It was no secret anybody in the cast liked me and Ari. We were too different, too risky for Nickelodeon, too this, too that. The rest of the cast watched carefully of their actions, heck Avan thought his career on Nickelodeon was over when he got caught making out with Miley Cyrus, which was pretty obvious that it turned to sex. Ariana and I didn't care. I honestly wasn't worried. There was no way they could take Jade out of Victorious without losing half the viewers, and Dan knew it. Ari had a little more to worry about, but not much. I didn't give a crap if we got caught doing anything. It just would be another Mikey Cyrus story; teen actress wants to grow up.

I walked into another Friday night party in the Hollywood Hills with Ariana by my side. It was 8 o'clock and people were already wasted around the big mansion. There were couples (and non-couples) making out on the couches.

I could already tell that it was going to be one of those parties after a few more drinks, but that was part of the fun.

"You pretty things want a drink?" A voice screamed above the music. Ari and I whirled around to see two cute guys holding a few red plastic cups. Ari grabbed two of them and handed one to me. I took a sip and the drink burned my throat.

"This is good!" I shouted.

"Made it myself," the darker hair guy winked, raising his glass in the direction of the bar.

"Do you ladies want to dance?" They asked. Ari wiggled her eyebrows and I tossed my cup in the trashcan.

I dragged the darker haired boy out on the dance floor and started rubbing myself against him. I turned around so my ass was rubbing against his manhood. He placed his hands on my hips and I saw Ari and the blonde boy dancing in a similar manner.

"What do you say we grab your red haired friend and get a room," the guy whispered in my ear. His hot breath smelled like alcohol but he wasn't drunk.

"Ari?" I screamed, grabbing my petite friends.


"We're going to a room." I grinned. The blonde haired guy grinned. The dark haired boy, Adam, as I was later told led us down a hallway. The party was starting to turn into an orgy, limbs of various people entangled with some strangers.

We were a little classier than that. (Sarcasm intended)

"What's your name?" Adam asked as we took another left turn.



"Sexy names for sexy girls," The blonde haired one, Ryan, said.

Me and Ari giggled accordingly, and Adam held the door for us as we walked into a room. The room had a king sized bed in the middle.

Who even owned this house? Who fucking cared? They would have a hell of a mess to clean up in the morning.

I felt Adam come behind me and grope my breasts. I leaned back on shoulders and moaned.

"How 'bout you guys make out a little to get us into it," Ryan grinned.

I walked to Ari and attached my mouth to hers. I reached behind her and unzipped her red party dress, and she wiggled out of it to show a pink thong and matching bra. I motioned her to come on the bed, and she lay down under me. I crawled on top of her and got on all fours, giving the guys a view of my ass. Ari reached around and hiked my dress above my hips to show my thong. I heard rustling of cloth and when I looked back both guys were unzipping their pants. I moved down Ari and tugged her thong down. She kicked it off revealing a shaved pussy and I brought my tongue down to it.

I slightly jumped when cool hands were on my back. One set was pulling off my dress and the other set was pulling down my thong. I kicked off both pieces of fabric and returned to Ari's pussy.

Adam started rubbing my clit and I moaned, sticking my tongue deeper into Ari.

"Nice piercing," Adam whispered, referring to the metal ring I got around the walls of my clit last week for having sex with a body piercer. I smirked.

Adams fingers plunged inside me and Ryan got busy taking off Ari's bra. I turned away from Ari and directed my attention to Adam who was pumping his fingers in and out of me.

"Take your bra off," he growled at me, pumping faster and adding a finger. I screamed with pleasure.

"Take the bra off!" He demanded.

"I got it," Ari said. I felt the clasp come undone and my nipples immediately became hard. Ari came beside me, one hand rubbing my clit while Adam grabbed a condom from the night stand.

He came back to me and placed his tip near my entrance. Ryan and Ari both attached their mouths to one of my nipples and I gasped at all the sexual attention I was getting. Adam pumped in and out of me.

"Fuck!" I screamed. Ari and Ryan moved to the other side of the bed and soon enough they were screaming in pleasure too.

"You like this?" Adam muttered as he shoved himself inside me slow and deep. I nodded.

"Say it." He demanded.

"I love it."

"Love what?"

"The way your dick moves in and out of my wet pussy!" I screamed as I went over the edge. Adam followed a few seconds later and we collapsed on the bed.

"So you girls are actresses right?" Ryan asked after him and Ari were also done. Adam was playing with a string of my hair. Was he fishtailing it? Cool.


"For a kids show."


"What if someone found out about this?"

I laughed. "We'd be fucked."

Avan's POV

"Where do you think they are?" Vic asked.

I shrugged. We were having a movie night. Me, Vic, Daniela, and Leon. Matt had to fly to New York early this morning.

"They never hang out with us on Friday," Vic said annoyed.

"Why does it matter? For all we know Liz and Ari are at home." Daniela sighed.

"Doubt that." Vic rolled her eyes. "There's that big party over in the hills that they got mysteriously invited to without knowing anyone."

"They slept with the guy holding the party! That much is obvious," Daniela burst.

"And they probably slept with someone tonight."

I narrowed my eyes. "Why do we care?"

Vic shrugged. "They act so friendly around us but never hang out with us."

"Their ideas of fun are different than ours. Personally, I can't stand Liz or Ariana. Just slutty bitches. And Ari is as fake as hell," I muttered. Everybody raised their eyebrows.

"I didn't know you thought that." Leon said.

I shrugged. "I'm an actor. Hopefully no one did."

Vic bit her lip. "You really don't like them?"

I shrugged. "They just waste their selves. They let their somewhat fame get to them. And sure, they're both freaking hot and have good personalities, their just...I don't know. Sluts."

"Anyway. Where's Zoey?" Leon asked, referring to my girlfriend. Zoey was amazing. She was beautiful and funny, and didn't need any guy's attention to make her happy.

"She's caught in traffic. She'll be here in 10 minutes," I said, reading her recent text out loud.

"Tell her I said hi!" Vic smiled. I texted Zoey a picture from all of us and smiled.

We didn't need Liz or Ari to have a good time.

Chapter Uno I realize Liz is probably really out of character (I've never met her, but I'm guessing) and she's probably really sweet and nothing like this.

But basically Avan realizes despite his external feelings, he really likes Liz but doesn't like how she throws herself at everyone. Liz realizes that even though she constantly teases Avan, she really likes him but doesn't like how he tries and changes her and doesn't know WHY he's trying to change her in the first place.


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