Chapter 8: Love Chaos

Thanks to Sariniste (Aizen won't hesitate with Tetsuya's life on the line and a few unlikely allies who will help him on Tetsuya's behalf, but expect Hiro won't go down easily. He is one nasty antagonist! They don't come much more dastardly than that!), Autheane (Peace is a ways away for this star-crossed couple, but they will be happy...just, they will have to work for it!), and Mina Kye (Yes, Byakuya and Aizen will have reason to act, and to *gulps* cooperate...but, you will see!) Warning, heat approaching! And the twist even wicked Hiro won't see coming! Enjoy the chapter! Love, Spunky)

This feels unreal.

I have taken the hand of a monster...a nightmare that will not end. He is a man so ruthless that he looked into my eyes and reached inside me with the intent of tearing my heart out. The strange thing was, I have seen Aizen Sousuke when he acts coldly...when he detaches himself and commits acts of wanton violence. His eyes are empty at times like those.

But the eyes I looked into while he killed me were warm and alive...loving and sympathetic...appreciative. He truly did not want to hurt me. But being the dangerous man he is, he realized when he had to kill me...and he acted swiftly, struck cleanly, even mercifully.

He still terrifies me.

How will I lie down beneath him? How will I let him inside me like that? Will he look into my eyes with that same loving expression that he wore when he killed me? How will I look into his eyes and not shrink away from him in fear? My mind knows that I was complicit in my own murder, but my heart aches that he could take that action at all.

Because the only love I ever knew was soft and gentle, kind and affectionate. Naoki's hands reached through the bars of our cells and warmed me, calmed my fears, soothed my riled spirits. We exchanged only soft, hungry kisses and hidden, light touches. This man's eyes bore into me, his kisses are hard and penetrating, and the hands that touch me are as unpredictable as the turning of the heart that beats within him.

There is no safety with a man like that...

And what will our life together be like, him being incarcerated in the family prison? What will he expect of me? That I should come to his cell and lie down with him nightly? That I will let him have me at will? I can barely conceive of letting him inside me this once. As much as my heart and body desire him, my mind screams in warning whenever I am close to him.

I think that I love him.

But I also fear him.

And I do not dare to trust him...

Tetsuya shivered as a footstep sounded outside the door and he turned as the door to the room opened. he let out a relieved breath at seeing Byakuya.

"Byakuya-sama..." he said in greeting, carefully forcing down his riled reiatsu and presenting a calm exterior.

"Do not do that," Byakuya said quietly, "I know your heart, even when it is closed off from me. So closely have we been bound since that day in our youth, I anticipate you with complete confidence. So, do not lie to me. Not with your words, your posture, and never, ever with your eyes, Kuchiki Tetsuya."

Tetsuya closed his eyes and turned away.

"What would you have me do? Forget my pride and shed tears for my lost hopes, my shattered dreams, my lost future? I never cried for my future in Itamigiri, but it was easy to avoid tears there, because I was teased so rarely with hope. Freedom is...quite different."

"I understand," Byakuya said, slipping his arms around his cousin and laying a soft cheek against Tetsuya's where his head rested on the clan leader's shoulder, "And I want you to understand this. Just because you must marry him, does not put you at his mercy. He is a prisoner, and he has no right that you do not agree to in your marriage. I am sure that, given the resonance of your souls, you will find balance. All is not lost, Tetsuya. You can still be happy. And do not forget, the binding of your souls is a gift. At some point, that gift will make itself known to you. Be calm. He won't hurt you like he did before. He will be bound securely after the consummation. You must only pass through this doorway, and all will be well."

"I want so much to believe that," Tetsuya whispered, "But, Byakuya-sama...I...I have to tell you. It is...about Hiro-san. You see, he..."

Tetsuya went still and quiet as the door opened again and a guard led Aizen Sousuke into the room.

"The councilors are ready now, Kuchiki taichou," the guard said to Byakuya.

"Thank you," said the clan leader, "I will join them in a moment."

He waited as the guard left, then looked into Aizen's calm, brown eyes.

"Remember that we control what is allowed this time. You may not hurt my cousin, not even with his consent. And if you bring him any more torment, you will suffer in kind."

Byakuya slipped free of Tetsuya, leaving the younger noble standing silently near the bed. He walked out the door and set the seal in place, leaving Aizen and Tetsuya alone.

Tetsuya kept his blue eyes lowered, but took in out of the corner of an eye, the sight of his new husband, fully unbound and dressed in a white yukata like his own.

There is no denying that Aizen Sousuke is a beautiful man. And even through the fear in me, there is a deep, real attraction between us. I feel it. But his unpredictability is not something I can simply set aside. It is there out of self-preservation. And after what happened, I cannot make myself forget that at any moment, he could...

"It is all right that you feel fear, Tetsuya," Aizen said, remaining where he was, and letting just his voice touch the lovely, young noble in front of him, "Anyone who had experienced what you did...even though it was consensual, could not look at me the same way again. Your instincts scream for you not to trust me, and your defenses remain up, even though you wish you could lower them. It is only natural, considering."

"But you heard my cousin," countered Tetsuya, "This time, they control our interaction completely. You cannot..."

"Ah, so they have said," Aizen said, nodding, "But...they have already failed to protect you once, ne? remember? Of course you do. One does not experience something like that and easily forget."

Tetsuya flinched, remembering how it had felt, lying trapped in the man's arms, alone and in the darkness with a convicted murderer's arms embracing him. He felt the burn of Aizen's kiss on his mouth, the hot, slick, invasive tongue, and recalled the words...I will not hurt you. Then, another memory flashed strangely in his head.

"The first hurdle was cleared. The power went out at fourteen-hundred hours and the prisoner chose not to harm the white soul."

Tetsuya caught his breath softly and closed his eyes.


"Signs of attachment were present in their visual contact after the incident, as well as in the fact that the white soul did not immediately leave the program. It was a risk, of course, but a calculated one. These two are bonding well. The prisoner initiated a passionate kiss."

"Tetsuya, are you all right?"

"Provided that the white soul returns, I foresee completion of the objective and termination of the prisoner in a matter of weeks...a few months, perhaps, before..."

Aizen's warm palm touched Tetsuya's face gently, startling him and making him pull away abruptly. His heart pounded madly and his head spun oddly.

"Tetsuya, listen to me. I understand you are confused. That man, Hiro, did something to you last night when you attempted to infiltrate his office. Think, Tetsuya. Try to remember. Because it was what you discovered before he captured you that he didn't want you to remember. I don't know what he used to steal away the memory, drug or kido spell, but that is what is interfering with your memory. It is okay if you don't remember. It is understandable, considering the lengths he has gone to so that he could accomplish whatever he means to do."

Another memory flashed in the noble's mind, leaving him reeling.

"The white soul program is a lie."

"Do you remember me asking you to investigate?" Aizen asked him, "I told you where to find Kyouka Suigetsu..."

"Look in the copse of trees, just short of the battlefield."

Tetsuya caught his breath softly, a hard shiver moving through him.

"You left the prison, and you were successful in finding and healing Kyouka Suigetsu. You went to that man's office...but he found you there..."

"He...saw through the illusion," Tetsuya remembered.

Aizen stared at him breathlessly and nodded in approval.


He reached out and touched Tetsuya's cheek, and the noble froze, gazing into Aizen's hypnotic brown eyes.

" have restored Kyouka Suigetsu and borrowed his powers," the man said, smirking, "How very clever of you, Kuchiki-san. But...I had anticipated that Aizen would use you this way..."

"He anticipated you would use me to try to learn his plans. He...did something. I remember falling. I woke up in a field, far from the manor, with no memory of what had happened."

"I foresee completion of the objective and termination of the prisoner in a matter of weeks...a few months, perhaps, before..."

"Sousuke, he...that man, he plans to..."

"He is going to do something."


"...before they give in to their desires and consummate the match. Once that is done..."

Pain shot through Tetsuya head, making him gasp and bring his hands to the area. Aizen moved forward and wrapped his arms very gently around the younger man, holding him close and whispering into his ear.

"It is going to happen now, Tetsuya. He is going to make his move."

"...the hougyoku will no longer make that man immortal. And I do not think he will live long beyond that. Not within these walls..."

"That's it," Tetsuya hissed softly, his hands clenching the front of the other man's yukata, "He...he did something that will allow him to steal the hougyoku when we are together sexually!"

Aizen closed his eyes, and his lips twitched gently.

"Very good, Tetsuya. I had suspected. Now, we know."

"But, what do we do?" asked the noble, forgetting his fear of Aizen as his uncertainty about the program coordinator moved to the fore.

Aizen stared into Tetsuya's eyes intently, thinking quickly. He blinked slowly, considering, then offered his new spouse a deeply charming smile.

"What do we do?" he repeated softly, "Tetsuya...we will do something he would not expect."

Aizen's mouth came down on the younger man's, too quickly for Tetsuya to evade. An odd rush of heady fear and intense arousal collided within Tetsuya, freezing him in place, and leaving him no choice but to respond.

But..., Tetsuya thought as Aizen's tongue thrust into his mouth, as the man's arms anchored him, and the swell of arousal threatened to derail his thoughts completely, But Hiro-san wants us to do this?

Does he doubt that we will?

What are you doing?

Aren't we just falling into his trap?

What did Sousuke mean?

"Sousuke!" Tetsuya panted, reeling as the man's mouth left a trail of blazing kisses along the side of his throat, "Sousuke, what are you thinking?"

He was standing one moment and falling the next, taken down too swiftly to react. Aizen's hand loosed the ties on their clothing and laid his body bare, then paused for a moment to admire the tumbled fall of unruly, silken black hair, widened, innocent sapphire eyes, fine-carved features, and the wide expanses of perfect, pale flesh...long eyelashes, sensuous lips, and a sweet, rising blush about his face and throat.

"You are beautiful, Tetsuya," Aizen whispered, looking down at him, and making his blush deepen, "You may be the most beautiful person that I have ever laid eyes on..."

"But..." Tetsuya objected as Aizen's mouth returned to assaulting his throat with hot, wet kisses, "But Hiro-san is going to..."

"Shh," Aizen said, smiling and shaking his head, "I know. And I have a plan in mind. It rankles me, but I must ask for your trust, Tetsuya. I promise that I will not hurt you, and I need you to give me your complete trust...and be ready to react when Hiro springs his trap."

Tetsuya swallowed hard, his heart raging, but he managed a short nod as Aizen's mouth continued in its path down the noble's soft throat, down onto his chest, where Aizen paused to gently torment his pink nipples. Tetsuya groaned and writhed, unable to help but enjoy being kissed so hungrily, and feeling Aizen's passionate hands explore the gentle curves of his body, making him harden, and making his heart catch at the thought of what was going to happen.

He might have been rendered too distracted, knowing that the eyes of the Kuchiki elders and the Central 46 councilors watched on monitors in a nearby room, but Aizen's deep, soothing voice, his warm, caressing hands and his wickedly skillful tongue made everything else disappear, until all that was left was the pleasure that seemed to lick everywhere on his body at once, and the numbing thought that his long-held innocence was about to be shed.

He gave a wanton moan, and arched his back as Aizen's tongue sank into his navel. Another exclamation of pleasure escaped him as the other man's hand moved down lower and teased his privates. Then, his mouth followed the path his hands had taken, and Tetsuya's mind disappeared into the lovely, gripping sensations that stole his breath, making him feel like he was about to go into a devilishly long, slow fall. Aizen's hot mouth teased, captured and tasted, making Tetsuya's untried body quiver warningly. He returned suddenly to the noble's parted, panting lips and tasted them again, sharing as he did, their wonderful mingled flavors and nearly making Tetsuya forget the intense danger they were in.

Aizen's mouth bit down on his, sucking voraciously and devouring his harder, more uncontrolled sounds as the man's fingers invaded his entrance, slowly and carefully preparing him for their joining. He paused, leaning over Tetsuya's trembling, sweating form, and smiling down at him reassuringly.

Their joining, when it occurred, was blindingly swift, and seemed oddly painless to Tetsuya, who had expected that penetration would hurt, at least at first.

Then, he realized...

"Tetsuya...we will do something he would not expect."

Shock cracked across his stunned mind as delicious heat and tightness gripped him firmly. He moved without thought now, abandoning everything in the sudden, hard throbs of arousal that coursed through him. He couldn't control the heavy, loud moans that seemed to erupt from the core of his body and mixed beautifully with the sounds that his lover was making. He clenched his teeth and thrust upward, hard and fast, closing his eyes as the coil deep within his belly snapped furiously and he tumbled over the precipice from arousal into complete bliss. Aizen's body stiffened for a moment, then Tetsuya felt blazing pulses of the man's hot release pulse out onto their panting bodies.

They sat up suddenly, hastily wrapping their yukatas around themselves as a loud, angry voice sounded outside the door, then an explosion blew the door off its hinges. A flash step sounded as Aizen held Tetsuya against him, and the blue-eyed noble shielded the two of them from a sudden, heavy blast of kido. The two saw Hiro's infuriated face appear in the haze of smoke and dust in front of them.

"You bastard!" the man screamed at Aizen, "You have ruined everything! Years of research...everything!"

"Yes," agreed Aizen in a calm, sarcastic tone, "I admit it is against my nature to allow myself to be taken by anyone, but I suspected you would have made the assumption that I would never do that. And apparently, it has derailed your plans."

Hiro loosed a hysterical scream of fury, throwing himself at them. Tetsuya and Aizen flew off the bed in opposite directions, then caught their breath in surprise as the man met Tetsuya's eyes and breathed a soft command. Tetsuya froze, his eyes going hazy as the trigger the man had set in his mind activated, and hypnosis took control.

"You may have surprised me," said Hiro, taking hold of the hypnotized shinigami, "but this is not the end of this, Aizen Sousuke. Before the end, you will yield up the hougyoku and you will die!"

"You will never escape this room!" Aizen hissed furiously, "Now, let Tetsuya go, or I promise you, even as powerless as I am, I will destroy you!"

"Don't come any closer," Hiro warned him, producing a small, wicked looking device and holding it against the noble's chest as he backed away.

He turned slightly as guards rushed into the room, and forced them back with a stern warning.

"This man may have regeneration, but if this device explodes, it will kill him before he can regenerate. Now, move aside and allow the two of us to leave. Do not worry, I still need this white soul. I won't kill him unless you force my hand."

Byakuya appeared in the room, and stood in Hiro's path, his dark gray eyes deadly.

"You are not leaving here with my cousin," he said firmly, "Let Tetsuya go."

"You are not in control here, Kuchiki taichou," Hiro warned him, "And I have said that I will only kill him if I am forced to. But he is still of value to me, so I will not harm him as long as you move aside and let us go...or perhaps you need a warning..."

Hiro removed a different device from his pocket and touched a button. The men in the room started in surprise as a loud explosion sounded nearby, shaking the room they were in. He quickly touched a second button and the room they occupied was instantly filled with thick smoke.

"Tetsuya!" cried Aizen, bursting forward to try to reach him. But he only tumbled into Byakuya, who grabbed him tightly and propelled him towards the door.

"What are you doing, Kuchiki taichou?" exclaimed the high councilor, who had been standing outside the door with several other councilors, "You cannot...!"

"The marriage is binding and this man belongs to my clan now," insisted the noble.

He turned to Aizen and send a jolt of kido through the bonds on his power.

"I am only releasing you enough to flash step. Come with me. We will track them!"

The two burst into flash steps, exiting the Central 46 headquarters as the alarms shrieked deafeningly all around him.


Hiro burst free of the headquarters and dragged Tetsuya along to the cover of a stand of trees nearby.

"Call your stallion!" he ordered his hypnotized captive.


The black horse appeared a moment later, approaching in blazing flash steps.

Master, what...?

Arashi slid to a stop in front of them, jumping in surprise as the man with Tetsuya displayed the bomb he was carrying.

"Get us out of here, or I will hurt him!" hissed Hiro.

Arashi showed the whites of his eyes and pranced nervously, but stilled as the man climbed onto his back and held Tetsuya against him. He opened a senkaimon and nudged the stallion into motion, ensuring his complicity with a final warning.

"If you do anything...anything to cross me, I will kill you both. I swear it!"

He waited a moment to make sure that the message was clear, then sent the stallion racing away into the precipice world.