Hey guys! I LOVE Zatanna she is my favorite female character! Batman and Zatanna are an awesome couple (they are so cute!) I don't own them sadly!

"I need to know Bruce if we could have a future together." Zatanna said looking into his eyes for a glimmer of hope.

Bruce didn't say anything but looked the other way. She grabbed his face and kissed him passionately.

"Don't do this Zee. I can't give you what you want, what you deserve."

Tears began to stream down her face.

"Zee I love you, I will always love you." Bruce said wiping her tears away

"Sometime Bruce love isn't enough." She said before she walked away

Zatanna watched from the roof where she was perched at.

She watched the dark figure closely, like a lioness watches its prey.

She watched the figure move with elegance like this was a dance. She watched as the figure met with another figure so the rumors were true Bruce had wasted no time in finding someone else to warm his bed at night.

Who knew it would be with one of the people he had trained so vigoursly to rid Gotham of, which was the irony of the situation.

Zatanna laughed to herself, she wandered if now was the time to make her appearance but she wanted to wait till everyone could be shocked. She then said, "kate em ot awtchowert" and with that she disappeared.

Everyone was gathered at the Watchtower because Clark had called an emergency meeting for the whole team. Zatanna thought this was the perfect time to reappear.

Everyone was gathered around the huge table as Clark said, "Branic is a threat and has to be stopped no matter what the cost- "I could take him down with a wave of my wand! I could take this whole room out, all of you that have superpowers have weak points" Zatanna smirked

Everyone looked up with expressions of shock on their faces.

Green Arrow was the first to speak, "Well if it isn't the littlest hex girl"

Zatanna then said "Well nice to see you to green bean!"

Black Canary interjected with disbelief "You're supposed to be dead! We all saw you die!"

Zatanna smirked as she vanished into thin air, "Illusions are the first thing you learn as a magician."

Zatanna arrived back at her father's manner, Shadow Crest. She was careful not to wake her baby up. She walked into her daughter's bedroom. Zoë Zatara was four months old, to Zatanna she was gorgeous. She had Zatanna's olive complexion, her dark hair as well. Her eyes were just like her father's eyes even down the expressions Zoë made.

"If they were bewildered by my death illusion, I wonder what they will think of you!" She said as she went stroked her baby's cheek.

"She deceived us Clark!" Wonder Woman said angrily

"I am sure Zatanna had a reason Diana." Clark said calmly

"Reason or not Clark, we have to decide what's best for the league, right Bruce?"

"We put the league ahead of emotional attachments, not matter how great they are. We have sworn to protect Earth, we all knew the risks." Bruce said coldly

Wally interjected, "No you're all wrong. Zatanna nearly killed herself to protect Earth, when we all failed too."

Clark watched Bruce get and walk toward to the tall glass window.

Clark walked over to him, "Emotional attachments shape us into who we are."

"Emotional attachments only get in the way." Bruce stated as he walked away