"Ari," I whined, carrying my heels in my hand as we walked away from the mansion. Our clothes were crooked, out hair was tangled, and we were buzzed.

"How are we getting home?" Ari asked, shivering. She rubbed her hands up and down her bare arms creating friction.

"The guys we just screwed are wasted and so is everyone else. I have no idea where my keys are." I stated.

"Can we call Matt or Vic or someone?" Ari asked.

"Matt's in New York."


I sighed and nodded. Ari pulled out her phone from her bra and dialed Vic.

"Hey Vic! Uh…we're at a party…what do you mean no surprise? Uh Liz can't find her keys and we're sort of buzzed anyways. Are you busy…with who? Avan, Zoey, Leon, and who? …Oh Daniela…Uh yeah you all can come I guess…bye." Ari hung up. I raised my eyebrows.

"Vic's coming and she's bringing the crew minus Matt plus Zoey." Ari said. I nodded. Zoey. Avan's new girlfriend. She was nice; I had no reason to hate her. She just bugged me sometimes. Her incredibly high pitched voice, her confusing humor, her low self-esteem, her dick of a boyfriend.

God Avan. He was hot, duh. But I couldn't stand him. Sure, we had great chemistry on screen, but off, I was friendly enough towards him, I have never done anything bitchy. But his actions were fake. It's almost like he never wanted to give me a chance. We pretend for sure. We go to public movies, he wraps his arms around me for the camera, everybody loves couples who have chemistry on-screen, but it seemed like when I was around him, I was still in front of camera, still acting.

It was too hard to be myself and be natural.

We sat on the marble steps of the mansion and I sighed.

"They were hot," Ari said.


"Should we call them again? Ryan wrote his number on my arm."


Ari pouted her lip. "How long are we gonna keep this up Liz? Soon enough we'll have screwed every guy in Hollywood, and no one will be interested. We need boyfriends, in other words, something to make us more attractive. Because I think we're starting to look like sluts." Ari said.

I thought about her words.

Did we?

Soon enough, Vic's silver convertible pulled up blasting pop music with the whole gang in the back. Leon sat in the passenger seat, and Avan had his arm casually slung around Zoey in the back. Daniela was sitting by Zoey.

I groaned.

"You guys look wasted." Vic said.

I shrugged.

"How many guys tonight?" Avan asked. I made a mental note to 'accidentally' stab his dick with my high heels when I stepped over him.

"As many as you had last night, Mr. Straight but not Narrow." I muttered. I stepped over Avan (fuck it. I didn't need him hating me more) and stepped around Zoey. I sat on Daniela's lap due to lack of seating and Ari sat on Zoey.

"You guys reek of alcohol," Zoey scrunched her nose.

"I surprised you even know what that smells like!" I said sarcastically.

She rolled her eyes.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Avan asked.

"That she's a prude. Now drive," I ordered Vic.

God, I was more drunk than I thought, and in a pissed off mood. I had a pounding headache like no other.

No, I normally wasn't this bitchy and everyone knows it's the alcohol. Zoey and I are actually decent friends, and I think she likes me.

"Do you guys want to come home with us? We're having a movie night and it looks like whoever you fucked tonight reached their orgasms fast because it's only 10." Vic muttered.

I furrowed my eyebrows. It was only 10? "Yeah sure."

"Vic," Avan whined.

"Shut up," I snapped.

We arrived at Vic's house a few minutes later and we all piled out of our illegal driving positions. Me and Ari stumbled to the couch and Vic tossed some sweatpants at us.

"Feel free to sleep over," She smiled.

I slipped into them and took a sip of water.

I was starting to feel like myself again.

"I'm sorry," I said. Everyone looked up from the movie.

"Me too," Ari squeaked.

"You guys are great. Picking us up like that." I said genuinely.

"Aw Lizzie!" Zoey giggled. She left Avan's side and gave me and Ari a hug.

"I'm gonna lay low tomorrow and be unslutty," I said.

"Sounds good! How 'bout we have a girls day. Me, you, Ari, Vic, Daniela. We can go to the spa and get our hair done." Zoey smiled.

Avan's smile switched to a frown.

"What's wrong Avey? Your girlfriend chose me," I teased.

"Hardly. I had plans anyways," he scoffed.

"Can you two just get along?" Zoey asked, rubbing her head. "I love you both so just…love each other."

I looked at Avan and he looked at me. I sighed.

"No." Avan said.

My head snapped up.

"What have I done to you Avan?" I screeched suddenly, causing everyone to look up.

"Excuse me?" Avan said.

"You heard me. What. The. Fuck. Have. I. Done?" I asked.


"Jesus Avan! Yes! Why do you treat me like crap and not even try to know me and just…just judge me when I'm nothing but nice to you!" I screamed.

"Guys…" Vic said quietly.

"You're nice to me?" Avan scoffed. "I believe 10 minutes ago you called me gay!"

"Oh shut up! You have a girlfriend we know you're not gay. Grow a thick skin." I hissed.

"That wasn't nice!"

"Well you're pissing me off so I'd hope not."

Avan narrowed his eyes and we both remained quiet.

I glanced over at Zoey who looked like she could burst into tears any moment.

"Just get along," she whispered.

Avan's face immediately went sympathetic and he scooted over to embrace Zoey in a hug, but Zoey pushed him away.

"You and Liz are going to go in the same room for 10 minutes, and when I come in you guys better be hugging," Zoey said, standing up.

"She's going to kill me!" Avan protested.

"You're kidding Zoey!" I cried.

"Go," Zoey ordered. Avan sighed and walked into Vic's bedroom reluctantly. I rolled off the couch and followed him. Zoey slammed the door behind us and I turned to Avan.

"I hate you," he said.

"I hate you more."

"You're a slut."

"You're a pussy."

"You fuck any guy."

"You fuck more guys than I do."

"Why are you convinced I'm gay?"

"Look at what you're wearing." I scoffed, and smiled when he looked down at his scarf.

"This isn't working," Avan said annoyed.

"Nah really?"

"Can we just pretend we're Beck and Jade or something?" Avan asked.

"They broke up."

"Before they broke up."

"I think Jade secretly abused Beck."

"No she didn't because Beck would show her whose boss," Avan said.

"How? He's scrawny as hell."

"He would take her and whip her."

"Chains and whips excite Jade," I shot back.

"Because she's a slut and cheated on Beck."

"Beck wasn't satisfying her needs in bed."

"Beck didn't want to sleep with a girl as disgusting as Jade."

"Which is why Jade had to sleep with other guys," I finished proudly. Avan narrowed his eyes and rubbed his temple.

"Seriously though. Why do we hate each other so much?" I asked. "Like in all honesty."

Avan sighed. "I don't know. You just get under my skin. Like I feel your personality is wasted on being a bitch and a slut every Friday night. Because you have a lot of talent and it would hurt to see you end up like those big stars that die young from drug overdose."

I rolled my eyes. "I have never done drugs in my life."

"It's the same concept though. Now why do you hate me?"

"Because you're the one person in the cast who I can't be myself around. Everything's forced and I can tell you don't like me. Also I don't know if I'm just prejudiced against gay boys, but I hate your personality." I finished proudly.

"I'm not gay," he gritted through his teeth.

"Then lose the scarf Kurt!" I rolled my eyes. I heard footsteps coming towards the door. I rolled my eyes and wrapped my arms around Avan's waist.

"What the hell," Avan muttered.

"Zoey's here," I hissed. Avan nodded and embraced me.

"See!" Zoey squealed, snapping a picture. Avan even kissed my head for good measure. Vic ad Ari cooed behind us and I detached myself from him.

"You guys can love each other if you try!" Zoey encouraged.

"You were right," I said, and exchanged a small knowing smile with Avan who smirked back, but kissed Zoey sweetly.

"Liz isn't so bad when she's not drunk," Avan admitted, and he didn't glare at me or anything…could he possibly have meant it?

Chappy dos.

JadeplusBeck- completely an accident (or was it XD)