E/O Challenge: Crush.

Additional Challenge! Dialogue ONLY!

"Did you get the pie?"

"Dude, when have I ever forgotten the pie?"

"I don't see any pie in here! You forgot the pie!"

"It's right here, see? 'Orange Crush' flavor. It looked good."

"That's a Hostess Pie! I want real pie!"

"It's a convenience store, Dean. They don't have real pie."

"I have to have real pie. Get your coat. We're going out."

"To where?"

"We'll find a diner, or a Biggerson's... there's gotta be someplace with real pie around here!"

"Good luck with that. It's two in the morning."

"Fine, I'll eat the stupid orange pie. Bitch."


A/N: There is no Hostess Fruit Pie flavor called "Orange Crush." I was thinking about a soda, and made up a flavor. It sounds intriguing, though…