The Candy Cane Killer

A Short Play by Laurice

Setting: In Lolo's house. Lolo is doing her zumba dance workout when she hears a knock on the door and its her bff Daisy with some shocking news.

*Lolo is on her laptop doing her zumba dance workout*

Lolo: Yeah, C'mon Lolo feel the burn!

*There's a tiny knock at the door, Lolo tries to ignore it but it gets louder*

Lolo: Ugh who can this be!

*Lolo turns off her laptop and walks over to the door*

Lolo: Who is it?

Daisy: its Daisy now open up!

*Lolo Opens the door*

Lolo: OMG guurrrrl you scared me, what's up?

Daisy: in a annoyed voice. You don't answer your phone anymore?

Lolo: Oh you called? What happened?

Daisy: Haven't you heard the news? There's this chick called the Candy Cane Killer but some call her the lethal tiger.

Lolo: Why are you telling me this?

Daisy: Because you're her next victim!

Lolo: What! What do you mean?

Daisy: Okay so the candy cane killer picks her next victim by looking at their facebook statuses to see if their home alone & she comes to their houses dressed as a tiger and kills them with a pencil.

Lolo: So what does that have to do with me?

Daisy: C'mon let's look at your last facebook status and see.

*Lolo signs on to her facebook*

Daisy: she reads Lolo's facebook status out loud: Whoop Whoop party over here! My parents are away this weekend and the house is all mine, plus I live near Westgate mall so I can go shopping all I want, mostly from 4-9 pm!

Lolo: Uh-Oh

Daisy: That's like an invitation for every killer in the area to come to your house. What were you thinking?

Lolo: Omg! Idk what I was thinking! Im so stupid, spend the night here with me please!

Daisy: Don't worry I will, what are bff for?

Lolo: I'm going to change, help yourself to anything in the fridge.

Daisy: Don't mind if I do!

*Lolo exist and Daisy heads over to the kitchen, she doesn't come out until she hears music*

Daisy: confused. What are yo- OMG!

*Daisy sees Lolo in a tiger costume and a candy cane in her hand*

Daisy: You were the killer all along?

Lolo: Yes I had to lure you over here one way or another, my tiger instincts had an urge to kill today

Daisy: No please I thought we were besties. & can you turn that music off its sort of creepy.

Lolo: That's sort of the point Einstein! Now let's get down to business.

Daisy: Help!

*Lolo and Daisy move in slow-mo. Daisy tries to get away from Lolo. Lolo trips and the candy cane falls from her hand. Daisy takes the candy cane from before Lolo does, and kills her*

Lolo: Meowwwww

*Daisy throws her hands in the air*


*Daisy looks at the body*

Daisy: Merry Christmas, Motherfu***r & A happy New Year