"You realize, of course, that this is a one-time occurrence." John mumbled as he carried the bags through the door and dropped them unceremoniously on the nearest piece of furniture.

"Nonsense." Sherlock answered, buzzing around the cottage like he'd consumed several dozen cups of coffee. "I'm confident that this cottage will be available whenever we require it."

"That's not what I meant and you know it." John answered, irritated. "In the future, we will do what everyone else does. There is no reason why we should abandon all of London for a week every couple of months. It isn't necessary."

"Of course it is." Sherlock said rifling through all of the cupboards. "Excellent. Mycroft had it stocked just as I requested."

"I can't believe that you are accepting anything from that git." John grumbled.

"Bonding present." Sherlock shrugged. "He insisted."

"Fine." John sighed. "But just so we're clear. Next time: In the flat, no fuss, just an adequate amount of acetaminophen and several changes of sheets."

"We'll see." Sherlock said noncommittally.

"I'm serious, Sherlock." John pressed. "I don't have a disease, I'm going into heat. I don't have to be quarantined from the entire population of London."

"John, don't be an idiot." Sherlock chided. "I'm not protecting London from you; I'm protecting you from London. Plus, I wanted our first bonding to be…memorable…"

"Trust me." John grinned. "A heat cycle is something that is almost impossible to forget. And thank you. I do appreciate the effort you're making."

"Anything for you, John." Sherlock said, slowing enough in his study of the place to drop a kiss on John's neck.

"Well," John began, glancing around the homey little place. "We've got several hours until I'm placing you on 'Get your gorgeous cock ready' alert. What would you like to do?"

"There are several beehives in the garden." Sherlock said glancing out the window. "Keep me posted, will you? I'm going to go take a look."

"Keep in mind that I'm using that gorgeous body of yours whether you're covered in beestings or not, so do be careful." John called as his Alpha bounded out to fiddle with the insects. He moved the bags to the bedroom and efficiently emptied the suitcases into the empty chest of drawers before completing his own exploration of the property.

He curled up on the daybed in the sunroom with one of the medical journals he'd brought on the trip. Sherlock was being completely insane. As much as he loved the sentiment of traveling out of London for their first bonding, Sherlock was actually considering renting the property and scheduling their lives around John's heats. John chuckled to himself at his Alpha's behavior as he worked through the adherence rate reports for antiretroviral medication. As the sun cut a lovely warm little path along the bed, he abandoned his reading and curled up with a happy sigh and let his mind drift. It had been four months since they'd started sleeping together and John had never been so excited for anything in his entire life. After these few days, they'd finally be able to complete the formal bonding ceremony. Mrs. Hudson was beside herself and had started making preparations within hours of John informing her of their trip. He was terrified to return to a flat of flowers and candles and bows.

He'd started to feel that heavy weight in his stomach a few hours into the drive and he shivered in anticipation. He was just as ready for this as his Alpha. It had been 16 years since his last heat and he missed that overwhelming, primal urge and desire coursing through his veins. To know with every cell in his body what he wanted and needed without his brain second-guessing his thoughts. He was also kind of relishing Sherlock experiencing his first heat as well. The poor man had no idea what he'd just gotten himself into. For Alphas, it tended to be an overwhelming loss of control that had them teetering on the brink of ecstasy and abject terror. Sherlock had given him some line about doing 'research' on the topic so that he would be prepared when John had tried to explain it to him. John smirked at the thought. He could just imagine Sherlock watching a few 'realistic' porn videos online and calling it a day with a firm idea of how the bonding hormones would affect him. But those videos were barely even able to scratch the surface of a real heat encounter. John had only ever been with a Beta and it was so intense, he could barely think straight. An Alpha under the influence of Omega hormones would never allow something like that to be taped. Poor Sherlock.

He must've dozed off because the next thing he knew his skin was itching and sensitive, his cock was throbbing, and he was leaking lubricant liberally on the sheets through his trousers.

He lurched off the bed, made his way to the back door, barely able to do much more than throw it open and moan, before quickly stripping off his clothes as he made his way to the bedroom. He spread himself out face down on the duvet and began rutting against the sheets while reaching back and fingering himself roughly shivering at the sensitivity of his entrance. He'd been there for at most 45 seconds before he heard the back door slam closed and Sherlock rushed into the room pupils blown so wide John could see nothing but black and his erection prominent in his lounge pants.

"Naked." John breathed wantonly. "Now. Right now."

Sherlock's hands shook badly as he tried to divest himself of his clothing as quickly as possible. He finally let out a deep growl that sent heat zinging through John's body as he tore out of his garments and climbed onto the bed behind John. He covered his Omega's gorgeously aroused form with his whole body rutting his painfully hard erection against John's slick thighs. Sherlock dug his fingers hard into the skin covering John's ribs peppering wet, sucking kisses along his Omega's shoulder blades.

John gasped and moaned as his lover's cock ground against him but was nowhere near where he wanted it, where he needed.

"Fuck me." John mewled. "Please. Fuck. Me."

"Patience." Sherlock purred darkly before leaning back and jerking John roughly onto his back. Sherlock latched on to his neck and sucked so viciously that John shouted in pain. Sherlock silenced him with a brutal, fierce kiss forcing his way into his Omega's mouth with tongue and teeth. John scratched long lines down his Alpha's back in retaliation for making him wait; writhing against him, bending and twisting until he had Sherlock's cock right up against his entrance.

"Not yet." Sherlock huffed angrily, shifting his hips away.

"I will murder you." John said angrily.

"I have a plan." Sherlock said trying to kiss John into submission.

"Bugger your plan." John snapped. "I think you're forgetting who's in charge here."

"Am I?" Sherlock said with a smirk, before pumping John's erection playfully. "I'm pretty sure I have a firm grasp of the situation."

"Sod this." John huffed, so tightly wound and fucking begging for it that he delivered a few well placed jabs, knocking Sherlock off him and onto his back before Sherlock could even draw breath. John straddled his Alpha quickly, facing toward his legs before practically skewering himself on Sherlock cock with a contented sigh, which was an interesting countermeasure to Sherlock's yelp of surprise and pleasure at the warm, wet heat of his Omega's entrance. John gasped as Sherlock's libido finally won over that massive brain of his and his Alpha grasped his hips firmly and forced his way as far into John as was physically possible. The doctor shifted his hips, rotating them and grinding down as Sherlock began shoving roughly into him, moaning and growling.

"Christ," John groaned. "Yes…yes…oh god…yes."

John could smell his Alpha's sweat and pheromones filling the air, filling his lungs, driving him faster and faster toward that orgasmic peak. His lover's hard cock, taking him roughly, possessively. He rode his Alpha demanding what he needed, using every gasp, grip, bruise, push, moan to drive him closer and closer to that ultimate goal. His body was poised, aching with want, ready to steal every ounce of cum his lover could produce. Make it his, have it mark him, fill him. He could feel everything, smell everything, he glanced back over his shoulder to smirk at Sherlock's crazed, dazed look of passion and lust and instinct and love. That final look, that final knowledge of home and John was there.

He moved quickly to the center of the bed on all fours and whispered seductively. "On your knees, back in me now."

Sherlock could barely do more except obey and slam back into John over and over again leaning over him to nibble and bite at his skin. And right there, that lovely swelling, that knot sliding into him before expanding steadily. John moaned as he was filled to the brim and just when everything seemed to border on pain, teetered with discomfort, his body jerked in orgasm, clamping down hard onto Sherlock's cock and knot causing the Alpha to shout in ecstacy and dig his teeth into John's neck so deep the Omega experienced another blissful wave of orgasm.

Sherlock shook and moaned as his erection was milked by John's demanding body. John, fully sated for at least a few minutes, maneuvered them slowly into a spooning position giving Sherlock the opportunity to rest his taxed body and lick John's new bondbite clean.

They lay together in a peaceful, contented silence as the last few micro-orgasms were forced out of Sherlock and his knot finally deflated. They breathed together as exhaustion made their bodies weak and their minds fuzzy.

"You're mine now." Sherlock whispered in awe against their bondbite.

"That I am." John sighed happily. "You're stuck with me now."

"I've made a terrible mistake." Sherlock joked.

John elbowed him in the ribs playfully before turning in his arms to kiss him gently on the mouth.

"I love you." John said lovingly.

"I love you." Sherlock answered.

"Good." John said firmly. "Now that's settled I think it's only fair to say that if you ever try to tease me again while I'm in heat, I will proceed to knock you out and take you while your unconscious.

"Duly noted." Sherlock answered. "I always assumed Omegas were much more submissive during heats."

"That's completely barmy." John said amused.

"I don't see how it's a strange assumption." Sherlock defended himself.

"It's just amusing to think that being so desperately aroused would transform someone into a state of meek acceptance." John answered. "I take what I want, Sherlock Holmes."

"I wouldn't have it any other way." Sherlock answered.

"Are you saying you wouldn't want me to be more complacent?" John asked with a grin. "That does seem to be your general hypothesis regarding Omegas; docile creatures of the submissive variety."

"Of course not, John." Sherlock answered kissing him firmly on the lips. "I always want you to take what you want. After all, you did take me."


"How are you feeling?" John asked compassionately as he looked at the sad, bedraggled form of his bondmate.

"How in the bloody hell are you so chipper?" Sherlock asked, placing an icepack on his lower back. "I'm completely knackered."

"I don't know." John shrugged. "Heats always seem to leave me feeling rejuvenated. Not the same for you, I take it?"

"I might just go die." Sherlock mumbled. "Christ, I'm sore. Twelve times! Twelve times in three bloody days!"

"Sorry." John said, feeling anything but. "Goes with the territory. Are you sure you don't want to stay a few more days? We do have the place until Friday."

"No." Sherlock groaned attempting to stretch his shoulders and failing. "Let's go home. I want to get that paper signed before you change your mind and try to find someone who can keep up with that ludicrous endurance of yours."

"Three squares meals a day and a run every morning." John shrugged. "But don't worry. I think I can be convinced to keep you. I've already got you partially trained and everything."

"You're bloody hilarious." Sherlock whimpered, attempting to lift the bags into the car and failing miserably.

"Here," John said, kissing him lightly on his recently-chapsticked, kiss-bruised lips. "I'll get these in the car. You climb in and rest your eyes, love. I'll drive us back into the city."

His Alpha gripped the side of the vehicle so that he could limp to the passenger side and crawl in slowly. He dozed quietly feeling slightly guilty but mostly appreciative to his new bondmate for offering to drive. Sherlock couldn't get them back into London if his life depended on it. He jerked in shock as his phone buzzed loudly.

Might I recommend an ice pack for that Alpha limp. MH

Sod off. SH

Merely trying to be helpful. Helping an Omega through their heats can be…taxing. MH

No wonder you lost weight. Is there some sort of athletic training for these that I wasn't aware of? SH

As I was informed, it tends to serve as a rite of passage for an Alpha's first heat. MH

I'll be awaiting the fruit basket. Now leave me alone. SH

Get some rest. You'll need to be conscious enough to sign the bonding paperwork when you get back. MH

Bloody hell. SH

Congratulations, little brother. MH

Sherlock coughed away the heavy lump that was attempting to form in his throat and tossed his phone on the dashboard.

"How's Mycroft?" John asked with a grin climbing into the driver's seat.

"Bloody impossible." Sherlock answered, resting his hand on John's bondbite and rubbing softly as they drove toward home. Sherlock nodded off within minutes of getting on the road and jerked awake only a few blocks from Baker Street.

"Mrs. Hudson just left the most terrifying voicemail for me." John said with a smile as Sherlock snuffled into consciousness.

"Has she been meddling again?" Sherlock yawned and stretched out his abused muscles.

"Apparently there's a surprise waiting for us at the flat." John answered.

"You're right, that is ominous." Sherlock grinned.

John let Sherlock lean against him as they fumbled up the stairs.

"Yoo hoo." Mrs. Hudson said opening the door to their flat and smiling happily. "Glad you boys got back safe and sound. Oh, Sherlock, you look…well, my husband looked just the same. Come on up, I can't wait for you to see what I've done."

"Thank you, Mrs. Hudson." John said sweetly.

They entered the flat and Sherlock stopped to stare at the sight before him with a fascinated grin that made John's heart squeeze. Mrs. Hudson had dozens and dozens of test tubes, beakers, and Erlenmeyer flasks filled with flowers and fairy light. He shifted in embarrassment and sniffled loudly before announcing his displeasure.

"My chemistry equipment will require a thorough scrubbing now." He said grumpily.

"Shove off, you great git." John said elbowing him in the side. "It's lovely Mrs. Hudson. Thank you."

"You're very welcome." She said, beaming with happiness.

"Let's get these forms signed then." Mycroft said from the kitchen. "I've got to pick up Lana and Lois from school this afternoon."

"You're going to officiate the ceremony?" John said flummoxed.

"Of course." Mycroft said. "I'm more than qualified to handle both the ceremony and the purchasing agreement."

"Purchasing agreement?" John asked not feeling any more sure of what exactly was happening.

"Happy Bonding." Mycroft said smugly. "That little cottage will be an excellent addition to Sherlock's property portfolio."

"You bought us the cottage?" John asked.

"Of course." Mycroft said. "Now let's get these forms signed. We've all got things to do, especially Sherlock who looks like he needs to sleep for a week."

"What?" Sherlock said opening his eyes suddenly and jerking from leaning against the doorway. He moved as quickly as his stiff muscles would allow to stand with John in front of Mycroft.

"This has been a long time in coming, Sherlock." Mycroft said with the first honest smile John had ever seen. "Do you, Sherlock Holmes, take John Watson as your bondmate to care for him and cherish him as long as you both shall live?"

"Of course." Sherlock said slipping a white gold band onto John's finger with a giddy grin.

"And you, John Watson, do you agree to bond your whole life long with Sherlock Holmes despite his mess and his attitude and his terrible taste in curry?" Mycroft asked.

"No paraphrasing, Mycroft!" Sherlock shouted.

"I do." John said firmly, sliding a matching ring onto Sherlock's finger. "And I love your taste in curry."

"Congratulations, boys!" Mrs. Hudson almost shrieked in joy.

"Let's sign the forms then. Mrs. Hudson and I will be the witnesses." Mycroft said handing out pens.

Within five minutes both the property forms and the ceremony certificate were signed in triplicate and the flat was once more home to just John and Sherlock.

"Tea?" John asked. "And then I'll get to work on cleaning up the decorations."

"Tea would be lovely but leave the decorations." Sherlock said suddenly as he lowered himself gingerly to the couch. "At least for a bit. This is a celebration after all."

"Sentiment?" John asked with a grin. He finished up the tea and brought the mugs over. Sherlock didn't even touch his cup before scooting over to rest his head in John's lap so that his Omega could tangle his fingers in the dark curls.

Mrs. Hudson made her way up the stairs a few hours later. She knocked lightly a few times but decided to enter despite not hearing a confirmation. She stopped to gaze at her boys, both asleep on the couch, curled up together. She began quietly gathering up the barely empty tea cups and some of the mess. She may not be their housekeeper, but it had taken so long for those two to finally come to their senses that she thought they deserved a bit of a rest. After all, finding your place in the world can be such an exhaustive journey.


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