A/N: Finished! A note to all writers: It is horribly awkward trying to write porn while your father is staring at you over your computer screen demanding why you keep smiling so hard.

Summary: AU. The day Ino Yamanaka met her first friend, she also met the love of her life. Part 3 of 3.

Warnings: Smex. Of the male and female variety.

The first date is quiet, weighted, and more than slightly awkward.

As directed Gaara had called Ino, and she had been so delighted that she had immediately demanded that they go out on a dinner date to become better 'friends'. It had seemed like a simple idea at the time, and a brilliantly executed one at that, but Ino had forgotten to take one very, very important factor into mind.

Gaara was horribly shy and distrustful.

It had started well enough, what with Ino's talent for chattering with people shining through like a beacon, but then she'd run out of things to say and had finally stopped talking at Gaara when she realized that he wasn't talking back. She'd frowned in confusion as he gulped down a martini without taking a single breather, his eyes openly broadcasting his discomfort with the situation.

"You're quiet," Ino said, thoughtfully tapping a nail against her glossed lips. "Tell me about yourself. What do you do? Where did you go after you left Konoha? Did you think of me?"

"I write, Suna, and...sometimes," he muttered, seafoam eyes peering at her briefly for a reaction before glancing away to hail a wandering waiter.

Ino was both amused and dismayed by the lack of information, but soldiered on anyway. Patience. Get him to open up, make him realize you're made for each other, then pick out your wedding gown!

Even though it was all kinds of impolite, Ino leaned her elbows on the table and laced her elegant fingers together before resting her chin on top. A light, deliberate roll of her shoulder revealed a lacy cream colored bra strap; her smile was just slightly predatory as she asked, "What kind of things do you write?"

Her date cleared his throat; to her delight, she managed to spot the rapid reddening of his ears, but he was relatively calm-faced as he straightened in his chair and reached for his newest drink. One restrained gulp later, and Gaara seemed to have regained enough composure that he could look at Ino and give her a tight smile. "Supernatural romances."

"Oh?" Ino asked, even though she already knows this little tidbit. She'd already called around and found out all she can about her knight in shining armor, but she wanted to hear it from him.

But he didn't elaborate. And before she can pressure him, the food arrived, and Ino may have been just the tiniest bit (ok, a lot) insulted that he looked relieved when they part ways after a bit more faltering attempts at conversation by herself.


Later, when she had gotten back home, alone, discouraged and disappointed, a single speed dial and the sound of her best friend's knowing, "What did he do?" were enough to make her lips start to quiver.

She explained what a disaster the date was, the lack of communication, and her overwhelming sense of disappointment while her best friend listened on in silence. Her hands were unusually rough on Mr. Fuzzems as she squeezed him in her arms.

"Was I wrong, Sakura? Did I make something out of nothing?" Ino gasped, nuzzling the ratty old bear.


"God, I've been so selfish! What if he just indulged me but thinks I'm some kind of horrifying stalker?"


"Now I'm gonna have to give back Mr. Fuzzems and sleep all alone again," she sobbed.

"Ino! Stop spazzing and listen for a second, will you?"

"Ok," Ino agreed in a small voice, holding back a small sniffle. The no-nonsense tone of Sakura's voice wass not unkind, but it was forceful enough to get the message across, 'Shut up and listen, woman.'

"First, there was definitely something there. I saw it, you saw it; hell, any blind person on the other side of the country could see it! Second, since when did you, Ino Yamanaka, not get what you want?"

"But, what if he doesn't want what I want? What if he doesn't want me?" Ino asked quietly.

"Then make him want you," Sakura said, and the devious smile in her voice is terrifyingly clear.


Ino takes that advice to heart. The next day, she called Gaara, fully prepared to try and convince him to give them another shot and is pleasantly surprised when he haltingly and awkwardly asks for a second date without her prompting.

Of course she was over the moon, but she graciously accepted Gaara's offer and there were far more weighted stares and nervous glances this time around, but Gaara actually tried to make small talk with her. He told her with great hesitation and a light sigh that the blonde heroine in his books is based on a young woman who had grown up from a lonely little girl and become a police officer in order to find her parents' murderers only to fall in love with a cold-hearted vampire who suspiciously resembled Gaara himself. His face was impassive, but his eyes were studiously avoiding hers and his entire face was red-ears included.

Ino melted and her resolve was reinforced; no way is Gaara getting away from her now.


Their next few dates are more open and Gaara was getting suspiciously chatty with her, despite his continued tendency to try and not look at her while looking at her. She suspected that he thought it rude to stare at her while she blatantly flaunted her assets; she thought it was terribly cute how he tried to protect her virtue from himself when she wanted to do things that were as far from virtuous as possible with him.

Definitely a keeper.

Then one day, they took a different approach. Ino insisted that they head to a club. Her blood was singing for movement and action, and Gaara uneasily agreed.

The first drink loosened them up. The second helped them cut loose and join the pounding ebb and flow of writhing bodies on the dance floor. The ones after that (Ino lost count around four or five) had them both nearly humping and grinding each other into the ground on the dance floor.

Somewhere during the blur of flashing lights and desire-filled blue-green eyes, Ino giggled and pressed herself flush to Gaara before grabbing his crotch through his jeans and moaning, "Home, now."

Turns out, Gaara is not quite as shy as she thought after all.


Ino moaned as her breasts were mouthed through her thin shirt. Her hands are darting all over the place; through Gaara's hair, across his back, and his shoulders, until they urgently reached down and tugged at Gaara's stuffy dress shirt so that she can blissfully run her palms over his muscular abdomen. The redhead tensed under the assault and tried capturing her lips with his own in retaliation even as he further backed her into the room. The door clicked closed just as her back hit the wall, and her baby blue eyes are bright in the darkness of her apartment.

Somewhere along the way, her skirt ended up bunched around her waist and one of her legs wrapped tantalizingly around Gaara's waist. One of his rough hands caressed her smooth thigh, and he marveled silently at the silky smooth skin as his fingers teasingly plucked at the lacy designer panties currently blocking him from his goal. Ino writhed against him desperately, and a quick tug undid the well-hidden button clasp. Ino gasped as the first of many busy fingers sank into her aching warmth, lightly rubbing and teasing her in small circles until her body felt like it was going to spontaneously combust from all the stimulation. The quick, sharp thrusts sent her into a frenzy, and it was all she could do not to beg him to stop playing around and get the fuck on with it.

Her head jerked back and she arched into the touch, her hips rocking against his seeking fingers. Her mouth frantically slid over her lover's neck as she nipped and licked across his firm jawline. His lips effortlessly stole her breath away even as his fingers made her pant and squirm with want until the friction was just too much. Her loud cries were muffled against his shoulder as she came, and he deliberately flicked his fingers over her sensitive clit as he withdrew his hand.

Her broken moan was met with his satisfied grunt, and she scowled and impatiently jerked his belt undone before reaching down to free him from his underwear. Her hand's firm grasp made him hiss, and she smirked playfully as she sucked and nibbled at his sensitive ear lobes while her busy hands caressed him. His hands tugged her hips flush against his own and she wasted no time in squirming herself into position so that he was angled directly at her warm heat.

"Impatient," he rumbled in amusement, then he pushed her hand away to grasp himself and began to tease her by nudging against her folds.

Her eyes narrowed. She did not appreciate that right now and her harsh tug to his hair illustrated that sentiment perfectly. His sly smirk goaded her and she made a sharp, undulating movement; they both groaned in unison as he finally entered her, filling her to the brim. Warm hands grasped and kneaded her bottom in his hands, waiting for her to adjust. After a moment, her jerky undulations and needy impatient sounds were almost even with his harsh groans, then he lifted her almost completely off of him before unceremoniously pulling her back down onto him. Every so often his hips rotated as he thrust up into her, and her breath hitched in response; she was pretty sure that her harsh breathing sounded more like desperate sobbing at this point. The deep, slow strokes were filling that aching need just right, and driving her fucking crazy with the desire for more.

This is what Ino had seen for them; this depth, this connection.

"Feels so good," he managed between clenched teeth, and jerked her down further so that the angle changed.

"T-tease," she groaned, grinding onto him as he quickened the pace, and her arms gripped his shoulders in order to hang on.

"Returning the favor," Gaara gasped when she clenched around him in revenge.

They had a lot more bonding to do.


"Fuck, that was wild," Ino whispered happily, gathering her hair away from her face. Gaara grunted in agreement, not even attempting to move his face from the valley of her generous breasts.

Ino closed her eyes, soaking up the post-coital bliss for a few moments as they waited for their bodies to stop quivering with the aftershocks of pleasure. After a while, the blonde opened her eyes, and met a single button eye that seemed oddly accusing.

"Oh dear," she giggled, and nudged Gaara off of her (despite his growled protests) to reach out and grasp the bear. "I don't think Mr. Fuzzems liked the show we put on."

Uncaring, Gaara peered through one eye and glared at the offending stuffed animal before snorting. "I can't believe you kept that old thing," he muttered, but Ino had known him for too long now to be fooled by his uncaring persona. He was touched, and the way he rubbed at his face was meant to hide the pleased smile he was probably sporting.

Teasingly, Ino trailed her index finger up his side, lips quirking as his body twitched with the need to suppress his instinctive shiver. "That's no way to treat the man who got us together," she chastised playfully.


"Mhm." Ino rolled herself so that it was easier for Gaara to grasp her and grinned when his arms immediately pulled her in; he was such a shameless cuddler. "If you hadn't given me Mr. Fuzzems to comfort me, then I never would have fallen in love with you," she declared with utmost certainty.

For a moment it was eerily silent, and Ino held her breath. Had she gone too fast again? Was she wrong about them?

A deep, rumbling chuckle echoed from Gaara behind her, lightly vibrating her small form. Relieved, she turned in his arms and buried her face in his neck, reveling in his subtle, warm scent and the feel of his blunt fingers running through her hair as his long legs tangled with her own.

"I guess I owe him for giving me the best thing in my life," Gaara mumbled, skimming his lips over her bared shoulders.

"Damn straight!" Ino crowed, and proceeded to prove just why she was the best thing ever in his life.


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