Mother Issues

Sometimes you can't help wondering what might've been. Hope, Julie and Jennifer. I don't own Days or its characters.


Sometimes late at night, Hope goes through her grandmother's photo albums, looking at photos of her mother. Hope can't help comparing herself to her mother. Her blue eyes came from Addie, her dark hair from Doug. Her nose and chin was all Horton but her mouth was a Williams mouth. She wondered how her mother's voice sounded and what it felt like to be held by her mother. Hope loved Julie but Julie could never be 'mom'.


Sometimes it hurt to look at Hope. In another universe, Hope would've been her daughter and not her sister. Sometimes the resentment towards Doug and her mother swelled up, Julie had to choke back tears. And then there were times Hope would make a gesture and Julie had to catch her breath because it was so similar to Addie. Sometimes Julie was mistaken for Hope's mom and it both made her heart leap and break in the same moment.


Sometimes it was hard not to resent her brothers. Mike had their mother and Uncle Mickey as parents. He had two parents who went to parents' night, baseball games and told bedtime stories. And even after Mike and Uncle Mickey knew the truth, Uncle Mickey still was Mike's dad for all intends and purposes. Lucas might've not known who his father was but his mother more than made up for it. And the fact he was doted on by Maggie made it harder. Jennifer was raised by her grandmother in the summer in between semesters of boarding school. It was even harder to look at her parents and wonder why she would never be enough for them.