"It's you." Albus whispered, now letting the tears fall freely down his face.

Scorpius didn't let go of Albus' arms, his mind was racing, his stomach had dropped, his breath had caught somewhere in his throat. He forced himself to breathe. "What about me Al?"

"How are you supposed to tell your best mate that you fancy him?" Albus said, avoiding making eye contact with Scorpius.

Scorpius' heart was galloping in his chest, "Just like that," he murmured "That was perfect." With that, he pulled his friend into him for a kiss.

Albus was surprised. That was the last reaction he had expected from Scorpius, but he relaxed into the kiss, enjoying Scor's warm lips on his own, a stark contrast to the rain that was starting to come down quite heavily now. He pulled away first, just staring at Scorpius. "Why…did you do that?" He croaked.

"Because I wanted to. Because I've wanted to for a while now Al."

"Really Scor? You never…I thought…."

"I know, I suppose I was an arse about it, but when Rosie noticed, I just couldn't deny it anymore."

They had started walking again, neither of them noticing that they were holding hands.

"Rose? Rose talked to you?" Albus looked slightly annoyed. If Rose had known what Scorpius would say, no wonder she gave Albus the 'Put-Yourself-On-The-Line-Because-You're-A-Gryffindor-And-You-Are-Therefore-Brave' speech.

"It's not like I asked her to meddle!" Scorpius said defensively.

"That's okay, really. Zen knew about me liking you."

"The git! He could have said something!" Scorpius was smiling but he did seem a little put out. Albus just laughed.

They had reached Hogsmeade and walked into Hog's Head trying to find their friends. Albus cast a quick drying spell over the both of them.

"Oi! Scor, Al!" Zenneth called from a table near a foggy window. His eyes grew large when he took in the sight of the Albus and Scorpius holding hands. "Rose! Look, it finally happened!" He whispered across the table to an already grinning Rose.

The boys slid into seats opposite their friends.

"I take it the modeling went well?" Rose arched her eyebrows suggestively.

"Very well indeed Rosie." Albus replied sticking his tongue out in an, albeit immature, but loving way. "But I have a bone to pick with you! Why didn't you tell me about Scor!"

"Oh! And while he's on about that, Zen why didn't you say anything about Al?" Scorpius took on a slightly exasperated tone.

"Jumping a little ahead of ourselves aren't we?" Rose laughed, watching Zenneth open and close his mouth repeatedly. "Don't we get to know what happened?"

"Fine. I told Scorpius I fancied him and he kissed me and now…" Albus faltered, not knowing what to say next, but Scorpius just wrapped an arm around him and supplied the answer.

"And now he's my best mate and my boyfriend. Doesn't get any better than this!" Scorpius winked at his friends while Albus turned a deep shade of red.

"Oh bugger, everyone's leaving." Zenneth said as a chorus of chairs scraping against the floors of the bar interrupted their conversation. As they got up to leave and cast water-repelling charms around themselves, Zen turned to Scorpius "Look mate, to make it up to you for keeping shut about Al, I'll make sure no one enters our dorm room until twelve tonight. I'm sure you and Al have some…uh, stuff you need to take care of."

Rose squealed with laugher and Scorpius thumped Zenneth on the back appreciatively. Albus would have gone redder if he could.


The rest of the day was a blur. The walk back to Hogwarts was mucky, and dinner was satisfactory, but neither Scorpius nor Albus could concentrate on anything for much longer than five minutes. They were both waiting to, in Zenneth's words, take care of their stuff.

Once the four friends reached the Gryffindor tower, Albus and Scorpius bid everyone they knew in the common room an awkward goodnight and headed to their dorm room excitedly. Once they were inside, Albus cast a few locking and silencing charms on the door, just in case Zen had some problems keeping grumpy dorm-mates out.

"Where do we begin?" Scorpius asked shyly. It was the first time they had been together alone after their kiss on Prickle Street and although both knew what they wanted, they didn't know how to go about getting started. Even the usually confident Scorpius seemed to be at a loss.

"Um. I don't know. This is all very new to me…" Albus admitted, flopping backwards onto his bed.

"Ah yes, the bed seems like a good choice" Scorpius muttered as he crawled on top of Albus and locked lips with him.

The kiss deepened fast, both boys having waited for too long for these moments. Soon adventurous tongues were mapping out the insides of mouths and fumbling hands were trying to get rid of clothing. Albus pushed Scorpius off him.

"Need to…clothes gone…" he panted, ripping Scorpius' shirt off him and not hesitating to start work on his pants. Scorpius loved the demanding and forward Albus that emerged when he took him to bed. He grinned and reciprocated. Soon both boys had rid themselves of the cumbersome uniform – save for their underwear, and got right back into their snogging on the bed.

"Al, oh Merlin, this feels…so good" Scorpius whispered, rutting his hard prick up against Albus.

"Mmmm…ohhh. Scorpius…yes…" Albus undulated under Scorpius, increasing the friction.

Scorpius suddenly became filled with the desire to make Albus the happiest he possibly could. He loved hearing the soft moans he could get out of his friend with just kisses and exploring hands, and he had wanted to touch Albus so badly since their first time modeling. He moved his kisses south, gently biting Albus' collarbone and teasing his nipples.

Albus was in shock. Scorpius was doing things to him that he could have only dreamed of (well, he had dreamed of them…woke up to a bit of a mess too...) and it felt so fantastically good. He whimpered as Scorpius gently pulled his boxers down, releasing his cock that had been straining against the material. Albus propped himself up on his elbows, watching Scorpius' face as he studied Albus' bits. His one hand gripped the sheets and the other found its way into Scorpius' hair.

Scorpius looked into Albus' darkened green eyes and winked, then without thinking twice, he gripped Albus' prick, kissed the head, making sure his tongue dipped quickly into the slit, and started to lay kisses along its length. Albus threw his head back, falling back onto the bed and moaned louder than ever.

Scorpius, renewed by the sound and sight of Albus coming undone, licked a line from the base of Al's prick to the head and then took it in his mouth. He had never done anything of the sort before, and couldn't take Al very deep before he felt like gagging, but he did his best and if Al's moans were anything to go by, Al thought it was just fine.

"Scor…Scor…pi…Scorpius…" Al panted over and over again, struggling to get Scorpius' full name out without gasping in pleasure. Then he felt it, the feeling of pure ecstasy and need and want all mixed together. He cracked his eyes open, and watched as Scor's head bobbed up and down, licking and sucking and making Albus feel like he was the luckiest wizard alive.

His orgasm ripped through him like it had never before. He managed to choke out "C..com…coming" before he completely lost it, eyes fluttering shut and mouth parting in a silent scream of pleasure. Scorpius kept his mouth firmly in place, swallowing Al's seed as it came rushing into his mouth.

Once Albus was properly spent, Scorpius went to lie down beside him. He didn't want to bother Albus with repayment, so tried to cover his leaking cock.



"That was amazing."

Scorpius blushed, the image of Albus gripping his sheets and moaning incoherently was fresh in his mind, and his prick seemed unwilling to forget. "I'm glad you liked it Al."

Albus kissed Scorpius on the mouth, too happy for words. He supposed he'd just have to show him. He let his hand wander right into Scorpius' boxers, pulling his prick out and stroking it gently.

Scorpius gasped, he certainly hadn't expected this, but he was liking the forward-in-bed Albus very much. And even though he knew he wouldn't last long, everything felt too right to complain. He lifted his hips as Albus moved down the bed, pulling his boxers off and tossing them onto the floor.

Skipping over the teasing Scorpius had done, Albus went straight to work, fondling Scor's sack and taking the time to lick each of his balls respectively. The soft hair tickled his cheek and Albus felt a surge of love for his best friend, whose eyes had been squeezed closed. Albus took him into his mouth. He swirled his tongue over the head slowly and hummed, making Scorpius squirm under him. Taking that as a good sign, he continued humming as he took more and more of Scorpius into his mouth.

Like with Scorpius' experience, he wasn't able to take much of him in, but he continued massaging his balls and kept a hand on Scor's hip. Scorpius was losing it; he felt it as soon as Albus had made contact with his prick. He was propped up by the headboard, and both his hands were tangled in Al's mess of a mane. Al rolled his balls between a few fingers and took Scorpius as deep as he could. Scorpius was writhing; his body on fire from Al's ministrations and didn't even feel embarrassed when he felt his orgasm tear from his head all the way to his toes. He shuddered under Albus, his head snapped back and he emitted a low guttural moan.

Albus swallowed all that he could, and then went to cuddle Scorpius in his arms. They lay on Albus' bed in bliss, Albus stroking Scorpius' hair and Scor rubbing small circles on Al's chest. They were drifting off the sleep when they heard Zenneth speaking loudly outside their dorm door.

"It has been a good game of exploding snaps; we should get to bed now." Zen was talking slowly and loudly, as if he was talking to a bunch of young children.

"Shut it Zen, just let us in the dorm, it's past midnight!" Max, one of their dorm mates said.

"Oh yes, I am opening the door now" Zen said, in the same deliberate voice.

Albus immediately sensed what Zen was trying to tell them, he grabbed his wand and unlocked the door with a flick of his wrist and with another, the curtains around his bed were pulled closed, a silencing charm cast around them. He and Scorpius heard the door opening.

"Oi, look, guess Al's already in bed. Wonder where Scor is though, didn't see him in the common room" Max drawled, walking into the room.

"Hey, aren't those robes on the ground?" Parker, another dorm mate asked, he walked closer for a better look "Wait, those are two robes. Al has someone in bed with him!" he cried excitedly.

Scorpius chuckled, waiting for the truth to be uncovered.

"Wonder who it is?" Max said, moving to where the pile of clothes lay, he noticed a red and golden on the ground (Albus always put his on his bedside table, so he knew it was someone else's) "It's another Gryffindor! Who's Al banging then?"

Parker had picked up the tie in question from the ground, he studied it then froze "Oh Merlin, it's Scorpius. It has to be Scorpius, look at this tie. It's most definitely Scor's tie; look here's the stain from when Al's potion exploded on it last year!" Parker said, shocked.

Zen, who had been quiet the whole time finally spoke up "Took them long enough eh?" he smiled sheepishly.

His friends turned to stare at him then burst out laughing.

"Bloody hell, it did!" Max laughed

"If you two can hear us, hope you're having loads of fun" Parker cried, laughing as well.

Albus was redder than ever and Scorpius was seriously cracking up. He leaned in to kiss Albus' forehead.

"We're in for it tomorrow…" Albus muttered into Scorpius' neck.

"Yes, but we'll get through. It's you and me Al, we can get through anything together." Scorpius grinned at Albus.

Albus smiled back at Scorpius, pulling him a little closer "Anything and everything. We survived Muggle Art, and you can hardly get crazier than that."

Thank you for reading the whole story! I sincerely hope that you liked it. :)