IMPORTANT! PLEASE READ: So, I just thought I'd write a series based on someone from another of the families being brought in. The character is my OC, in my other stories she goes by the name Elizabeth, but for this one I decided to call her Georgiana. That's pretty much all you need to know for now.

Chapter 1

Georgiana Knight had come to understand that there were no surprises at her school. When she heard that Kat, an old friend, had done it, she thought it would be somehow exciting. It wasn't.

She went to class, ate lunch, hung out with the few people she considered friends and then went back to the large penthouse where he family spent there time. She went from the teasing her peers gave her about her purple glasses, red hair, and anything else they could find, to the teasing her family gave her about her having purple glasses, red hair, the fact that she now went to public school, and anything else they could find.

But she couldn't just quit. She never quit anything without good reason, and hating something isn't worth quitting. Even when her class mates teased her she knew she would feel better about it when they found out their wallets had been picked clean.

She had become accustom to it. She was used to it being a quiet thing, even though the cafeteria was always loud. She was used to it being lonely, even though she had friends. What she was not used to was Hamish and Angus Bagshaw poking their heads out of her classes ceiling vent in the middle of learning about the cold war and shout her name.

But that didn't mean she didn't like it.

Chapter 2

"Oi! Georgiana!" When her name was mentioned her peers turned to look at her for some reason. So, with as much dignity as she could she responded to the boy with a crooked grin that had just fallen out of the vent. And then crushed as his brother fell too.

"Hamish and Angus, not to be rude, but what the hell are you doing here?" The Bishop's had never really interacted all that much with the Knights so it was a very valid question.

"Saving you from hearing about the cold war of course," Was Hamish's answer before he groaned and got off of his brother.

"That and we need your help with a job, but if you don't want to-" Georgiana already had her books packed into her backpack and was standing across from them before he could finish his sentence.

The teacher was about to protest, but Georgiana turned and giving her most sweet and innocent smile said, "I'm sorry, Mrs. LeBlodgett, but I have a bit of a family emergency."

And with that Hamish, Angus and Georgiana took off out into the parking lot where a car was waiting. In that car were the rest of Kat's crew, blueprints, and a recently acquired monkey that once was lost in Barcelona.