Hisao was pretty surprised when he felt a fair amount of weight suddenly land on his back and slender legs wrapping around his waist. He stumbled for a moment before regaining balance, standing up straight and looking over his shoulder at the girl who had jumped him, "Rin, what are you doing?"

Rin's pale face held a blank expression, but her green eyes glittered mischievously, her mouth noticeably curving into a rather tiny smirk. Hisao glanced back at her, suspicious of her intentions; Rin was never really a straight-to-the-point kind of person, always talking about this and that and how it was in this kind of perspective, and even as well as he knew her, he always did have a hard time of guessing her motives.

The auburn-haired girl's legs wrapped tighter around him, which Hisao assumed was a way of clinging so she wouldn't fall, as she obviously had no arms to hold onto him with. Hisao held onto her legs as a precaution, although he was sure that the near death grip she had on him would keep her from any harm. There was quite a few moments of the two adjusting so that they could be at least half comfortable with the positions they were now stuck in and Hisao could safely carry her without losing balance. As he began to walk again, he heard Rin's monotone voice reply gleefully in his ear:

"I'm hugging you, Hisao."