art, and for her final product, she was recreating something called life drawing. Though, I don't know why they call it that...would they do death drawing too?"

Scorpius snorted and a moment later pointed "There! 573 Prickle Street"

Al grinned at the street name, elbowing Scorpius as they headed toward the house.

The house was nice, not overly large but big enough to not be considered average. The girl who answered the door looked their age, though they had never seen her at Hogwarts.

"Hi. Wow, are you Scorpius and Albus?" she asked in a slight french accent, eyeing them both somewhat suspiciously

"Yeah, hi, I'm Scor and this is Al" Scorpius extended his arm and gave her a huge smile.

Albus did the same though he felt a tingle of jealousy looking at how his best friend was grinning at the girl. Albus wished Scorpius would reserve that type of smile for him alone. Albus actually wished a lot of things concerning Scorpius. Albus knew that he and Scorp could never work. Scorpius had been nice enough to stick around after Albus came out to him, and even though they were both in the sixth year and neither had been in a relationship before, Scorpius was never one to hesitate talking to the other boys in their dorm about girls they found attractive at Hogwarts. But when conversations that veered towards sex, he and Albus stayed out of, as both were virgins and believed in saving it for someone special, not some drunken Slytherin at an inter-house party.

The girl ushered them into the house. And led them upstairs. As they were walking she started talking.

"I'm Ella, seventh year at Beaubaxtons. Thank you both for coming. I really didn't think I was going to find anyone who would want to help. But I'm so happy that I did!"

"Not a problem, though I'm surprised you didn't, with the amount of money you're offering the both of us" Al admitted honestly, Scor nodded in agreement.

"Not many people support muggle art, and life drawing….its hard to find a willing pair of models" she shrugged, rounding the corner.

Ella had reached their destination; she brought them into a large room with many windows that was obviously a studio. There were easels here and there, a large backlit drawing table, rolls of thin paper, and stacks of paints, brushes and palettes. There were pastels strewn over the table at the moment, and an unnervingly realistic picture of Oliver Wood, a world-renowned Quidditch player was sitting on the table, unfinished. At the end of one wall, wedged into the corner of the room, a large drawer-tower was standing, full of other mediums the boys didn't recognize.

In the center of the room Elle had seemed to set up a type of sculpture. There were blocks of different heights that were covered in white sheets.

"I do want to get to know you both, but I find that it will be harder to draw you if I think of you as my friends, and want to make funny faces at you." She smiled at both boys, who couldn't help but grin back."I'd love to talk to the both of you a little more, but maybe after our session today?"

"Sure thing" Al nodded happily. "Could you explain what we're supposed to do though?" he shrugged, a little embarrassed.

"Of course! I'll quickly explain what the idea is." She stopped for a moment, backing into one of her stools so she could sit, and gesturing at the two boys to sit in the two shorter ones.

"I'm doing a project on muggle art for a final study project at Beaubaxtons. I've been fascinated with muggles so one could say I'm 'specializing' in them for school. Anyway, I focused on art this term, and have recreated many types of muggle art, all of which is unmoving and takes a lot more time and patience to make. But that's besides the point. The last thing I wanted to do was a form called life drawing, I think I mentioned that in the owl I sent you Albus?" She paused and after Albus nodded, she continued "Right, well, I'll just be having you both do a few poses today - I know you have a time limit, nothing too strenuous so don't worry. I'll try to make it as comfortable as possible." She paused again "I'm going to set up my eisle, you'll both be sitting on the blocks and don't worry - the sheets are very clean." She smiled and then said "You can both get ready in the washroom, its right across the hall. I left some robes in there too, if you'd like to wear them back here. Oh, and don't worry about the windows, no one can see in, I've spelled them." She smiled again, and went to collect some small black stubs.

"Uh, Ella?" Scorpius asked after looking at Albus and seeing that his face mirrored Scorpius' own puzzled expression.

Elle turned to face them both. "Yes?"

"How exactly do we get ready?"

Elle blushed "You, um, you take your clothes off. That's what life-drawing is, nude drawing." She smiled weakly. "You didn't know that?"